The positioning of packaging graphic design is the basis for conception, but it cannot replace the design conception. As a form of visual thinking, packaging graphic design concept requires specific visual expression from the initial draft to the final decision.

Six main visual images in packaging graphic design

Based on the characteristics of the main visual image design in modern packaging graphic design, six main visual image expression methods can be summarized as the focus of packaging graphic visual design.

The content of the product

It is commonly seen in food and small product packaging with short visual information update cycles and fast replacement speed, allowing consumers to directly meet the product, highlighting the image and texture of the product itself. Other text and graphics appear around the latest product information content.

The raw material of the product

It is commonly found in the packaging of various small foods, jams, beverages, and seasonings, highlighting the characteristics of their raw materials and the unique taste of their products.


The purpose of the product

It is commonly found in various household chemicals, gardening tools, small hardware, and kitchen supplies packaging. Make special expressions about the purpose of the product, highlight its appearance, function, and other characteristics, and play a guiding role in consumption.

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The origin of raw materials for the product

Many local products, products exported to foreign countries, or traditional products with a long history often use the local customs and natural scenery of the origin of the products or raw materials as the main graphic image for packaging expression.

The target audience of the product

A series of products commonly used for different consumer positioning, highlighting the age, identity, gender, etc. of the target audience, and also serving as a guide for consumption.

When designing packaging with the main image of the target audience, the focus is on studying the visual preferences and dislikes of specific consumer groups.

For example, middle-aged and elderly consumer groups prefer elegant and peaceful packaging visual styles, female consumer groups prefer beautiful and slender packaging visual styles, and young consumer groups prefer dynamic and dynamic visual styles.

Special textures and patterns

In the visual graphic design of packaging, the distinctive texture shading or pattern background borrows the traditional practical art design techniques, and also belongs to the relatively abstraction design expression. It is both ancient and modern, and has always been loved by Chinese and foreign consumers.


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Any product has its own uniqueness and is related to a certain aspect or factor, and various techniques are used to express the attributes of the product. This characteristic determines two basic tendencies of expression techniques: one is to directly express the characteristics of the product; The second is to indirectly use factors related to the product to express the personality of the product.

The main means of expression in packaging graphic design

Graphic representation

In packaging visual graphic design, painting art works are the main content of graphic design, and different traditional painting forms can be used as commercial visual language to express the design content.

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In packaging and decoration design, painting is a very important form of expression, that is, using watercolor, gouache, transparent color, traditional Chinese painting and other painting methods to express the content of goods, or using figures, landscapes, flowers, birds, fish, insects, various still life decorations to beautify the picture, set off, render, and beautify the goods.

In addition, painting and photography can be summarized and combined to complement each other, giving the packaging graphics a unique and modern aesthetic.

The painting expression method can apply different effects such as realism or freehand brushwork according to the overall concept, but regardless of the performance, do not leave the theme of specific attributes of packaged goods.


Abstract Picture Composition Method

In modern packaging visual graphic design, the use of modern design methods that pursue differences in visual effects and formal beauty is superior to concrete screen design methods.

Both painting and photography use realistic techniques to depict the main content of a product, while abstract expression is freehand brushwork, using completely abstract and conceptualized images to represent packaged product objects.

For example, using geometric elements to form abstract and curved shapes with rhythmic beauty, pursuing an implicit and surreal association. For example, using accidental patterns and textures to create abstract images, and using computers to generate abstract visual illusions.

Abstract packaging visual graphics are concise and eye-catching, with a strong sense of modernity and form. They are highly commercial and have strong visual impact, making them the main means of visual expression in modern packaging.

In recent years, the popularity of art forms such as constructivist art and light effect art abroad has also affected packaging visual graphic design. Especially suitable for packaging visual graphic design of some modern products, such as walkman, computer, VCD, DVD, or cosmetics.

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The design of packaging abstract image composition can be expressed using methods such as repetition, approximation, gradient, emission, density, uniqueness, and space.

When designing, attention should be paid to the selection and organization of graphics, while also handling the segmentation of the image space and the hierarchical relationship of black, white, and gray tones.

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Cartoon and exaggerated deformation techniques

In modern packaging design, relaxed, exaggerated, and humorous expression techniques are used to process packaging graphics in a comic style, achieving novel artistic effects. This expression technique can personify inanimate goods and make information transmission more relaxed and lively.

Toys, food, clothing, cultural goods, sports goods, and other goods are extensively packaged with exaggerated and interesting cartoon images, which are highly attractive to teenagers, children, and adult consumers.

Early comic graphics were defined as a method of changing appearance, facial features, and using highly similar portrait formations.

It often portrays a person’s aura and demeanor not in a comprehensive manner, but in simplifying the depicted object to the point where it cannot be reduced, and paying attention to coordinating with the object’s temperament and image.

The appearance of a person, especially the face, is composed of countless influential parts, and it is not easy to carefully arrange each part to the right extent.

Comic graphics use exaggeration and deformation techniques, based on the specific body shape, personality, and unique characteristics of the characters, and are cleverly and uniquely processed in terms of image, to achieve a combination of authenticity and natural changes in attractiveness.

There are two main forms of manga graphics in packaging design. One is to use deformation techniques to create a manga style personification of the product’s own form; The second approach is to use intermediaries to explain and promote products through comic images

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