In the daily operation and management of restaurants, stabilizing the back kitchen is equivalent to securing half of the country.

The better the management of the back kitchen, the more stable the restaurant can operate, and the benefits will naturally get better and better.

Double Check the Quality of Food Raw Materials

Dishes preparation, an Important Step Before Serving

Meat Preparation Methods Replacing Flavor Trends | Kerry

In the preparation stage of dishes, the back kitchen should roughly process the ingredients in advance.

It is also necessary to prepare tableware, cut and match small ingredients, and supplement seasonings.

In addition, the back kitchen should complete the steps of selecting vegetables, washing vegetables, cutting and matching, marinating, standard quantitative boxing, etc.

Finally, through the formulation of a “three-step” plan for dish preparation, the seamless connection between dish preparation and serving is further realized.

Restaurant ingredients according to different categories and arrange special personnel for unified management.

Seal and label the ingredients that need to be refrigerated or frozen.

The content of the label mainly includes the name of the product, the date of purchase, the shelf life and the responsible person.

Do a good job of statistical work on commonly used ingredients to avoid interruptions in the supply of ingredients.

Dishes Are Newly Designed and Fully Updated

The update of dishes in restaurants requires restaurant owners to recognize their own positioning and make appropriate choices based on the characteristics of existing dishes, market development trends and other factors.

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Before updating the dishes, restaurants should do relevant research and preparation work.

It is necessary to do a good job in calculating the input and output of dish updates.

Profit is the difference between income and cost, and the sustainable development of a restaurant cannot be separated from the support of profit.

If the update of a dish does not require much adjustment in the original ingredients and labor, then this dish is worth trying.

On the contrary, if the introduction of a new dish requires too much manpower and material resources, and additional costs need to be added, restaurant owners need to measure whether the input and output of a good dish are proportional.

The update of dishes should also consider seasonal characteristics. For example, adding some seasonal dishes to the existing recipes cannot only ensure the freshness of the ingredients, but also be easy to be welcomed by customers.

When planning to update dishes, it is necessary to check which ingredients have been restaurantd for a long time and which ingredients are about to expire, and try to use these ingredients when creating dishes to avoid waste.

In addition, according to the existing dish structure, the dishes are developed for the tastes that are more popular with customers.

Dishes must keep up with the trend of the times

The taste of dishes is the key to conquering customers’ taste buds, and the beautiful presentation is also the key to attracting customers’ attention.

Superb plate arrangement technology can make people detach from the inherent cognition of ingredients, and instead pay attention to the beauty contained in the dishes.

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The beauty of the plate is mainly based on the arrangement and matching of the color, shape and texture of the ingredients to create a visual impact.

In the process of arranging the plate, the ingredients should be selected reasonably according to the different seasons, and the meat, vegetables and nutrition of the ingredients should be well matched.

Pursue the minimalism of less but better. Western food and Japanese food both follow the minimalism of less and better.

Through the presentation in this form, customers are no longer just tasting a certain kind of food when they are dining, but a life attitude that coexists with delicacy and simplicity.

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Work hard on color matching. Using ingredients of different colors to arrange the plate is like painting on the plate, highlighting the inspiration between the mixture of art and ingredients.

In terms of color matching, you can choose complementary colors, such as red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, etc.

You can also choose contrasting colors, such as purple and green, red and blue.

Any color can be matched with black, white, gray, etc. With this combination, the presented plate is bright in color and relatively rich in layers.

Dishes Plating, Another Important factor

Science of Food Plating - Great British Chefs

After arranging the dishes, if there are still deficiencies in the presentation of the color, shape and artistic conception of the dishes, they can be decorated by surrounding or embellishing them.

The decorated dishes will be more exquisite and classier.

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In the plating of dishes, do the following points well, which can get twice the result with half the effort.

Being Practical is the first and foremost.

The so-called practicality of the plating means that the plating can not only beautify the dishes, but also can be tasted in the mouth.

In the selection of raw materials for plating, some edible small clinker or exquisitely shaped fruits and snacks can be used.

Focus on Overall Coordination.

First of all, the color, content, and containers of the plating and dishes must be coordinated, so that the whole dish tends to be complete in terms of color, fragrance, shape and form a unified artistic body.

Secondly, the beautification of banquet dishes should also combine the theme, specifications, preferences and taboos of banquet guests and other factors.

Considering Cost While Being Magnificent.

The plating is more to play the role of decorating dishes.

Limited by raw materials, shelf life and cost, plating do not need to be overly carved and meticulously composed.

On the premise of satisfying the plating of the dishes, the cost is minimized and the plating of the dishes is done reasonably.

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Paying Attention to Hygiene

Kitchen Hygiene: 10 Hygiene Rules in the Kitchen - Plenty

Although plating can beautify the dishes, they can also spread bacteria. The plating must be cleaned and disinfected in advance, and artificial coloring should be used as little or as little as possible.


3 Aspects of Kitchen Management in Restaurants. A Game Changer that Makes Your Business Booming

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