As the saying goes, “Buddhas need gold clothes, people need clothes”, and the same is true for brands. With the homogenization of products, what is more, attractive to consumers is a key issue that commodity manufacturers need to consider. The famous DuPont law points out that 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the design Packaging brand of the goods.

It is precisely because of this that the current market economy is called the “eyeball” economy. Only by attracting the attention of consumers can brands be accepted by consumers and products purchased by consumers.

Packaging determines the consumption behavior of consumers whether to buy or not. An experienced dealer picks up a new product and can judge its early market performance by looking at the packaging. Therefore, enterprises must attach great importance to the importance of product packaging in brand building.

How to design Packaging brand?

The meaning, function and principle of packaging brand design

The meaning of design Packaging brand

Packaging design has two meanings: one refers to the series of activities of designing and producing containers or wrappings; the other refers to the containers or wrappings themselves.

Philip Kotler, a famous American marketing expert, said: “Packaging refers to a series of activities that design and produce containers or wrappings.

This container or wrapping is known as packaging. “As more and more products are sold in self-serve supermarkets, the packaging of products is becoming more and more important. Packaging has become a powerful marketing tool.

Packaging is a silent advertisement. Well-designed packaging can create convenience value for consumers and promote value for producers.

How to design Packaging brand?

The Role of packaging brand design

In marketing, packaging has become an indispensable part of commodity production and plays an important role in promoting product sales.

Packaging is a sales force.

“Han Feizi Wai Chu Shuo Upper Left” records a story of “buying a pearl and returning a pearl”: Zheng Guoren bought a pearl with a beautiful wooden box from a merchant in Chu State, but left the box, and put the pearl in the box. The pearl was returned to the Chu merchants.

In a sense, it is the magical packaging effect of “fine pearls with beautiful beads” that attracts customers, successfully attracts consumers’ attention, and makes them have the impulse to buy. No matter how precious pearls are in a torn paper bag, no one will care about them.

In today’s abundant commodities, consumers’ attention time to each product is very short, and product sales must capture the moment when consumers’ eyes sweep from the shelf.

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How to design Packaging brand?

Only when the packaging comprehensively utilizes color, shape, material and other elements, and at the same time shows the connotation and information of products, brands and other enterprises, highlights the common interests of products and consumers, and forms a more intuitive impact on consumers, can it affect consumers’ perception of The impression of products and enterprises makes products eye-catching and effectively attracts consumers.

The packaging of the product first shows the sales force and undertakes the main function of attracting consumers. For example, “iTea” tea packaging design uses the graphics of tea as the unified image of the packaging brand, which is very vivid and specific. For example, the “Shatto” brand milk packaging design achieves a unified image of the brand through the same packaging layout design, which is very unique.

Packaging is a kind of discernment.

The reason why “buying a box and returning pearls” is regarded as a joke shows that the packaging function of the “box” has deviated. The exquisite packaging box (椟) “covers” the luster of the treasures in the box. No wonder Zheng people do not love treasures but love beautiful boxes.

How to design Packaging brand?

Although it successfully attracted consumers, it bought the packaging but left the product.

This means that the core of the packaging does not highlight the appeal of the product (pearl), and such product packaging is also a failure.

Although today’s consumers don’t know how to “buy the box for the pearl”, pour out the beer and take away the bottle; but the product packaging also needs to allow consumers to fully understand the functions and characteristics of the product after seeing the packaging.

The packaging of a product should not only require a beautiful design but also allow the product to speak for itself, properly expressing the functions and characteristics of the product. The communication ability shown in front of consumers will directly affect the market performance of a product. The good and the bad of the situation.

For example, in the “Activate” brand beverage packaging design, the brand positioning is very accurate, and consumers can easily identify the category and attributes of packaged goods.

How to design Packaging brand?

Packaging is brand power.

The 21st century has entered the era of brand consumption and has entered the era of personalized consumption. Consumers purchase goods not only to meet material needs, but also to pay more attention to the individual satisfaction and spiritual pleasure that goods can bring to themselves. Performance by packaging.

Packaging, as the external performance of a brand, shows what kind of feeling the company wants its brand to give consumers. The differences between different product packaging and the resulting “brand characteristics” make it the leading factor in attracting consumers.

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The material interests and spiritual interests carried by the packaging are the products purchased by consumers, and the packaging should fully reflect the connotation of the brand. If the connotation is not or is not prominent, and consumers hear and see the packaging without association, the brand will become a source of water.

Packaging is a cultural force.

The core of packaging is not only reflected in the appearance and image, it is important to show the fusion between personality and affinity, and effectively display the culture it carries.

For example, in the marketing of mineral water, because it is difficult to distinguish the taste of mineral water of different brands, various manufacturers have adopted packaging to attract consumers.

Some bottled water with trendy appearance and bright colors are favored by consumers. “Power Zero” brand drinking water packaging design, the bottle-shaped design full of personality is aimed at the contemporary teenagers’ personality, self-expression, and cool and fashionable characteristics, so that “new and new human beings” have an extra practical and “dazzling” way, branded packaging was quickly accepted as a matter of course.

Packaging is an affinity.

Product packaging is consumer-centric, to meet the different needs of consumers, while bringing affinity to consumers.

For example, during Chinese New Year and festivals, in order to please consumers, many brands will launch New Year’s clothing, with festive red or yellow packaging to exaggerate the festive atmosphere, among which Coca-Cola is an example. Since the Spring Festival in 2001, Coca-Cola launched packaging products and advertisements for New Year’s Eve, which have been deeply loved by Chinese consumers.

It can be seen from the above that packaging is playing an increasingly important role in marketing and has been endowed with more functions. Packaging is no longer considered a waste of resources but has become an important part of marketing strategy. If you want to make your product packaging perform well in the market, you must reflect the marketing intention on the packaging.

How to design Packaging brand?

Principles of product packaging design

When designing product packaging, the following principles must be followed.

The principle of protecting products.

Product packaging must first protect the product quality and maintain product quantity.

According to the different properties and characteristics of the product, such as solid, liquid, bulky, flammable, fragile, valuable, precision, etc., the packaging materials, packaging strength, and packaging methods must be selected, and must also be suitable for the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the product. The product will not be damaged, deteriorated, deformed, leaked, etc.

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The principle of ease of use.

In order to facilitate users and meet the different needs of buyers, the capacity and shape of packaging should be varied. For example, the capacity of packaging should take into account the convenience of storage, display, carrying and use.

The principle of convenient transportation, storage and display.

Sales packages are generally arranged and combined into transport packages in order to meet the needs of transportation and storage. Therefore, the shape, structure and size of the sales packaging should match the requirements of the transportation packaging for transportation and storage.

In the specific packaging design, but also to master the following principles.

The first is to keep the appearance and appearance of the product and packaging the same. It is necessary to prevent the phenomenon of “gold and jade inside, and waste outside”.

The second is to adapt to expediency. The packaging should vary according to the purpose of the product itself; the packaging should be different according to the way of sale; the packaging should be commensurate with the value of the product. For example, the “Trix” brand children’s food packaging design, aimed at the psychological characteristics of children consumers, adopts cartoon graphic design methods, the colors are very bright and lively, and the packaging design positioning is very accurate.

The third is to apply psychological strategies. In terms of the shape, volume, weight, color, pattern, etc. of commodity packaging, we should strive to match the individual psychology of consumers, achieve harmony between packaging and commodities in sentiment, and make consumers understand the characteristics of commodities in a certain image.

For example, the packaging of women’s products should be soft and elegant, exquisite and unique, highlighting artistry and popularity. The packaging design of “Rudolph Care” brand cosmetics has a fresh and elegant design style, and the visual effect of the packaging is very in line with the aesthetic psychology of female consumers.

The fourth is to use color skillfully. In product packaging design, the use of color is very important, because different colors can cause people’s different visual responses, thus causing different psychological activities.

For example, black, red, and orange give people a heavy feeling, while green and blue give people a light feeling, so light-colored packaging for bulky items will make people feel light and generous; food and beverage items are mostly packed in bright colors. Unique color packaging will give people a natural and pure visual experience.


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