New and innovative technologies could help reduce food waste through packaging, according to Andrew Manly, who works as a communications director. Smart packaging may be the solution.

Lots of people are asking if certain types of packaging are good or not.

People sometimes don’t believe in the packaging because they have heard stories or rumors that may not be true.

I really like it when people get upset because they put plastic around cucumbers.

Michael Gove, who used to be in charge of the environment in the UK, said that this was silly.

Michael was mistaken.

The research proves that a cucumber will last much longer if it is wrapped like this, up to five times as long as when it’s not wrapped.

People sometimes believe made-up stories more easily than what is true in our world.

Most people think packaging is not good, even if it works well.

Make sure to take care of, keep safe, and sometimes advertise the product.

If you need to learn more about the 3Ps (which means Products, Packaging and Promotion) then EUFIC (The European Food Information Council) has lots of information to share.

They are doing this to mark the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste on September 29th.

Around one-third of all the food produced for people to eat in the world – which is about 1.3 billion tonnes every year – is not eaten and gets thrown away.


This waste creates 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gases.

If food waste was a country, it would be the third biggest source of greenhouse gases.

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Every year, 88 million tonnes of food are thrown away in the EU. Each person in the EU wastes about 173 kg of food every year.

How can we reduce waste? Talking about it alone won’t work.

Smart Packaging can help by giving information to consumers, keeping food fresh for longer, and identifying unsafe products.

These are good things that can happen because of this waste and will help right away.

We know that people waste a lot of food at home.

We have been discussing for a long time about how the ‘Use By’ and ‘Best Before’ dates on food can be confusing and cause unnecessary wastage.

Large stores are now beginning to take off hundreds of these things, but only recently. What should people do next?

Should they just guess what’s wrong with the food? It would be better to give them something to help them figure it out.

This help can be basic, like a label that changes color when the food is old.

It can also be advanced, like a device that sends a message to your phone or fridge to remind you to eat the food.

Before food goes to the store, people can track where it came from and how it was transported.

This makes sure that what you buy is really what it says it is, and that it was handled the right way to keep it fresh.

Using packaging to make positive changes is easy if we accept new technology and don’t criticize it.

Basically, it’s always been good, but now we could make people see it in a different way.

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