Throughout history, birthday cakes have mostly been round, so circular birthday cake boxes are also the most common. It is composed of three parts: the box cover, the surrounding edge, and the box bottom.


The lid and bottom of the birthday cake box are usually coated with colored paper and covered with a gray board, achieving a weight-bearing function while also being relatively beautiful. It is easy for consumers to feel that it has a taste and is upscale, and is more suitable for some high-end hotels and bakeries.


But for this round of birthday cakes, the price will be slightly higher than other types of cake boxes, and merchants also need to consider transportation and storage issues.


However, for consumers, this round birthday cake is very good because its box bottom is coated with film, with high strength, cleanliness, and tidiness. When used, it can effectively prevent oil stains from penetrating and be directly stored in the refrigerator.

What kind of cake boxes are cake shops looking for?

Integrated portable square cake box

This cake box is formed from a piece of corrugated paper, folded and inserted into shape, with two handles placed on the top for easy and free grasping, simplicity, dexterity, and convenient transportation.


In addition, this type of cake box usually has a matching cardboard drawer inside, which is easy to take out, clean, and hygienic. It can be directly decorated or stored in the freezer.

Three-body square cake box

The so-called three-body square cake box is actually composed of three parts: the box cover, the surrounding edge, and the box bottom. This cake box can be folded before use, which effectively saves space and is easy to store and transport.

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The folding reinforcement on the edge also enhances the strength of the product. The box cover generally adopts a DIY folding cover, which can also save space and facilitate transportation. In addition, there will be thick paper in the middle of the box cover, effectively increasing the strength of the box cover and avoiding deformation caused by bundling or moisture. At the same time, the single-layer paper on the four sides of the box cover also greatly facilitates folding operations.

West Point Box

The pastry box mentioned here generally refers to the packaging box for small pastries. This cake box has various shapes but is folded chiefly into one piece, with slightly thinner paper and convenient transportation. However, most of the paper is made of beautiful white cards weighing 350g-400g, which have strong load-bearing capacity and a clean appearance. After forming, they are agile and pleasing to the eye.


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