The content and task of packaging modeling research The purpose of studying the natural and social functions of packaging modeling is to ensure the smooth realization of commodity use value and value. The main contents of packaging research are as follows.

Study the theory of the structural elements of packaging and the functions of packaging, clarify the relationship between packaging development and economics, politics, culture, art, science and technology, etc., determine the scientific packaging concept, and make people realize that the development of packaging is important for the development of economic construction and other important roles.

What are the 10 contents and tasks of packaging modeling research

Packaging Modeling Research

Investigate the historical process of packaging modeling evolution, find out the law and development trend of packaging development, and establish the correct guiding ideology and principles of packaging.

Study the principles and methods of packaging classification to facilitate the smooth progress of various tasks such as packaging research, design, application and management.

Study the design theory and creation method of packaging containers, combine the requirements of commodity competition strategy, and improve the conditions for the success rate of packaging design.

What are the 10 contents and tasks of packaging modeling research

Study the movement state and changing law of the package contents in the logistics process, reveal the contradictions in each link of the packaging, analyze the characteristics of these contradictions, explore the ways and methods to solve the contradictions, and provide a basis for design and production.

Study the natural properties of the contents and the law of deterioration and loss, study the principles and technical methods of protective packaging, and provide a basis for the continuous development of new protective packaging.

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Study the application of modern scientific and technological achievements in packaging design, packaging materials, packaging printing, etc., speed up the process of packaging modernization, and narrow the gap with advanced countries.

Study the quality indicators and economic indicators of packaging, so as to guide the formulation of packaging standards according to technical and economic evaluation standards and methods.

What are the 10 contents and tasks of packaging modeling research

Study the theory and method of packaging management, conduct in-depth discussions on important issues such as enterprise decision-making, quality standards, product costs, and information intelligence, and promote the scientific and modernization of packaging management.

Study the connection between packaging science and other disciplines, demonstrate the relationship between natural science, technical science and social science and packaging science, and place packaging science in a broad scientific perspective.


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