Shrinkage packaging is a packaging technique that uses shrink film to wrap an item or inner packaging, and then heats the film appropriately to make it shrink and tightly adhere to the item or inner packaging.

Heat shrink packaging began in the mid-1960s and developed rapidly in the 1970s. Shrinkage packaging can not only be used for sales packaging, but also for transportation packaging, and has become one of the most commonly used packaging technologies.

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Characteristics of Shrinkage Packaging

Shrinkage packaging not only has the characteristics of ordinary plastic film packaging, but also has the following characteristics:

Widely used. It can be used to package irregular products that are difficult to package with general methods, such as various fruits and vegetables, aquatic toys, small tools, electronic products, etc.

It can also adapt to various shapes and sizes of items, such as sealing the bottle mouth of various packaging containers, container pallets, cars, rowing, etc.

The packaging has high visibility. After heat shrinkage, it tightly adheres to the product, which not only displays the appearance and shape of the product, but also effectively prevents dust pollution and promotes sales.

When packaging food and fresh fruits and vegetables, they can stick tightly to the surface of the food, fully displaying the color, texture, and freshness of the food.

Brief Introduction to the Characteristics and Applications of Shrinkage Packaging

It has the function of collective packaging. After film shrinkage, various or multiple scattered products can be conveniently packaged together to achieve a complete set of packaging for multiple products or different types of items, playing a role in anti-theft, anti scattering, convenient carrying and use, and facilitating transportation and stacking, saving storage and transportation costs.

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Sometimes, the outer packaging box can even be omitted, which can replace some paper box packaging and corrugated paper box packaging, saving packaging costs and packaging volume.

Can extend the shelf life of food. Suitable for the preservation and low-temperature storage of food, preventing excessive drying of frozen food, providing convenience for supermarkets and retailers.

Good protective performance. It has good sealing, moisture-proof, anti fouling, and rust prevention effects, making it easy to stack in the open air and saving warehouse area.

The packaging process and equipment are relatively simple. It has universality, is easy to achieve mechanization, and is convenient to be used in conjunction with production lines, greatly improving packaging production efficiency and saving manpower and packaging costs.

The on-site shrinkage packaging method can be used to package products with large volume, and the process and equipment are simple.

Can be used as a label and sealing material, without the need for adhesive, reducing pollution. The shrink label and anti-theft bottle mouth sealing made of it have a destructive anti-counterfeiting packaging effect, and once opened, it cannot be restored to its original state; Shrinkage labels can not only beautify the outer packaging, but also block light and prevent splashing when the container is broken, providing a certain degree of protection.

The price of packaging materials is low, which can save packaging costs; Easy to use, waste can be recycled and reused after use, easy to handle, and beneficial for environmental protection.

Brief Introduction to the Characteristics and Applications of Shrinkage Packaging

Shrinkage packaging method

The heat shrink packaging operation first wraps the product with shrink film, and uses a sealing and cutting packaging machine to heat seal the necessary interfaces and seams to complete the so-called pre packaging operation.

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Then, the pre packaged product is heated through a heat shrink device to shrink the film tightly around the product, completing the so-called heat shrink operation.

The heat shrink packaging method is mainly reflected in the pre packaging operation, and there are several types of heat shrink packaging methods:

Two sided sealed type

It uses cylindrical or flat film to wrap the packaged material in a sleeve before conducting heat shrinkage operations. After packaging is completed, there is an open shrinkage opening at both ends of the packaging.

Four sided sealed type

Wrap the product around with flat or cylindrical film, and use overlapping sealing at the seams. Used for product packaging that requires sealing.

One sided sealed type

Pallet shrink packaging is a typical example where thin film is first made into square bottomed large bags, and then the large bags are placed on stacked product pallets from top to bottom, followed by thermal shrinkage.

Brief Introduction to the Characteristics and Applications of Shrinkage Packaging

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