A product packaging designing is not an easy task you have to put a lot of effort to get success. If you are a person who knows what is the importance of packaging design for your brands?

Then you are already on the right track. Your packaging provides you an extra chance to promote and advertise your project.

For the manufacturer or the brand owners who love to create some unique and creative packaging designs, there are some popular blogs that can give them updates and a lot of information related to packaging designs.

These blogs are beneficial that can allow you to make your packaging attractive and up to date according to the latest trends and consumer demands. The packaging is not all about the outer case.

It is about the different aspects that will tell you how your consumers will see your brand and how you can increase your sales.

If you miss even a single significant part of the packaging, then you may have to face failure in the market and your customers may don’t love to see or purchase your product.

But know you don’t need to get worried more about it because here we are going to discuss some most popular packaging deigns blogs that can help you to get more information to make your packaging attractive.

BP&O Blog

BP&O is one of the best packaging design blogs. The word BP&O stands for Branding, Packaging, and Opinion.

This blog is not only about posting an article or image; it is a great combination of inspiring packaging designs along with an in-depth analysis.

The blog is created by Richard Baird, who is a Dieline editor and also a freelancer designer.

He is specialized in brand identities and packaging. He is such a person with a creative mind whose opinion and designing will help a person to get a unique design for their packaging.

On his blog, you can get a lot of information and data which is researched and collected by different resources.  

The Dieline Blog

http://www.thedieline.com/ This is another simple, creative and popular blog about packaging designs.

It provides you with information about the best designs of packaging around the world and also gives a lot of information that how creative and unique packaging design can allow your brand to make its name in the market and attract potential consumers.

However, if you are a person who has no inspiration or idea of how to start the packaging, then this is the right place for you.It is one of the most visited blogs that people prefer to know more about packaging designs. The publisher of this blog publishes more than one piece of content in a day which allows you to learn more in a day.

It is not only about just publishing the content in fact you can get high quality of images that can tell you the entire story of packaging designs.

High-quality images are another source of increasing the value of your blog. Once you visit this blog, you will start to feel that you are in the right place.

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https://alppm.com/blog/ ALPPM (Asian Leading Product Packaging Manufacturer) provides a one-stop solution for product packaging. We manufacture clear high-quality custom clear plastic packaging boxes, PVC box, plastic PET box, and plastic PP boxes for the retail industry.  

Packaging Design Archive Packaging Blog

http://www.packagingdesignarchive.org/ This is another blog to know more about the innovation of packaging designing. It shares catalogs and some examples for innovative as well as creative packaging design projects. It is beneficial for you to get more concepts, information, ideas that the publisher collected from around the globe.

The blog also contains on some submissions of packaging design agency, the experimental projects as well as the entries of the competition.

Different categories are using in this blog to organize the catalog.

These categories contain different options such as contemporary packaging, an end-user packaging, single product packaging and ready to use packaging.

Top 19 Packaging Design Blogs Recommend 2022
10pc 16*7*2.4cm brown/white/black cardboard pillow window box with clear pvc for proucts/gifts/favors/display packing show 3

You can choose one of them according to your need.

Packaging of the World Blog

https://www.packworld.com/ It is an archive of self-branded packaging designs.

This is the right place for the people who want to know about the more attractive designs of packaging around the world. Here you can get a lot of eye-catching and impressive packaging designs of some popular brands around the world.

With high quality and friendly designs that based on the card, you will get an opportunity to easy to read the grid view both horizontally and vertically.

When you want to see the different angles of a particular packaging design, you need to click the titular card. This card will show you a vast collection of high-quality images.

Here you can also get information about the company who has created a particular packaging design. For the brand owner who wants to hire any company for its packaging design, this blog can work even better. Top 19 Packaging Design Blogs Recommend 2022

Ambalaj Blog

http://www.ambalaj.se/blog-2/ This blog is created by Kristina De Verdier, who is a Swedish designer. His blog contains useful information about packaging designs.

Here you can get the innovations of the latest design trends that will help you to create an appropriate packaging design for your product.  

Lovely Package Blog

http://lovelypackage.com This packaging design blog is popular to showcase the best designs of the product’s packaging.

As compared to some other blogs, this blog site is better in some aspects of explaining the packaging design.

As it inspires you and explains the entire packaging projects in great ways that are based on the images.

The submission is also strong on this blog that will provide you with an opportunity to know about the updated styles or innovations in the packaging world.  

Design Packaging Inc Blog

https://designpackaginginc.com/dpi-blog-packaging-design-blog/ The Design Packaging Inc blog is such an excellent adventure for the people who are searching for some creativity in packaging designs of the brands.

Different brands come and visit this blog site to get different unique ideas around the product packaging. This blog is operated and owned by a company of packaging design.

They are working in the market for three decades.

Clear PVC Box for Retails Packaging: The Ultimate Guide

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They publish visual content on their blog that allows the brand owners and designers to get creative and stylish ideas to design their packaging efficiently.

Each time when you will visit this site, you can get an opportunity to learn more. The blog also provides you with a showcase for some nearest packaging around.

The designers can also get some useful feature contents on this site that can be helpful for them.

For instance, they can get ideas on some important considerations that will help the designers to create inspiring designs step by step.  

Packaging UQAM Blog

http://packaginguqam.blogspot.com/ This is a French site’s blog which is related to the packaging design.

This blog provides you with great content on creating research on packaging as well as the packaging design projects that will help you to get the latest idea to design innovative packaging.

You can get a lot of posts on different topics of packaging designs that provide you with some unique and creative solutions for several unusual products.

Top 19 Packaging Design Blogs Recommend 2022
Top 19 Packaging Design Blogs Recommend 2019

Print Mag Blog

http://www.printmag.com/packaging/ A Print Mag is a straightforward and simple blog for the packaging design.

This blog helps you to get a large amount of analysis along with several features on the packaging design of a brand.

This is the best thing about this blog that makes it popular among the different blog sites. The opinion is an important aspect of all the new product packaging showcasing.

All the packaging designs on this blog have an in-depth profile that will allow a designer to read and get more information about the industry of creative packaging designs.

After visiting this blog and reading the content, you will feel excellent and more energetic for your packaging designing.  

8 Faces Blog

http://blog.8faces.com/ The 8 faces is another best blog for the people who want to know about the different styles or ways to design their product’s packaging.

This blog is created by the Elliot Jay Stocks and Jamie Clarke.

It contains different innovative contents, awesome lettering, beautiful typography, interviews, as well as reviews that are related to the designers.  

Packaging Strategies Blog

http://www.packagingstrategies.com/blogs At this blog site, you will not only get an opportunity to see some innovative and attractive design for packaging, in fact, you can also get a  lot of discussion on the latest trends of packaging design that will help a designer to stay updated all the time.

Here you can get a chance to read different types of topics related to packaging such as the popular trends in the market or you can even learn about some problems related to packaging theft.

This blog also takes a look at different types of unusual packaging designs that can attract your potential customers. While standing out on the shelf of a supermarket, it will get such eye-catching reviews.  

Print Blog

https://www.printmag.com/packaging/ This blog is the best place to get education and inspiration for packaging designing.

Here you can get an opportunity to know everything related to the initiatives of large scale brands and also about some creative ideas related to the food label design of some latest packaging design companies around the globe.

This blog also includes some interviews of brand experts and packaging designers etc.  

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Behance Blog

https://www.behance.net Behance is one of the most popular blogs among the most designers because it will provide the opportunity to know more about the showcasing and the design sharing services of adobe.

But this is not the only thing which is important about this blog because here you can get a lot of submissions and several unique styles that is best to provide full inspiration to a designer.

The designers can get unique ideas to make their packaging even more enjoyable.

BXP Magazine Blog

http://www.bxpmagazine.com/channel/terms/34%20121 BXP stands for the Brand Experience Packaging they publish contents that contain on the latest design and packaging trends.

The designers can get news on this blog about the different brands, especially when a famous brand has made some changes or updated or redesign their label, color, logo or packaging according to the latest trends.

The designers can also get information about the newly launched of packaging designs in the market. They publish each content and news along with the high-quality images that will give you a great feel of real packaging design.  

Trending Packaging Blog

https://www.trendingpackaging.com/ After reading the name of this blog, there will be no confusion to understand that what you can get on this site.

This blog pays attention to the creative and innovative designs of packaging.

The in-depth content on this site will not only help the designer to readjust some articles about the packaging design but also get more information and ideas through packaging events, interviews and tutorials as well.

The publisher gets all the data from around the globe that different brands and designers apply as latest trends for packaging designing.

Beach Packaging Design Blog

http://beachpackagingdesign.com/boxvox This blog is created by a company name “Beach packaging design”.

As its name implies, you can understand that this blog is about the packaging design.

Here you can get a lot of information and content related to both past and present designs of the packaging.

The designers will find it interesting because they can get a chance to find out some unique points about the packaging of any product.  

Packaging Digest Blog

http://www.packagingdigest.com/ If you are looking for a source that will allow you to get all the information and news about the packaging industry only on one-stop, then you should visit the Packaging digest.

This blog does more work on the top issues that you can face related to packaging design and also give more focus on the showcasing of innovative packaging as well as the changes into the packaging of any brand.

Here you will get help on some most common issues of packaging designs such as how companies can build their reputation by using the best packaging design or how many options are there for sustainable packaging.  

Packaging Europe Blog

http://packagingeurope.com The packaging Europe site collects all the news related to the packaging designs across the continent of Europe.

At the retail performance section of this site, you can get a chance to know about the success and about the failure of packaging designs in the real world.  

Wrap Up

These are some most popular blogs around the world that can provide you with a chance to get more inspiring and creative information, ideas, news and images related to the branding packaging designs.

How you are going to wrap your product, it matters a lot so you should need to give proper attention to this. When you will manage some time and think about the different things to design an inspiring packaging design, you will definitely get success.    

Top 19 Packaging Design Blogs Recommend 2022

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