What is Dupont paper? What are the characteristics? Have you understood it? What can this paper be used for? Let’s look down together.

The common “shebang paper” in the market is actually two kinds of materials produced by DuPont: one is high-density polyethylene material named Tyvek and the other is high-density aramid fiber material named Nomex

The American Bank Note Company (ABNC) once used Tyvek as the substrate for printing plastic banknotes and printed small-denomination plastic banknotes in seven countries and regions including Costa Rica, Haiti, Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador, the Isle of Man, and Venezuela. Banknotes made of Tyvek were not well received. It takes longer to dry than most inks and smears easily, and the note has a fragile texture.

Only Haiti, Costa Rica, and the Isle of Man have issued such banknotes and are currently entering circulation. In Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Venezuela, they are only used as experimental banknotes and have never been adopted by the economy. Later, they eventually ceased to be issued and used and became the obsession of collectors.

What is DuPont paper?

What are the characteristics of DuPont paper?

Tyvek was invented in the 1950s and commercialized in the 1960s. Tyvek is a high-density polyethylene made by heat-melting the polymer into continuous filaments, which are then thermally bonded.

This unique technology enables Tyvek to combine the material properties of paper, film, and woven fabrics, waterproof, breathable, light and thin, tough, tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, high reflectivity diffuse reflection, UV-resistant, unique Excellent texture and touch, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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Good protection ability and superior chemical resistance: it is chemically resistant to most acids and alkali salts and has a good liquid resistance

protection function. Due to the small size of the fibers, liquid water and oil do not penetrate easily.

Gas and water vapor can pass through, and it has excellent waterproof and breathable performance. It has a good function of preventing the penetration of particles in the body. The special physical structure can completely block the tiny insects and ash, preventing them from penetrating. Excellent antibacterial effect.

Advantages of DuPont Paper

DuPont paper looks like paper, but it is not actually “paper”, but has two structures: a hard structure material like paper and a soft structure material like cloth. It has a special “paper feel” and the advantages of paper, film, and fabric, but also has its own characteristics.


Good flexibility and durability

Folding-resistant, allowing more than 20,000 times of repeated folding, durable.

Waterproof and breathable

Due to the fine fibers, liquid water, oil, etc. cannot easily penetrate; while gas and water vapor can pass through, it has excellent waterproof and breathable performance.

Anti-bacterial, anti-ultraviolet

The good anti-penetration function of solid particles, a special physical structure, can completely block fine mites and dust, prevent their penetration, excellent effect of blocking bacteria.

Resistant to 100°C high temperature

At constant temperature, in the range of relative humidity 0~100%, it can maintain excellent dimensional stability. It can still maintain toughness and flexibility at -73 degrees; it begins to shrink at 118 degrees; it begins to melt at 135 degrees. Ironing is not recommended for its home textile products.

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Compared with ordinary cloth, it is only a fraction of its weight. Its weight per square meter is only half that of paper of the same thickness.

100% recycling and recycling

Durable and green.


Dupont paper production process

Using flash evaporation technology, the polymer is processed into continuous filaments after hot melting. It is then thermally bonded, and the unique process makes Dupont paper have good fire resistance. With the Nomex tape itself, which is an insulator, it can well meet the design’s fire protection requirements.

The unique manufacturing process makes DuPont paper tough and durable, has strong tear resistance, and can strongly resist natural and artificial stretching. As the facade of a building, there is no need to worry about stretching. Fracture problem.

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