Modern packaging graphic creativity highlights the characteristics of packaged goods, creates vivid and infectious product images, and adopts unique graphic language to express the creator’s visual cognition and thinking emotions, in order to resonate with consumers.

In the specific creative expression of packaging graphics, designers often integrate various graphic creative expression techniques to express their inner emotions. Designers often use artistic expression techniques commonly used in literature, such as metaphor, exaggeration, and metonymy, to create images and express emotions.

The successful use of these techniques can highlight the characteristics of things, convey concepts more vividly, and help the audience understand the inherent meaning of the work.

  • Exaggeration
  • Analogy
  • Metonymy
  • Humor
  • Symbolize

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In packaging graphic design and creation, exaggeration is an artistic rendering technique that deliberately exaggerates or reduces a certain aspect of an object, in order to express strong thoughts and emotions or highlight the characteristics of the object. The main purposes of exaggeration are as follows.

Profoundly and vividly reveal the essence of things, enhancing the infectivity of graphics. Strengthen the author’s certain emotions, enhance the atmosphere, and evoke rich associations among viewers.

Enhance the sense of humor and interest of graphics, often using exaggerated methods to mutate the essence of things, emphasize and expand the main features of the image in the picture, or break the specific proportional relationship between objects in reality.

By exhibiting an unconventional and abnormal proportion relationship, a sharp contrast is formed, reflecting the exaggerated infectivity.

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Analogy is the use of metaphors, comparing specific things that people are familiar with to the things they want to express, or comparing simple and clear principles to the principles they want to interpret.

The thing being metaphorically referred to is called the ‘noumenon’, and the thing used as a metaphor is called the ‘metaphorical body’. Common folk metaphors such as the mandarin duck and the pine and crane symbolize longevity are expressed through visual objects, which is also the application of Chinese “imagery” artistic techniques.

In graphic design, “metaphor” refers to the use of abstract concepts to express the form of an image, and the use of “metaphorical figures” to demonstrate the “meaning of the ontology”.

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Metonymy is a technique of expression that does not directly state the person or thing to be explained, but rather “borrows” other things that have a close symbolic relationship with it to “replace explanation”.

Usually, people refer to the thing being replaced as the ontology, and the thing being replaced as the borrowing entity. The ontology and borrowing entity must be related.

The use of metonymy techniques is used to evoke associations, with a unique effect that is self-evident and has a clear connection in the heart, making the expression more prominent, distinctive, and vivid.


Humor originates from life and is a form of expression that has undergone artistic processing. This artistic packaging graphic language, through mapping, satire, and pun techniques, exposes the fallacies and illogical aspects of life in a friendly smile, thus causing laughter and contemplation. It is the crystallization of designer thinking, knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration.

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Symbolism is also the fundamental expression technique of graphic design, reflecting the designer’s profound thoughts or special concepts through the external characteristics of a specific object.

There may not be a necessary connection between the noumenon of symbols and their symbolic meanings. It requires designers to highlight the characteristics of the noumenon, so that viewers can have associations from one to another and suddenly understand its meaning.

Red symbolizes celebration, white symbolizes mourning, pigeons symbolize peace, and dragons and phoenixes symbolize auspiciousness.

Symbolic techniques can concretize and visualize abstract concepts, simplify and simplify profound philosophical principles, facilitate a faster process of grasping and understanding the theme, and also extend the connotation of graphics.

Symbolism is more profound than the general metaphor and can produce better artistic effects. Its graphic creative techniques can attract people’s attention and stimulate their thinking.

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