Food engineering packaging is the operation of packaging food in food production using industrial technology. There are many types of food packaging, and there are four common classification methods.

Classified by their role in the circulation process

  • Sales packaging

Sales packaging, also known as small packaging or commercial packaging, not only has a protective effect on the product, but also pays more attention to the promotional and value-added functions of packaging.

Through packaging decoration design methods, it establishes the image of the product and enterprise, attracts consumers, and improves the competitiveness of the product. Bottles, cans, boxes, bags, and their combination packaging generally belong to sales packaging.

  • Transportation packaging

Transportation packaging, commonly known as large packaging, has excellent protective functions and is convenient for storage, transportation, and loading/unloading.

There should be clear text or illustrations on the surface of storage and transportation precautions, such as “rain proof”, “flammable”, “not upside down”, etc.

Corrugated cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, metal drums, various pallets, containers, etc. belong to transportation packaging.

How to classify food packaging based on 4 methods?

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Classification by packaging structure form

  • Body mounted packaging

A packaging form that seals a product between profiles and covers made of plastic sheets that are similar in shape to the product.

  • Blister packaging

A packaging form that seals a product between a blister made of transparent plastic sheet material and a cover material.

  • Portable packaging

A packaging form with handles or similar devices made on the packaging container for easy portability.

  • Combination packaging
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Combining similar or dissimilar products together for appropriate packaging to form a packaging form for handling or sales units.

  • Heat shrink packaging

A packaging form in which products are wrapped or bagged with heat shrink film and heated to shrink the film.

  • Pallet packaging

A packaging form in which products or packages are stacked on pallets and fixed by bundling, wrapping, or bonding to form packaging.

Classification by packaging technology method

Packaging can be divided into vacuum inflatable packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, deoxygenation packaging, moisture-proof packaging, canned packaging, sterile packaging, heat shrink packaging, thermoforming packaging, buffer packaging, etc.

Classification by packaging materials and containers

Packaging can be divided into paper packaging containers, plastic packaging containers, metal packaging containers, composite material soft packaging containers, combination containers, glass containers, ceramic containers, and wooden containers.

There is no unified mode or fixed method for food packaging, and suitable packaging materials and methods can be selected based on the characteristics of the packaged food.

How to classify food packaging based on 4 methods?

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