The appearance packaging design of a product mainly utilizes various visual design elements to form its unique visual image, that is, the reasonable arrangement and application of elements such as graphics, illustrations, fonts, colors, etc., to create a product image with formal aesthetics, attract consumers’ visual attention, and further stimulate their purchasing desire.

Therefore, designers must possess good artistic literacy and modeling abilities, as well as keen observation and analysis abilities, in order to better grasp the overall style and visual artistic effect of packaging design.

In the competition of the commodity market, especially after the rise of self-service sales methods, there have been significant changes in purchasing forms and product display methods.

In large supermarkets with a wide variety of products, consumers must rely on the inherent information provided on the packaging when selecting, purchasing, and recognizing the products. The trademark, brand logo, graphics, and explanatory text on the packaging are necessary elements to convey the inherent information of the product.

The task of designers is to organize and arrange these elements to have a clear and concise reading effect, so that consumers can correctly and clearly understand the relevant information of the product in the shortest possible time.

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You should know that visual communication has 1 function and 2 roles in packaging design

Commercial promotion function

With the rapid development of the commodity economy, the market has put forward more requirements for packaging, and changes in market requirements and consumption patterns have affected the concept and form of packaging design.

People often say that ‘packaging is the best advertisement for a product’, indicating that packaging plays a significant role in the production and sales process of a product.

Packaging should not only be able to package and hold goods, but also play a positive promotional role in market competition.

Only packaging products with exquisite structural and visual design can attract customers more. This requires packaging designers to be adept at grasping market trends, establishing mutual trust and cooperation with customers, and understanding the function of packaging graphic design in product promotion.

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At the same time, the development of the market and information has increasingly high requirements for packaging in terms of visual aesthetics and design strength, which also forces designers to mobilize various languages and elements of visual communication, constantly creating more innovative, interesting, and meaningful packaging designs.

Especially after the self-service sales method of modern large supermarkets dominated the retail business, the packaging of goods naturally assumed the role of a “silent salesperson”, and through its unique form, it assumed the function of conveying the internal information of the goods, becoming the most direct and powerful means of advertising and promotion.

Therefore, packaging design should take on the responsibility of enhancing the added value of goods.

You should know that visual communication has 1 function and 2 roles in packaging design

Packaging also plays an important and significant role in helping businesses or businesses establish and enhance their brand image. In the stage of fierce competition and increasing maturity in the market, the competition in product sales is no longer entirely limited to resources, technical quality, and prices.

Committed to shaping and enhancing the overall image of the brand and enterprise has become the central concept of today’s market strategy.

For a company, what is important is not only the market share and market evaluation of a specific product, but also a brand that is deeply rooted and recognized by the market as the foundation for greater competitiveness.

Market positioning role

The concept of “positioning” was first proposed in 1969 and became a hot topic in the field of commercial design and sales. Nowadays, packaging decoration, advertising, and fashion design have all applied this concept and achieved success.

Therefore, foreign countries refer to the current market sales strategy as the positioning era. The so-called positioning design method is to determine the main factors and patterns of design based on the attributes, grades, sales regions, and purchasing objects of the goods. By positioning the product, motivating consumers, establishing characteristics, and winning in competition.

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Consumer positioning mainly considers who the product is sold to, analyzes the main regions where the product is sold, and analyzes the characteristics, hobbies, and psychological habits of the sales target.

Consumers should feel that this product is produced for their needs. Specifically, it refers to designing products and their packaging that are suitable for consumers’ residential areas, social levels, and psychological factors in terms of shape, pattern, color, and style.

You should know that visual communication has 1 function and 2 roles in packaging design

Product positioning mainly considers the type, attributes, characteristics, scope of application, timeliness, grade, and purpose of the product, with a focus on designing and strengthening one of the factors.

Brand positioning, packaging graphic design, brand positioning mainly considers emphasizing sellers or producers, making packaging products closely connected to manufacturers, and establishing a good image of the enterprise and products in the minds of consumers.

Require brand graphics to be compatible with the cultural attributes of the product, easy to recognize and remember, and strive to be unique in color and graphics, expressing a certain image connection.

In most cases, each packaging design should highlight a key aspect, also known as a focus, that is, in the positioning of consumers, products, and trademark brands, and avoid being comprehensive, otherwise it will make the design cumbersome, messy, unclear in theme, and lack strong visual impact.

The marketing seriation role of packaged commodities

Series packaging design is a very popular design technique in modern international packaging design. The emergence and development of series packaging fully conforms to the aesthetic psychology of consumers.

The diversification of goods has led to the development of diversified packaging. Serialized packaging design is the use of identical or similar packaging graphics to unify the design of products of the same brand, different types or specifications, with their common characteristics.

The commonly used vocabulary in serialization design abroad is: in Series, Family, Line, Set. The core of serialization is to form a unified visual design of packaging graphics, thereby leaving a deep visual impression on consumers.

You should know that visual communication has 1 function and 2 roles in packaging design

Modern enterprises, especially multinational corporations, use serialized packaging design as a powerful weapon for product promotion to strengthen and establish the “self-image” of manufacturers.

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The advantages of series packaging are good overall effect, good distinguishability, and long-lasting influence, which can shorten the design cycle of the product and facilitate the transmission of design plans by local branches. The advantages of serialized packaging lie in the following three points.

Overall effect. Serialized packaging emphasizes overall design and the overall appearance of the product group, therefore, it has a strong momentum, distinctive features, and a strong overall sense.

It can avoid the drawbacks caused by unplanned design, such as being fragmented, with different styles, disconnected from each other, and unable to form an overall effect.

Good display effect. Serialized packaging has a good display effect. On the shelves of general shopping malls and supermarkets, serialized packaging occupies a large area of exhibition space, generating an overwhelming impact on other products.

The group beauty, rule beauty, and strong information transmission ability presented by serialized packaging are conducive to competition with other products. Due to its distinctive features, it appears in complete sets on the shelves, enabling consumers to immediately recognize its markings and product names, thus achieving a deep impression and memorable effect.

You should know that visual communication has 1 function and 2 roles in packaging design

Favorable for publicity. The family characteristics of serialized packaging design can achieve a top-notch effect in product promotion, and an influential brand product can drive the production and sales of a batch of products.

If consumers have a sense of trust in a particular product in a series, they will also develop a liking for other products in the series, which can reduce advertising expenses.

In the law of formal beauty, the unity of diversity and wholeness is a very important rule. In people’s daily lives, from clothing to utensils, from interior design to environmental art, they all pursue a unified overall beauty of style.

The serialization of packaging design also conforms to the basic aesthetic principle of “diversity and unity”. Due to the increasingly prominent role and position of series packaging in market sales, its strategic position in market competition is also becoming increasingly important.

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