Nowadays, the food delivery market is gradually expanding, and more and more entrepreneurs are entering the takeaway food industry. As a typical feature of takeout, “instant delivery” also puts forward higher requirements for the practicality and convenience of external packaging.

What packaging materials need to be prepared for takeout? ALPPM has compiled a detailed list for you, please copy it directly!

Packaging box

The packaging box first needs to consider practicality and stability. During the delivery process of takeout, there may be squeezing, leakage, cooling, and other situations that directly affect the customer’s consumption experience, leading to customer loss.

Businesses should select the most suitable packaging according to the food properties to ensure that the takeout is delivered safely and completely to customers.

It is recommended to choose a thickened plastic lunch box for food such as noodle soup and rice noodles. A layer of cling film can be added to the seal to strengthen the lunch box and prevent leakage;

For dry fried and light salad foods, you can choose plastic lunch boxes, coated paper bowls, kraft paper lunch boxes, etc. The available space is relatively large, and merchants can choose lunch boxes based on budget and style;

For hamburger pizza, it is recommended to choose kraft paper/corrugated paper lunch boxes and double-sided coated packaging paper;

For Congee food, paper bowls with thickened film can be used.

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Packaging bags

At present, the common takeaway packaging bags on the market include plastic bags, non-woven fabric bags, and paper bags (environmentally friendly paper bags, kraft paper bags).

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Among them, plastic bags have the widest application range and lower costs compared to non-woven fabric bags and paper bags. Plastic packaging bags have strong practicality and are basically suitable for all foods, but plastic bags are the minimum configuration for takeout and have weak brand power.

The common non-woven fabric bags for takeout usually have a film coating process, which plays a waterproof, anti fouling, and anti oil role. The non-woven fabric bag has strong load-bearing capacity, strong practicality, and is basically suitable for all foods. It also supports full page color printing. Using non-woven fabric bags as takeout packaging enhances the texture.

The load-bearing capacity of paper bags is relatively weak, making them more suitable for sweet baked goods, fried light foods, and other light weight foods without soup. The paper bag has a more textured texture and supports full page color printing, which can serve as a brand promotion.

Adhesive sticker

Self adhesive stickers are the lowest cost branding. If you want to promote your brand through packaging and control your budget, stickers and finished packaging boxes are the most cost-effective options.

You can customize stickers for your own store or brand, apply them to packaging boxes and bags, and promote your store/brand.

What packaging materials do you need to prepare to operate a takeaway restaurant?

Beverage packaging

Common beverage takeaway packaging includes paper cups, PP cups, and PET cups.

Disposable tableware

Disposable tableware that can be paired with takeout include chopsticks, spoons, forks, disposable gloves, napkins, wipes, and disposable meal paper pads.

A complete set of tableware can enhance customers’ liking for the store. It is recommended that businesses prepare disposable tableware according to the usage habits of the public.

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Merchants can place coupons, discount coupons, positive reviews, promotional flyers, etc. in takeout bags, utilizing the principle of customer aversion to loss to further transform customers and improve their stickiness.

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