E-commerce stores use a type of packaging called discreet packaging to make sure that no one can look at the outside of the packaged order and guess what’s inside.

While it obscures what’s inside, it also makes it impossible for the viewer to identify the business, store, or person who sent it.

With discrete packaging, your customer can purchase from your store knowing that no one, besides your company and the recipient, will be aware of what’s inside, who’s from, or where it came from.

Discreet Packaging and Different Products in Daily Life

A lot of products are sent to customers discreetly for various reasons.

Adult Products

Initial assumptions lead us to believe that adult products are the ones that are most frequently shipped in covert packaging.

Discreet packaging benefits stores with names that make it clear they sell adult toys, apparel, or other paraphernalia.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that other markets and goods may call for packaging that is more covert.

Medical Products

medical packaging-min

Medical supplies are frequently shipped in covert packaging, including aids for incontinence.

A business that sells items to alleviate unsightly disorders like sleep apnea or snoring will likewise use covert packaging.

Some clients might also anticipate receiving their cannabis or nutritional supplements in covert parcels.

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political packaging-min

Even in the best of times, politics can be very polarizing.

Many political parties send their supporter’s propaganda or other materials in unidentifiable packaging.

This concept means that individuals who are a minority are less likely to be distracted or singled out because of their opposing views.


black packaging-min

Discreet packaging is also used by brands and businesses that sell expensive goods.

A high-value item is less likely to be kept if it is delivered to the incorrect address if it cannot be identified during the shipping process by a rogue courier.

What Discreet Packaging Looks Like

Discreet packaging often consists of a basic, unadorned shipment or mailbox. The most frequent color choices are typically kraft, white, or a solid, unmemorable single color.

Another typical design is an unmarked post box.

You receive swift delivery without any external indication that the box was dispatched more quickly than normal thanks to prepaid, expedited packaging.

Numerous online retailers also rely on their fulfillment partners to provide covert or, at the very least, generic packaging.

Orders can often be fulfilled by 3PL facilities in packaging that bears the logo of the 3PL provider.

It is more difficult to locate a package using a straightforward Google search because the fulfillment company is also listed as the sender.

Discreet Packaging and the Unboxing Experience


The unboxing experience is a component that is growing in significance for both brands and customers.

The idea is that from the moment your product enters your customer’s hands, you should create an experience around it.

And that typically begins with branding packaging that actually stands out and makes a statement—the exact opposite of what discreet packaging should do.

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After all, the outside surface of your packaging is just half of the packaging on display.

Folding your boxes upside down, however, will allow you to quickly transform the outside print into the interior print.

Make the “inside” of your packaging plain white or kraft, and then simply design the exterior to seem like the interior.

Following the delivery of your packaging, fold your mailer boxes so that the print is facing up on the inside and the kraft or white texture is on the outside.

You can add more things like special tissue paper or thank you cards inside your package to make opening it more exciting.

Some people think that the plain outside of the package is good because it makes the bright inside more exciting to open.

Do Not Try to Blend in

If you’ve ever wanted to blend in with a group of people, it can be difficult to do it on purpose.

If you make your packaging too complicated on purpose, it might actually get noticed.

If you send products to different parts of the world, it is unlikely that people will be paying attention to the packaging of your products.

If you want to fit in without standing out too much, be ambiguous.

Use tape that says “thanks for buying” or “handle with care” on your packages.

One idea is that if a box that’s being sent somewhere puts a message on it, it’s better for the message to be unclear and not reveal too much than to have no message at all.

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Communicating Your Discreet Packaging

For internet brands, discrete packaging presents an opportunity.

It demonstrates that you are more than just a product salesperson and are aware of the delicate or even embarrassing situations that can cause someone to require your goods.

Think about including tags or making a note in the product description that this item qualifies for discrete packaging.

This could be an opportunity for an upsell or cross-sell while also making it simpler for customers to see all of your discretely wrapped products.

It’s beneficial to have a page explaining how your company defines discreet packaging.

Discreet International Shipping

internation shipping-min

It is possible to ship goods worldwide in covert packaging, however, there are some challenges.

The obligation for a customs declaration is the most important.

The contents of the box, its value, and any requirements imposed by your country’s customs and the recipients must all be specified.

A customer can request that their order be labeled as a gift to avoid additional inspection by customs.

Many brands, however, are unable to do this because it is illegal in the majority of countries.

To reduce the attention a package receives, use discrete packaging.

However, lying to a government is never a good idea.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution here, so be aware of this hurdle if you consider implementing discreet packaging alongside international shipments.

Thanks for reading this article. I’m pretty sure you already have a clear understanding of what discreet packaging is.

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