Fashion packaging is becoming one of the essential parts of the fashion products that need proper attention as the product itself.

They come in various sizes, designs, shapes, and materials, but plastic is considered one of the best materials for fashion packaging designs.

Many popular companies in the market used plastic packaging designs to make their products more attractive.

There are different reasons of using the plastic packaging designs in the fashion industry such as it can help the brands to prepare a cost-effective design, plastic can be molded into any shape, and some types of plastic material can be recycled that create a positive effect on the environment.

It not only helps to create the first impression of your product but also helps to represent your entire brand as well as its message that you want to convey through your packaging.

As you know that fashion is all about attracting the people of all age groups so its packaging should be trendy with a killer logo and important information about the brand.

Once the consumers hold your fashion packaging design in their hands, they should be able to take the decision immediately.

However, this article will help you a lot to create such trendy and unique plastic packaging designs for your fashion clothing.

So move on to get more useful information about fashion plastic packaging design trends


Tips to Make your Plastic Packaging Awesome

There are many important things that you should need to consider before designing a plastic packaging design for your fashion clothing brand.



Consideration of gender is one of the essential parts of a fashion packaging because it will help you to know which type of packaging you should need to design.

There is a difference between both female and male fashion trends as well as their packaging.

Keep in mind, the gender select appropriate colors, shapes and styles of fashion plastic packaging.

Age Groups

Some new brands have no idea about this, but all the popular fashion brands consider it as a vital thing to create an effective packaging design.

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All age groups have their own choices and liking in color or style etc.

Most of the youngster love to see the bold colors in fashion trends.

On the other hand, elder love to see soft colors in fashion.

There are also children wears that may contain some unique cartoon character, so all age groups need a unique design of plastic packaging according to their fashion trends and age groups.

Types of Fashion Clothes

There are different types of fashion clothes that need to design according to the season of a specific area.

They are manufactured by using particular stuff that can help you to keep warm in the winter season and keep cool in the summer season as well.

Different types of fabrics are used for the manufacturing of fashion cloths such as silk, cotton, leather, wool or many others.

The silk fabric is not too heavy in weight, it can be easily packed into a light plastic packaging, but the wool or leather fabrics are heavy as compared to other fabrics for which you should need to design an appropriate plastic packaging that can easily carry the weight.


Transformable Packaging

The packaging trends change day by day, and now it’s not a time where you can only on one packaging design for the long term.

So you should think vast and create a creative packaging design for your fashion product that can easily transform.

Make sure that if you need to transform the design according to the latest trend, your designer will never feel difficulty.

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On the other hand, it is also essential to keep in mind that your consumer will identify your product even if you transform the design.

For this purpose, it is better to choose a unique logo or your fashion brand on the plastic packaging design.


Special Events

The special event fashion plastic packaging can make your product even more attractive and eye-catching.

You can design the plastic packaging of your fashion clothes according to different events.

Classify the packaging as casual wear, wedding wear, any festival wear or many other special occasions as well.

It will help to make your product unique and represent your brand in a great way.


Don’t Leave your Roots

Analyze that on which thing your fashion product stands for such as traditional clothing, western styles or any other as well.

You have to show your brand’s roots into the design of your plastic packaging.

Plastic is an excellent material for packaging design because it can allow you to show your product creatively.

The look of your packaging design should be simple, clean and natural that explains every aspect of your brand and its quality.



Popular Examples of Fashion Plastic Packaging Design

Many popular fashion brands love to utilize their fashion plastic packaging in unique ways.

Some of the examples are:

The Sod Plastic Packaging

This is one of the most popular clothing brands whose main purpose is to grab the attention of their potential customer by using an attractive plastic packaging design.

Fashion Plastic Packaging Design (Tips & Examples)

They packed their t-shirts in a unique plastic packaging design that is eye-catching.

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Their packaging designs are similar to the food packaging that you can get in a supermarket.

Its unique shapes make it different from the other packaging designs.

It provides a great display of fashion t-shirts that help the consumers to take an immediate decision.

The packaging is made from a plastic that can be easily recycled.



The Matryoshka Packaging Design

It’s a transparent plastic packaging design which is such a unique solution for fashion clothing.

The unusual shapes and the original design of the packaging help to make their product more attractive and also help to attract potential consumers.

Fashion Plastic Packaging Design (Tips & Examples)

The plastic packaging of this brand contains two different parts that are made from a thermoforming.

In the competition of international Design Packaging, this design of the brand won a silver model.


Conto Figueira Fashion Packaging

It’s a Brazilian fashion brand which got popularity for both its fashion trends as we as its plastic packaging designs.

Its high quality, unique and premium packaging design contains on both plastic and wood.

A wood box is used to keep the product inside and plastic lid is used to cover the packaging.

It is considered one of the luxurious packaging designs in the fashion industry.

Fashion Plastic Packaging Design (Tips & Examples)

It helps to keep the product save form any kind of damage or moisture.

While unboxing the packaging, the consumer will feel really happy.

This packaging can also reuse to keep the shirt or any other thing into it.



Eat My Shorts Fashion Packaging

The name of this brand is taken from a popular American TV show.

The plastic packaging of this brand contains beautiful colors which are perfect for packing the t-shirts.

The color trends of this packaging design get a lot of popularity in 2016.

Fashion Plastic Packaging Design (Tips & Examples)

It’s an independent brand that manufactured fashion clothing for both men and women.

The packaging of the brand contains a plastic zipper pack that can easily open.

It helps to attract people to come and purchase their product.


Female’s Fashion Plastic Packaging Design Trends

Females want everything perfect and loved about fashion products and their packaging.

Some most popular and creative trends are used to create some innovative plastic packaging designs that females love to purchase.


Hanger Pack Plastic Packaging

It is one of the unique and exciting packagings for fashion clothes.

In this packaging design, the actual hangers are used along with the plastic packaging bag that is awesome for your customer because they can use it in the future.

It will also help the consumer to hang this packaging in their wardrobe.

This design is catchy that promotes your products and grabs the attention of most female consumers to pause at least once and look at your product.

Whether you need to pack a jean, shirt, lingerie or any other feminine fashion product, this packaging will allow you to add life in it.


Story Packaging

Females love to read stories about fashion brands.

So, produce a creative packaging that will be suitable to tell a story about your product or brand, as a fantasy or fact, it will depend on you.

Fashion Plastic Packaging Design (Tips & Examples)

You can use some images and make a creative story that attracts your consumer to pause for a moment and read the story of your fashion brand.

For these types of packaging designs, you can also give a fantasy title to your brand.



Should be Trendy

Women love to stay up to date and trendy according to the latest fashion trends.

So for packaging, you also shouldn’t neglect this point and don’t forget about the latest trends in the market, especially when you are going to design a plastic packaging for your fashion brand.

It will help you to keep your packaging designs more current.

Use the fonts and colors that are most popular in the trend.

Give your design a clean, modern and simple look.

You can also visit the different brand’s sites or hire a designer that can help you to design a trendy packaging.


Fashion Plastic Packaging Design (Tips & Examples)

Can Reuse the Packaging

Most of the female Consumers love to purchase the product’s packaging that they can reuse for a long time.

As you know that plastic is a durable material that is long-lasting and best to protect your product.

So in the fashion industry, these types of packaging can attract more customers.

The designers can design plastic packaging bags along with a handle or hanger that you can use to keep your clothes or any other fashion-related things again in this packaging after using it.


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Use a High Style

Fashion product not only means by the clothing; it also includes many other things such as shoes, watches and other accessories related to the latest trends.

If you want to introduce a small product size product than choosing a high style, just like heels can make your product attractive.

For small product, a high style of packaging is the best way of sale because it makes your product even more impressive that people love to purchase.

Fashion Plastic Packaging Design (Tips & Examples)

Pop up the Colors

In the fashion industry, for feminine products, funky colors play an important role.

There are some funky clothing and accessories that are great girly stuff.

But what if the packaging is just normal? Obviously, the girls will never love to look at your product.

So try to pop up some colors on your plastic packaging design according to the nature of your fashion products.

Some bold and funky colors can help the brands to attract the attention of their customers.


Fashion Plastic Packaging Design (Tips & Examples)

Holographic Effects Packaging

Holographic foil stamping is one of the best and creative things to apply to your plastic packaging.

It can make female fashion products even more attractive.

It provides an array of different colors that adds value and elegance into your design.

It will provide a metallic effect that can grab the attention of consumers to come and purchase your product.


Fashion Plastic Packaging Design (Tips & Examples)

Innovative Interior of Packaging Design

It is no doubt that the exterior of your packaging should be exciting, but what about the interior of your plastic packaging design.

To make your packaging interior more attractive, you can add small partitions inside your plastic box packaging.

In these types of boxes, you can pack fashion clothes along with other accessories that make it even more attractive.

It can display everything separately by maintaining their beauty.

This packaging design is ideal for female products.

But make sure that the size of each section is not too small or not too large the product should fit appropriately inside the box.


Wrap up

We are sure that after reading this creative content, you can now think even more like a designer.

The fashion industry is all about displaying your product and its packaging in such unique and different ways.

So you have to consider all the important elements while designing a plastic packaging that can attract the consumers.

Every fashion brand has an aim to connect with their customers and encourage them to come and buy their product.

So, it will depend on your packaging design that how can you attract them.


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