The packaging promotion design concept was first proposed in 1969 and became a hot topic in the field of commercial design and sales.

Today, packaging promotion design, advertising design, and fashion design have all used this concept and achieved success. Therefore, foreign countries refer to the current marketing strategy as the “positioning era”.

Positioning design method

The so-called packaging promotion design method is to determine the main factors and pattern of the design from the attributes, grades, sales areas, and purchase objects of the packaged goods. Through product positioning, motivate consumers, establish characteristics, and win in the competition. Positioning is generally divided into three types: consumer positioning, product positioning, and brand positioning.

Consumer positioning

Mainly consider who the product is sold to, analyze the main areas where the product is sold, the characteristics, hobbies, and psychological habits of the sales target. Consumers should feel that the product was produced exactly for their needs.

Specifically, it is to design products and their packaging that are marketable in terms of shape, pattern, color, and style according to the consumer’s living area, social level, and psychological factors.

The packaging promotion design of baby bath products is oriented to consumption and use, using elegant and tender tones and baby graphics.

Product positioning

Mainly consider the type, attribute, feature, scope of application, timeliness, grade, use, etc. of the product, and focus on one of the factors to strengthen the design.

For example, the packaging design of “Perry Ellis” perfume is based on the value positioning of precious and elegant products, and the products and packaging are integrated, crystal clear, just like jewelry.

What is The form and expression method of packaging promotion design

Brand Positioning

The main consideration is to emphasize the seller or producer, so that the product is closely connected with the manufacturer, and a good image of the company and the product is established in the minds of consumers. It is required that the brand name and attributes of the trademark are compatible with each other, easy to recognize and remember, and strive to be unique in color and graphics, expressing a certain image connection.

In most cases, each piece of packaging design should highlight a key aspect, or focus (Focus), that is, focus on the positioning of consumers, products, and trademarks.

Do not cover everything, otherwise, the design will be cumbersome and messy. Unknown, no strong visual impact. For example, in the packaging design of the “qamS” brand series, the design positioning of “qamS” is very unique, and easy to recognize and remember.

Brand serialization design method

Serialized packaging design is a popular method in contemporary international packaging design. The emergence and development of serialized packaging fully conform to the aesthetic psychology of consumers. Modern enterprises, especially multinational companies, regard serial packaging design as a powerful weapon to strengthen and establish the “self-image” of manufacturers.

The advantages of series packaging are: good overall effect, good recognizability, long-lasting influence, can shorten the product design cycle, and facilitate the distribution of design plans by branches around the world. The diversification of commodities makes the packaging develop into diversification. Serialized packaging design can uniformly design products of the same brand, different types, or specifications with common features.

The commonly used vocabulary in serial design abroad is: in Series (series, arranged in order), Family (family), in Line (line, arranged in a row), and Set (a set, a batch). The core of serialization is “Things of a feather flock together” and design by category.

Serialized packaging concept

Serialized packaging is also called family packaging. According to the definition in the “Dictionary of Packaging Terms in Japan”, serialized packaging is “aiming at all the products of the enterprise, centering on the trademark, adopting a common design in terms of image, color, pattern and text, so as to make it easy to match the products of competing enterprises.” identify.”

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In the modern market where there are many products and many brands, and it is difficult for consumers to remember the name of the brand and the appearance characteristics, the serialized packaging design based on the product group is indeed a good way. It is impressive and strong, and it is a powerful means of creating a brand name, attracting customers and boosting sales.

The main method of serialized packaging design is: the same manufacturer uses the same trademark pattern, the same standard font, and the same style of design to form the common characteristics of the packaging for the same or similar products of the same brand. Due to the repeated appearance of the same visual form, the consumer’s impression of the product is deepened, thereby achieving the fundamental purpose of promoting sales. Serialization has become a mainstream feature of today’s packaging design, and it occupies an extremely important proportion of product sales.

What is The form and expression method of packaging promotion design

Advantages of serialized packaging

Overall effect.

Serialized packaging emphasizes the overall design and the overall appearance of the commodity group. Therefore, it has a large momentum, distinctive features, and a strong sense of integrity. It can avoid the shortcomings of unplanned design, fragmented, different styles, disconnected from each other, and unable to form an overall effect.

Good display effect.

Serialized packaging has a good display effect. On the shelves of general shopping malls and supermarkets, serialized packaging occupies a large area of exhibition space, generating an impact that overwhelms other commodities.

The group beauty, rule beauty and strong information conveying power presented by serialized packaging is beneficial to compete with other products. Due to their distinctive features, they appear in sets on the shelves, enabling consumers to immediately recognize their marks and product names, so as to achieve the effect of deep impression and firm memory.

Conducive to publicity.

The family characteristics of serialized packaging design can achieve the effect of one against ten in product promotion. An influential famous brand product can drive the production and sales of a batch of products. If consumers have a sense of trust in a product in a series, they will also have a good impression of other products in the series, and at the same time reduce advertising expenses.

In the law of formal beauty, the unity of diversity and integrity is a very important law. In people’s daily life, from clothing to utensils, from interior design to environmental art, they all pursue the overall beauty of consistent style.

The serialization of packaging design is also in line with the basic aesthetic principle of “diversity and unity”. Due to the role and status of series packaging in market sales, it has become more and more eye-catching, and its strategic position in the market competition is also becoming more and more important.

Expressive means of serialized packaging

As far as the types of brand serialized packaging designs appearing in the market, they can be summarized into the following categories.

Color change.

Similar products have a unified shape, a unified pattern image, and a consistent text arrangement, but the color changes. This kind of serialized packaging has a strong overall sense and is widely used.

The use of this series of supporting methods is very common, such as all kinds of electronics, food, washing supplies, tourist crafts, etc., mastering product grades, characteristics, and subtle internal factors, and handling the contrast and harmony of colors are important for color transformation. condition.

For example, in the “+AZO” brand beverage packaging design, the difference in color is used to express the different characteristics of different tastes of beverages. On the one hand, these color differences are reflected in the colors of beverage liquids with different flavors, and at the same time, the color differences in the bottle sticker packaging design further reflect this feature.

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Graphic changes.

The text design, color tone, and shape of similar products remain unchanged, only the image and position of the pattern change. Cleverly use the box body to form the picture, expand the visual appeal and increase the overall sense.

Such as using different series of color photography, decorative graphics, cartoon graphics, geometric abstract graphics and other methods for design. The most common examples are canned food or different types of cosmetics.

What is The form and expression method of packaging promotion design

Specification changes

The patterns, characters, and colors of similar products remain unchanged, but the specifications and sizes of the packaging structures are different, and the shapes are different. Medium packaging and small packaging are different in style and material, but the color, graphics, and text of boxes and bags, boxes and cans are designed in the same form.

Because of the inconsistency of internal and external packaging materials and shapes, this type of design can be serialized with moderate changes. For example, if the packaging box is a hexahedron, you can choose the graphic, color and text design scheme of the main screen to transplant to the main surface of the bag packaging. The main face painting can be transplanted to cans, bottles, etc. as stickers, etc.

This form is also used in the packaging of a series of cosmetics. Of course, the best design method for this type of design is to conceive and produce the inner and outer packaging at the same time to achieve a high degree of harmony and unity.

The specifications, colors, and shapes of similar products have changed, only the product name and brand name remain unchanged.

All products of the same brand produced by the same manufacturer form a unified style. This result depends on a clear and complete supporting plan for product design, packaging form, material and visual communication design at the product development stage, and according to the overall conception of the plan To implement the specific design effect of each package. On the contrary, it is impossible to obtain a unified style without planning and imagination in advance, but only by patchwork after product packaging.

This kind of change is novel and unique, with changes in shape and strong interest. It is mostly used in children’s toy packaging, which is suitable for children’s preferences. It has good display effect and strong attraction.

The inner and outer packaging of the same product is consistent

That is, the composition, graphics, color, and text of the medium packaging and the small packaging are exactly the same, but the composition is slightly changed due to the difference in size and proportion.

The supporting processing of this kind of packaging design is relatively simple, and a unified effect can be obtained by corresponding transplantation.

The same product of the same brand adopts the unified design of the same style and different volumes.

The capacity is different, expressed as large, medium and small series to meet the needs of different consumers. This type of packaging design remains unchanged in terms of shape, labels, colors, graphics, fonts and decorative bands, presenting a rhythmic family series with consistent sizes. This type of series design exists in large quantities in skin care products, daily necessities, food, beverages and other commodities.

When designing, one should take into account the same plan, the visual response and effect grasp after zooming in and out, and minimize the uncomfortable feeling caused by the trompe l’oeil after changes in shape, graphics, color, and text series.

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Different products of the same brand and the same category have different shapes but adopt a serialized design with the same overall style.

Such as perfume, foundation cream, eyebrow pencils, lipstick, etc. cosmetics; such as matching combinations of hardware tools with different shapes and sizes; bottles, cans, cups, etc. of famous brand beverages.

It is difficult to create a sense of unity in this type of design, but the serialization of color, text, and graphics can still achieve consistent effects in the changes.

Combination design of different commodities, matching the design of different types of related products of the same brand.

Such as travel cosmetics, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, etc.; coffee, companion, cup, spoon, sugar, and nutritional supplements as gifts; and small hair dryers, combs, curlers, massagers, etc. for simple hair care products.

Since a unified style should be reflected in the packaging, as long as the design of the outer packaging is consistent with these factors, it is easier to achieve a sense of series.

Among the many factors of serialized packaging design, trademarks and expression techniques cannot be changed. As long as the unified part can be grasped, one of them remains unchanged, or pattern, or color, or shape, or specification, or position. Can make it a serialized design, many elements can be combined into a series, the more the same elements, the stronger the sense of unity of the serialization, the more different elements, the more serialized styles.

Packaging serialization can also be divided into three types: large series, medium series and small series. The large series refers to all products of the same trademark (standard font, standard color, standard color system), together with all the company’s supplies, such as office supplies, products, uniforms, vehicles, advertisements, display furnishings, packaging supplies, etc., are designed in the same style ;

The medium series refers to the same trademark and the same category of products, which are designed in the same category according to their similar nature or function, such as series drinks such as pineapple juice, orange juice, apple juice, etc.; the small series refers to the serialization of the same product with different specifications and models Packaging design, such as pliers include wire pliers, needle-nose pliers, fishtail pliers, etc., each of which has different models.

What is The form and expression method of packaging promotion design

Problems that should be paid attention to in serialized packaging design

Product categories cannot be confused.

Serialized packaging promotion design emphasizes only the combination of similar products, and the incorporation of non-similar products will destroy the overall sense of serialized packaging. For example, if “Hawthorn sparkling wine” is combined into a series of refreshing beverage packaging, it is easy to cause confusion because of its different ingredients.

The grades should be clearly defined.

Low-end products cannot be combined with high-end products, otherwise, it will give people the impression that there are fakes in high-end products, which will affect product sales.

The series of products in the same category should not only emphasize commonness but also have individuality.

The design and processing of the screen should pay attention to the business location, and the size should be handled appropriately, so as not to affect the visual communication of the product and lose its sales value.

Due to the needs of product development, market management and competition, consumer convenience, and corporate image promotion, modern packaging design is increasingly appearing in the form of series design.

The composition of graphics, fonts, and color expressions has different design methods and processing skills in single-package and series packaging, which should be treated and resolved differently in packaging design.

At the same time, a larger range of serialized designs that match with packaging should also include packaging paper bags, point-of-sale promotion and corporate image promotion. There are complementary and related factors in packaging design and, so it should also be understood. Know how to design it.


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