Packaging brand promotion refers to the transmission of information about the company and brand products by packaging brand marketers to consumers and users through various means, in order to understand brand characteristics, improve brand trust, and achieve the goal of expanding market share.

Packaging brand promotion concept

The essence of packaging brand promotion is that brand operators use various means to convey information about the enterprise and brand, achieving rapid information communication with market buyers. Communication “is the essence of packaging brand promotion activities.

In packaging brand promotion activities, enterprises can use various methods to strengthen information communication with customers and promote product sales.

The basic methods of packaging brand promotion can be divided into two categories: personnel promotion and non-personnel promotion. In non-personnel promotion, there are various methods such as advertising, public relations, and business promotion.

Brand promotion decision-making is the process of deciding how to choose, combine, and apply these brand promotion methods in order to maximize the effectiveness of brand promotion.

For example, using business promotion methods to deepen customers’ understanding of the brand; It is also possible to change the brand’s image in the minds of customers through public relations relationships; You can also dispatch salespeople to persuade customers face-to-face, promote brand favoritism, and purchase products.

What are 4 Packaging Brand Promotion Design?

The role of packaging brand promotion

Packaging brand promotion is an integral part of the overall marketing activities of merchants in the market, and its main task is information communication. In summary, its main functions include the following aspects.

Provide packaging brand information

Before packaging products are launched, enterprises must effectively convey relevant information about the products inside the packaging to consumers, users, and intermediaries in the target market.

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For consumers or users, the role of information intelligence is to attract their attention; For intermediaries, it is to provide conditions for them to purchase marketable goods and stimulate their business enthusiasm.

Obviously, this is the first step in marketing activities. The transmission of information and intelligence should run through all stages of the brand life cycle of a company. Therefore, the strategic focus and product characteristics of a company will have different characteristics with changes in market demand and adjustments to the company’s marketing strategy. These characteristics should be timely transmitted to the target market.

What are 4 Packaging Brand Promotion Design?

Stimulate purchasing desire and increase product demand

No matter what promotion methods enterprises adopt, they should strive to stimulate the purchasing desire of potential customers and trigger their purchasing behavior.

Effective promotion activities can not only induce and stimulate demand but also create demand under certain conditions, thereby leading the market demand to develop in a direction that is conducive to the sales of enterprise brand products.

When a company’s brand is in low demand, it can change customers’ brand attitudes to stimulate demand; When demand is in a latent state, packaging brand promotion can expand demand;

When demand fluctuates, it can balance demand; When demand declines, packaging brand promotion activities can attract more new users and maintain a certain sales momentum.

Highlight the characteristics of brand packaging and establish a brand packaging image

In a fiercely competitive market environment, consumers or users often find it difficult to distinguish or perceive subtle differences in similar products.

At this point, enterprises can promote the different characteristics of their own products and the special benefits they can bring to consumers or users through brand packaging promotion activities.

Artificially creating differences in product quality can create a favorable impression and preference among consumers towards the company’s brand, which is beneficial for strengthening the company’s position in market competition and establishing its brand image.

Maintain and expand the market share of the enterprise

In many cases, the sales revenue of a company may fluctuate during a certain period of time, which will not be conducive to stabilizing the company’s market position.

Enterprises often carry out targeted brand promotion activities to make more consumers or users understand, become familiar with, and trust their products, and cultivate a stable group of loyal consumers belonging to the enterprise brand.

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This has practical and far-reaching significance for smoothing out sales fluctuations, stabilizing and even expanding the market share of enterprises, and consolidating the market position of brands.

Of course, in order to achieve the above goals, enterprises should not only cooperate with users, advertising, business promotion, public relations and other promotion methods, but also coordinate various promotion strategies with other factors in the marketing mix to form an overall marketing strategy focusing on the overall image of the brand and improving competitiveness.

Therefore, the task of a corporate marketing manager is not to determine which specific promotional activities to engage in, but rather to determine the goals of brand promotion activities, develop brand promotion plans, and coordinate brand promotion forms with product, channel, and pricing decisions to form an overall marketing strategy.

What are 4 Packaging Brand Promotion Design?

Brand packaging promotion and promotion methods and combinations

The marketing activities of a brand consist of various promotion methods, each of which contains various different methods. There are many factors that affect the selection and combination of brand promotion methods by marketers for specific brand marketing activities.

Sales terminal brand promotion methods

On-site shopping guide. Communicate face-to-face with consumers, explain product features in detail, promote brand trial rates, expand purchasing groups, increase the number and frequency of purchases.

Terminal display. Pay attention to the terminal display location and display area size, cleanliness, and overall aesthetics, and enhance the brand packaging image and credibility.

Shop front POP promotion. Strengthen terminal promotion efforts, resist attacks from competing brands, and intercept consumers from competing brands.

Channel brand promotion

Assist and cooperate with dealers in carrying out business activities, train dealer personnel, provide necessary support to dealers, and enhance their enthusiasm. In this way, the distribution rate of the channel can be increased, and the penetration of the channel can be strengthened.

Increase channel promotion efforts to attract and encourage dealers to join the brand promotion ranks actively. The more proactive the dealer is, the more willing they are to purchase more. In this way, it can weaken the marketing power of competitive brands and achieve the goal of “defeating others without fighting”.

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Benign interaction with consumers

Leading consumers to conduct on-site inspections of production sites and helping them gain a comprehensive understanding of the brand can not only increase trust in the brand but also enhance its brand image and cultivate consumer brand loyalty.

Direct promotional activities. Including themed events, delivery, displays, coupons, gift giving, price discounts, shipping discounts, etc. These measures can increase brand awareness, expand brand influence, and increase purchase quantity and frequency.

What are 4 Packaging Brand Promotion Design?

Media brand promotion methods

Actively utilizing soft articles to promote the brand. Creating a famous brand is a long-term accumulation project, and soft articles can have the effect of “moistening things silently” and “listening to thunder in a silent place”. The primary issue in using soft articles is to grasp the requirements of soft articles:

  • Avoid obvious business traces, and do not talk about business in business. Make friends first and then discuss business;
  • Little water flows long, little water wears away stones, without seeking merit in a single battle.

Secondly, it is necessary to clarify the elements that a good soft article should possess:

  • The title should be attractive;
  • The article should be interesting;
  • The content should have credibility.

Media penetration, targeting the target market. The selection of media must consider the degree of compatibility between the media’s audience and target customers. Don’t just focus on absolute ratings or circulation, but on effective coverage and targeted advertising.

In this way, brand information can directly penetrate potential customers. From the operational perspective of the enterprise, there are several key issues to pay attention to:

Firstly, the selection of mass media should be based on the media that local consumers like to accept; The second is to strengthen two-way communication with potential customers. You can interact with customers by designing award-winning Q&A and other methods to enhance understanding while obtaining information about potential customers.

Centralized strategy with unique goals

For the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises, resources are limited. If various forms of communication are adopted comprehensively, it will prevent the enterprise from concentrating limited resources on the main aspects and forming a competitive advantage.

What are 4 Packaging Brand Promotion Design?

Emphasize cultural factors

The focus of brand promotion is to reduce the distance between the brand and consumers and strive to gain maximum favor and recognition in a short period of time. Cultural factors can play a bridging role between brands and consumers, and if used well, they will have a strong driving force on sales.


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