Before opening a restaurant, it is very important to determine the decoration style of the restaurant.

A “good-looking” restaurant should not only have a suitable decoration style and unique menu design, but also pay full attention to details such as staff clothing and restaurant LOGO, and strive to create an environment that attracts customers and enhances brand awareness.

This chapter will introduce the secrets of restaurants to increase traffic from the aspects of restaurant frontage design, menu design and logo design.

Restaurant Design – Most Customers Prefer High-Value Restaurants


Excellent restaurant restaurant frontage design can leave a deep

impression on people. For this reason, the restaurant frontage design of restaurants should not only be recognizable, but also provide “high-value” aesthetic enjoyment.

Door face design, let people remember at a glance


A good restaurant usually has a good facade. The door face can visually leave the first impression on customers.

A good facade design needs to adhere to the principle of giving consideration to product, implication, and expression, and focus on text, supplemented by pattern and layout, so that the two complement each other.

Design Principles


The design principles of the door face are as follows.


The facade is usually composed of text and pictures, and the text and pictures should mainly express the product, and avoid “selling dog meat with sheep’s tricks”.

For example, there are neon lights in the shape of red wine and steak hanging on the door, but the actual business is fast food, which will only make customers feel baffled.


For a good facade, implication is very important, which can make the restaurant frontage different from other restaurants, and can also deepen the memory of customers.

The visual information that can be conveyed by the door face is limited, and the content displayed should be far-reaching and rich in characteristics.


The facade is for the public, and it must conform to the public’s aesthetics, that is, the popular aesthetics.

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At the same time, we must also pay attention to the pertinence of specific customer groups, such as the simplicity and elegance of coffee shops, the warmth and richness of hot pot restaurants, and the rustic atmosphere of local restaurants.

Plaque Banner Design


The content of the facade mainly includes text, patterns and design layout.

In order to ensure the beauty of the facade of the restaurant, the combination of text and patterns should achieve a harmonious and harmonious effect through the layout.

Text. The text should use elegant and easy-to-recognize fonts, such as regular script, running script, etc., avoid using traditional characters and uncommon characters.

Pattern. The pattern can use a trademark pattern or a photo, and the style and tone of the photo should match the text on the door face.

Layout. The layout of the door face should be based on text and supplemented by patterns.

It is necessary to ensure the harmony and unity of the two and the coordination of the pictures.

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Restaurant Plaque Position


Usually, the plaque is located directly above the entrance of the restaurant, in the shape of a square, and there are also special round or other shapes.

No matter what the style is, attention should be paid to keeping the door face in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Restaurant Name Design, How to Design A Memorable and Catchy Restaurant Name


The restaurant name affects the communication efficiency of the restaurant brand.

A good restaurant name does not have to be elegant, but it must be easy to remember.

Such a restaurant name is easier to spread and more popular with the public.

On this basis, design a novel restaurant name to attract customers’ attention.

Especially in the era of pursuing entertainment, novelty but not novelty, popular but not vulgar, are the only rules for designing restaurant names.

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Restaurant Name Design Principles

Designing a restaurant name should follow the following two principles.

Easy to Read

The simpler the restaurant name, the easier it is to remember.

Most of the restaurant names that are easy to pass on by word of mouth are easy to remember.

Generally speaking, the length of restaurant name should be controlled within 4 characters.

Different eras have different cultures, and these cultures represent people’s common lifestyle and spiritual pursuit.

A good restaurant name should pursue content rich in connotations of the times.

For example, names such as Chayanyuese are full of vitality and have the implication of the times, so they are easier to be memorized by customers.

Light Box Design, Let Customers Find You at Night


The design of the facade should mainly consider the effect during the day, but night is also an important business time period for most restaurants, so the design of the light box is also essential.

The design of the light box should mainly consider many factors such as material, cost and effect.

Catering owners should use light boxes to create the best lighting effects without exceeding the cost budget.

Different restaurants have different styles, locations, and scales. owners should design light boxes according to actual conditions.

The light box should match the characteristics of the restaurant.

In the case of a large-scale restaurant or sufficient funds, different light boxes can also be used to create a composite effect.

Color matching


Color matching should be eye-catching and warm. Harmonious matching of colors in restaurants helps to attract customers and stimulate consumption.

Color involves many factors in restaurants, whether it is the facade, lighting, or interior decoration, all must be considered.

Different colors can bring different feelings to customers

Color matching should be combined with product factors, and customers’ psychological needs should also be considered.

Orange brings people a feeling of sunshine, friendliness, and joy, which is encouraging, and is mostly suitable for young people.

Green is easier to relax and relieve stress, suitable for relaxing coffee shops, such as Starbucks and so on.

When matching colors, you need to pay attention to the following two points.

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There should not be too many colors.

When matching colors in a restaurant, it is best to choose two or three colors as the main color, keep the color temperature and tone uniform, or all warm colors, or all cool colors.

Restaurants should avoid using too many colors, otherwise it will easily cause visual discomfort to customers.

Adopt the golden ratio. 6:3:1 is the most common golden ratio in graphic design.

Restaurants should follow this principle when matching colors, using 60% of the main color and 40% of the auxiliary color, with a clear distinction between primary and secondary.

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Final Words

In conclusion, restaurant design plays a crucial role in shaping the overall dining experience and creating a lasting impression on customers.

The careful consideration of interior design elements, layout, and ambiance can greatly contribute to the success of a restaurant.

A well-designed restaurant creates a welcoming atmosphere, enhances comfort, and showcases the concept and brand identity effectively.

The design should align with the restaurant’s concept and target audience, ensuring a cohesive and immersive experience.

Attention to detail in the selection of furniture, lighting, color schemes, and decor creates a visually appealing and inviting space.

Functionality and flow are also critical, as a well-designed layout optimizes the efficiency of operations and enhances the guest experience.

Furthermore, incorporating elements of innovation and creativity in restaurant design can differentiate a business from competitors and generate excitement among customers.

Unique and memorable design features can create a sense of authenticity and make a lasting impression on guests.

It is important to note that restaurant design should go beyond aesthetics and encompass practical considerations such as accessibility, safety regulations, and efficient use of space.

Balancing form and function is essential for creating a successful restaurant design.

Ultimately, a well-executed restaurant design enhances the overall dining experience, strengthens the brand identity, and contributes to the long-term success and profitability of the establishment.

By carefully considering all aspects of design and continually evaluating and adapting to customer feedback.

Owners can create a space that leaves a positive and lasting impression on guests, fostering loyalty and setting the stage for continued success in the competitive restaurant industry.


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