What is Packaging brand positioning? Commodity market competition is fundamentally the competition of commodity brands. The appeal and cohesion of the brand can maintain a high market share for the company and obtain more market opportunities than competitors.

In a mature commodity economy society, companies are not selling products, but brands.

The key to corporate marketing activities is to realize the transformation of product capital into currency capital, that is, the transformation from product entity functions to symbols, signs, and abstract visual graphics that are separated from the product itself and can explain product functions.

The coat of the commodity – packaging, is one of the keys to promoting the sales of commodities and increasing the market share of commodities. Packaging brand positioning and shaping is an important part of corporate brand building, and it is also an important part of corporate brand marketing activities.

What is the Packaging brand positioning method and marketing strategy

Packaging brand positioning

Packaging brand positioning is based on market segmentation and the determination of the target market. The fundamental purpose of packaging product market positioning is to increase the market share of the brand product through packaging design and maximize the value of the product.

The so-called market positioning means that the enterprise determines the position of the enterprise and its products in the market according to the market segmentation and the requirements of the target market.

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Market positioning includes product positioning, price positioning, service positioning, brand positioning, image positioning, etc., the most important of which are product positioning and brand positioning.

Packaging brand positioning is a further specification based on packaging product positioning.

Different manufacturers of the same product in the market will use different brands, so it is necessary to separate them according to differences, and brand positioning is the process and result of establishing or shaping a brand image related to the target market. The target consumer group corresponding to this brand establishes an inner connection.

All of these are designed to make the brand have a good position in the minds of consumers. When a need arises, they will naturally think of a certain brand.

The important role of brand positioning has been recognized by enterprises. In summary, its role is reflected in the following aspects.

What is the Packaging brand positioning method and marketing strategy

Create differentiation through brand positioning

By conveying positioning information to consumers and telling consumers the differences of the brand, it will attract consumers’ attention and generate associations.

Brand positioning helps consumers to correctly understand the brand and grasp the characteristics of the brand

In an era when information is intertwined and media competes for consumers’ attention, only when enterprises take the lead in implementing brand positioning can they simplify the content of information dissemination and enable consumers to remember the most useful information in the shortest possible time. This is a convenient channel for corporate brand information to reach consumers’ minds.

For example, in the “Wendy’s” cold drink brand design, the packaging brand is very clear and the visual features are very clear so that consumers can remember the brand information in the shortest time.

Brand positioning is the premise and basis for formulating various marketing strategies

Various marketing strategies such as product strategy, price strategy, distribution strategy, and promotion strategy are formulated under the condition that the brand positioning has been determined.

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Only in this way can various marketing strategies be combined effectively so that the brand can occupy a certain position in the target market.


Brand positioning is conducive to the cultivation and formation of competitive advantages

There are many brands in the market, but the key to stand out among them is successful brand positioning.

The principle of packaging brand positioning

Packaging brand positioning is a rational choice for an enterprise based on multiple factors:

Packaging brand positioning should be combined with the characteristics of the product itself

The product is the carrier of the brand, and the brand is attached to the product, which determines that the brand positioning must consider related factors such as the nature of the product, the use occasion, the user, and the technical content that are inseparable from the brand.

Restricted by the product’s own factors, the brand packaging positioning of different products is naturally different.

Durable goods and daily necessities, technology-intensive products and labor-intensive products must have different regulations on brand packaging positioning.

The brand packaging positioning of durable goods and daily necessities tend to have clear, concise and definite brand characteristics. Because the packaging volume of such products is not too large, the ambiguity of the brand will cause obstacles for consumers to read and read.

The packaging of technology-intensive and labor-intensive products is generally larger, and the brand positioning design adopts a subtle and introverted style, which is also very close to the attributes of such products.

What is the Packaging brand positioning method and marketing strategy

Brand positioning should be combined with the resource conditions of the enterprise

Brand positioning is not groundless. It can neither be ambitious nor self-deprecating. It must be combined with the resources of the enterprise.

If the brand is positioned in a leading position in technology, it must be backed by corresponding technical strength; if the brand is positioned as high-end, it should have the ability to ensure high-quality products. Otherwise, the market reputation of the brand will be wiped out, customers will be lost, and the market will be lost.

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Brand positioning also considers competitors’ brand positioning

In the case of fierce market competition, there are many competitors in almost any market segment. Therefore, enterprises should give more consideration to competitors’ positioning when positioning their brands, and strive to reflect styles and characteristics different from competitors’ brands, otherwise, it will be difficult for consumers to have a clear understanding of the brand.

Common problems in packaging brand positioning

Every company has carried out packaging brand positioning, but not all companies’ packaging brand positioning is accurate. Looking at the packaging brand positioning of many companies, there are often some problems or deficiencies of one kind or another.

Brand positioning is too low

If the packaging brand positioning is too low, consumers will think that a certain brand does not have specific usage attributes, or is not suitable for use or consumption in a specific way. Therefore, they may not regard this brand as the first choice for consumption.

If the packaging design of high-tech products is positioned too low, consumers will often suspect that the product does not have a certain performance.

What is the Packaging brand positioning method and marketing strategy

Brand positioning is too high

If the packaging brand positioning is too high, it will give consumers a feeling of being unattainable and superior, which will lose some potential buyers.

If the decoration in the shopping mall and the door decoration of the boutique house are too magnificent, some consumers will be overwhelmed. Similarly, excessive publicity and exaggerated packaging design will also scare away consumers.

Insufficient brand positioning

Insufficient packaging brand positioning is usually caused by unclear brand positioning, and it is difficult for consumers to fully grasp brand products.

For most brands, although consumers remember the slogan, it is difficult to distinguish the differences between different brands of similar products and understand the characteristics of the brand.

Brand positioning is too messy

Enterprises always hope to tell consumers all the benefits, performance, and characteristics of the brand one by one. It seems that such products are the products that consumers like. As everyone knows, consumers will be confused by this kind of propaganda.

No matter what product, if there are too many functional positioning, it will not show the advantages of the brand but will arouse suspicion of consumers. How many consumers believe in medicines and health products that can cure all diseases?


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