Stand-up pouches are the most popular packaging form used across various industries. This flexible packaging type offers multiple benefits to the companies and the users also. They are cost-effective compared to traditional rigid packaging.

They have a stable base and can stand on their bottom which makes it elegant to display on the shelves. It also takes much lesser space and is easily stackable which means that less fuel is consumed in transporting the products.

They come with ziplock and zipper tear which makes it very convenient for the users to open them and then reseal them after using the product.

Stand-up Pouches Uses

The stand-up pouches find application in most of industries. They are ideal for packaging food items. They are used for packaging across many industries like medical and pharmaceuticals, industrial items, gardening products, etc.

These pouches offer many benefits over the traditional packaging form. The current article details some of the most popular and widely used stand-up pouches in the flexible packaging industry.

12 Most Popular Standup Pouches

The details, applications, and benefits of some of the most popular stand-up pouches are discussed below:

Flat Bottom Stand up Pouches

The flat-bottom stand-up pouches are becoming increasingly used in the packaging industry. When filled, these pouches stand on their flat bottom on the shelves and attract the customer’s attention.


They also take up less space on the shelves and thus more products can be displayed compared to other packaging types. One of the biggest advantages of using these bags is that they take lesser raw materials to manufacture (12% less film) and store more quantity.


Hence, it takes less energy to manufacture them and they weigh less as well, both of which reduce the manufacturing cost. The flat-bottom stand-up pouches eliminate the need to use cartons for the outer packaging of the product.

These packages have a ziplock which is resealable which is a very handy feature for storing the products. The package can be resealed after using the product which keeps the product safe and free from damage or contamination.

The side gussets provide additional space for printing product-related information.

Flat Bottom Bag with Tearing Zipper

The flat bottom bag with a tearing zipper is ideal for packaging food products. It has a flat bottom and is stable.


It can be elegantly displayed on the shelves and are easily stackable which catches the customer’s attention. These bags come with a tearing zipper which makes it very convenient to open the bags.

The bags can be manufactured using paper or plastic. They come with the resealable ziplock option which lets the user conveniently reseal the packaging after using the product.


The flat bottom bag is also eco-friendly, as it uses less material to manufacture and stores a greater quantity of products. This reduces the carbon footprint of these bags.

These bags also provide 5 printing surfaces to print the product details and information.

The front side, backside, two side gussets, and bottom gussets can be used for printing. The flat bottom bag is also durable and provides good protection to the product.

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Stand-up Bag

More brands are moving from rigid packaging towards flexible packaging and stand-up bags are one of the most common flexible packaging options.


These bags offer the most versatile and excellent printed graphics on the bag which will catch the attention of potential customers. They can be produced in a number of shapes and sizes which adds to their convenience.

The stand-up bags also provide excellent moisture barrier and protection against other elements which keep the product safe for longer.


Stand-up packaging bags are inevitable when the objective is a cost reduction on the packaging. Rigid packaging costs at least 3-6 times more than flexible packaging.

Printed cartons cost almost twice as much as stand-up bags. These packaging bags will reduce the cost for companies and contribute towards improved profitability. Stand-up packaging bags also save on distribution costs.

At least 5 times more volume of products can be stacked compared to the rigid packaging in the same transport vehicle.

Automatic Packaging Film Bag


The automatic packaging film bag is widely used for packaging agricultural and industrial products. These bags come with convenient opening options like laser scoring or mechanical perforation.


The automatic packaging film bags provide the users with the option of zip lock and resealing the packaging. Customers can ensure the safety of the product by using them and then later resealing the packaging.

The packaging film bags provide excellent compatibility for printing. They support very high-quality printing and impressive design outputs.

The automatic packaging film bags also reduce the cost of packaging the products significantly as they are much cheaper to manufacture compared to traditional rigid packaging.  

The film is also resistant to chemicals that keep the food products packaged safely. It is also a very effective packaging form offering high moisture barrier which helps to keep the food items fresh for longer and avoid food wastage.

Stand-up Zipper Bag

Stand-up zipper bags are one of the most prevalent forms of flexible packaging which comes with a zipper for easy opening and resealing of the package.


The customers can open the packaging by sliding the zipper which is very convenient for them. the stand-up zipper bags are retail-ready.

They allow for compact and sleek packaging of the product and store more quantity of the product. Due to their compact size, they can be very easily displayed on the shelves as they take less space.

Stand-up zipper bags are also an excellent packaging option for protecting packaged products. They provide a high degree of protection from UV light, oxygen, moisture, etc.

thereby helping to keep the packaged products safe and fresh.


They also ensure that no secondary outer packaging is required. This helps to save considerable costs on the packaging. These zipper bags also take a lesser volume in transportation and helps to save costs on transit and distribution.

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Fin/Lap Seal Bag


Fin/lap seal bags are very common in the packaging industry. It provides convenience in packaging and ease of access of the product to the customer.

The fin/lap seal bags take less volume and are easier to transport and display on the shelves.



A fin seal is also commonly known as a fold-over seam where both the interior edges of the film are sealed and the fin is folded over. The fold resembles the fin of a fish from which it gets its name.

the inside surfaces of the substrate meet and seal against one another to form a fin seal. Lap seal is also known as the overlap seal wherein the exterior of the film is sealed onto the interior of the film.

It derives its name from the overlapping of the films. In the lap seal, the inside surface of the film deals with the outer surface and thus a lap is created.

Single Web Stand-up Bag


The single web stand-up bag is widely used for packaging. These bags contain an additional web of film or a header for pre-pricing and pre-labeling.

The single web stand-up bags can be manufactured either using paper or plastic. These bags store more quantity of products thereby fewer bags need to be manufactured for storing the same quantity of products.

This reduces the energy required for the manufacturing of these bags.


The bags are compact and easily stackable as a result they take less space on the shelves for display and during transportation also. This reduces transportation costs also.

These bags provide convenience to the customers in using the products. The bags also offer excellent protection of the product against moisture, UV light, and other elements which ensures that the product is damage free.

The gussets also provide high-quality graphics and product information printing which makes the package stand out and gain customers’ attention.

Fin/Lap Seal with Gusset Bag


The fin/lap seal with gusset bags features a fin/lap sealing option in a gusset bag. The bag has a flat bottom and stands on it.

This gives the bag stability and provides ease in display and storage. The manufacturing cost of the bag is less compared to the rigid packaging.


The customers can conveniently access the product by tearing the fin/lap seal. The packaging bag also takes less space on the display shelves hence more products can be displayed in a limited area.

Similarly, the bags take less volume in transportation and more bags can be transported in the same vehicle compared to the traditional rigid packaging.

This reduces the transportation cost and contributes to environmental protection as less fuel is used for transporting greater quantity of products.

Another advantage of this bag type is the gussets which provide additional area to print the product-related information or graphics. The printing can be done with a very impressive quality on these bag types.

Spout Pouch


The spout pouches are convenient flexible packaging that is mostly used to package solid food products but they can be equally effective for storing liquid.

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They are ideal for packaging small quantities of liquid food products like fruit juices, tomato ketchup, etc. They are manufactured using plastic which is chemically resistant.


They are also mostly used in the personal hygiene industry for packaging products like shampoo, liquid soaps, etc. These spout bags are convenient to carry around while traveling.

They are straightforward to use as the customers only have to open the spout to use the product. The spout pouch has an excellent evacuation rate of approximately 99.5% of the product, which considerably reduces food waste.

These pouches are economical as the cost of manufacturing them is less than the traditional rigid packaging. When compared to rigid plastic packaging, these spout pouches take a much lesser quantity of plastics to be manufactured thereby reducing their carbon footprint and contributing positively to the environment.

Quad Seal Bag


The quad seal bags have two side gussets and their defining feature is that the gussets and the two panels are joined by four vertical seals. This provides it with a flat rectangular bottom which is stable and can stand upright on the base.


These bags are compact and lightweight which adds to their convenience in transportation, storage, and display. The bags appear attractive and make the product stand out from the competition.

The side gussets can expand which means that more quantity of the product can be stored. These bags can be equipped with convenience features like zipper opener and a ziplock which enables the users to reseal the packaging after using the product.

This helps to keep the product safe and fresh for longer. The quad-seal bags are made strong and are ideal for packaging products in bulk. The cost of manufacturing the bags is much lesser compared to the rigid packaging bags.

Anomalist Bag


Anomalistic bags can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes. The bags are attractive and catch the attention of the customers. These bags can be manufactured using paper also which is eco-friendly.


In addition to this, anomaly bags are very lightweight and help to reduce the cost of packaging and storage of the product. Less energy is consumed in the production of these bags.

They take lesser space volume compared to the traditional rigid packaging and hence they need lesser fuel for transportation. This results in a reduced carbon footprint. The anomaly packaging bags have good barrier properties and protect the products from moisture and other elements.

This leads to the better shelf life of the products. These packaging bags also offer convenience to the customers in using the product.

Three Side Seal Bag


The three-side seal bags are quality packaging bags that offer economy in the packaging of products. These bags are made from one piece of film and are sealed on two sides and the top is left open for filling the product. They are also economical to manufacture compared to traditional packaging options.


These three side seal bags have a higher filling volume and pack more quantity of products compared to the traditional rigid packaging. These packaging bags can be manufactured in customized shape and sizes.

These bags can be customized with other features like zipper and ziplock with a resealable feature. They are used across multiple industries like food products, medical and pharmaceuticals, home and garden products, industrial items, etc.


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