Food packaging is closely related to modern life, and modern social life cannot do without packaging. The development of packaging has also profoundly changed and influenced people’s lives. But do you know which aspects are mainly included in the standard system for food packaging quality?

General requirements for food engineering packaging

Firstly, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the food itself and the required protective conditions, which requires understanding the main components, characteristics, and possible chemical reactions that may occur during processing, storage, transportation, and circulation of the food;

Secondly, sensitive factors that affect the main components in food, especially fat, protein, vitamins, etc., should be studied, including factors such as light, oxygen, temperature, microorganisms, physical and mechanical properties.

Only by mastering the biological, chemical, and physical characteristics and sensitive factors of packaged food, and determining the required protection conditions, can packaging materials and packaging technology be correctly selected for packaging operations to achieve the purpose of protection.

What are the main aspects of the standard system for food packaging quality?

In addition, there are a wide variety of food packaging materials with varying performance. Only by understanding the packaging performance of various food packaging materials and containers can reasonable packaging materials be selected based on the protection requirements of packaged food.

If high-temperature sterilization is required for food, high-temperature resistant packaging materials should be selected to extend the shelf life of the food.

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Technical requirements for food engineering packaging

The selection of food packaging technology is closely related to packaging materials, as well as factors such as the market positioning of packaged food.

The same food can use different packaging techniques to achieve the same or similar results, but the cost is different.

For example, food that is prone to oxidation can be packaged in vacuum or inflatable packaging, or packaged with sealed deoxidizers, but the latter has higher packaging costs.

For the special protection requirements of packaged items, such as moisture resistance, waterproofing, mold resistance, rust prevention, preservation, sterilization, etc., there are corresponding processes in the packaging process and special technical measures are taken.

Standard system for evaluating packaging quality

The standard system for evaluating the quality of food packaging mainly includes the following aspects:

What are the main aspects of the standard system for food packaging quality?

Packaging can provide good protection for food

In general, food is prone to spoilage, and whether packaging can ensure food quality within the set shelf life is the key to evaluating packaging quality.

The protection of products is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

One is the testing of packaging materials or containers. The testing items include: oxygen transmittance, water vapor transmittance, carbon dioxide transmittance, and light transmittance of packaging materials or containers; The bending resistance, tear resistance, elongation at break, tensile strength, softening temperature, and embrittlement temperature of thin film materials;

Peel strength and shear strength of bonding part; The reaction between packaging materials and the food inside; The migration of harmful components such as printing ink and plasticizers to food; Mold resistance and rust resistance tests of packaging containers.

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The second is the inspection of packaged food that has already been loaded. The testing items include: drop resistance test, compression resistance test, vibration resistance test, impact resistance test, etc.

Food packaging testing

There are many packaging inspection items, but not every packaging needs to undergo so many tests.

What tests are required for a given packaging should be determined based on the characteristics and sensitive factors of the food, the types of packaging materials, and national standards and regulatory requirements.

What are the main aspects of the standard system for food packaging quality?

For example, metal cans containing food usually need to measure the dissolution of the inner coating in the food; Bagged food that is sensitive to oxygen should have its oxygen permeability measured; Moisture proof packaging should be tested for water vapor transmittance.

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