The concept of graphics in modern packaging design is consistent with the broad concepts of shape and form. Shape is a specific shape that represents the outline of an object in space, and form is relatively universal.

‘Form’ refers to the external appearance of things, and in human vision, the appearance, posture, and structure of all things are ‘form’. In packaging graphic design, the elements that constitute form include points, lines, surfaces, and bodies.

The graphic design of product packaging is not only a form of existence, but also requires the use of visual graphic culture to enrich and enrich.

In today’s highly developed modern civilization, boldly integrating graphic culture into modern packaging design fully conforms to the new theme of people’s aesthetic emotions and demand psychology, and also fully meets the objective needs of establishing modern packaging culture.


Informative Type

Informative graphics include packaging product usage instructions graphics, as well as packaging product information charts, etc.

Informative graphics are very important for modern commercial packaging, and their main purpose is to provide consumers with clear and understandable information on how to use packaged goods, product information, environmental protection tips, and other information content.

Generally speaking, packaging information explanatory graphic design must overcome the barriers to information transmission caused by differences in written language and national ethnicity, in order to better provide consumers with information services for the purchased goods.

The design of packaging information explanatory graphics should be concise, and the provided product usage information should be accurate, without causing misunderstandings or providing incorrect packaging product information to consumers. Information explanatory text is generally arranged on the side and back of the packaging

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After refining and transforming the explanatory graphics of packaging information, placing them on the main display surface of the packaging will also achieve good visual effects in packaging design.

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Product Content Display Type

Packaging graphics, as an auxiliary function of text, give specific images to the text. The use of product content display graphics on packaging is one of the commonly used design methods in packaging design.

Packaging product content display graphics are a visual language that reflects the concept and emotions of the product. They can be used in the form of photos, paintings, and other forms to increase consumers’ interest in the product, and deepen consumers’ understanding and memory of the product through visual images.

When expressing the theme of a product, packaging graphics not only include the objective reality of the product, but also demonstrate the surrealism that words cannot express, transforming invisible thinking imagination into visible graphics and conveying them to consumers.

At the same time, specific materials and structures of packaging can also be utilized to display the content of packaged goods. For example, in the structural design of paper packaging materials, the combination of window opening and graphic design can not only balance packaging graphic design but also display product content, which can be said to be a win-win situation.

The packaging made of plastic materials can utilize the transparent characteristics of plastic materials, combined with specific packaging visual graphic design, and can also achieve a very unique display effect of packaged goods.

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Commercial Promotion Type

Packaging graphic design has advertising effectiveness and can play a role in promoting and promoting packaged goods.

In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, excellent packaging graphic design is undoubtedly the silent propagandist and promoter of packaged goods.

The promotional effect of packaging graphics on products, brands, and corporate reputation has been increasingly valued by packaging designers.

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