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In today’s video, we’re going to show you 2 types of paper packaging with windows for food. The left brown one is made from kraft paper and the right one is made from paper.

Let’s start with the left one.


For its exterior, you could see four sides. They’re all customizable according to your requests. It could be logos, texts, and graphics. It’s smooth and does no harm to your skin. Back to the top, you can see a thin plastic film that is transparent and made of PET. Your customers will see what’s included and you can check if you put the right food in before you give this box out.


Please follow the camera to take a look at the inside, you could see it’s smooth enough to reflect the light. The coating is integrated into every corner of the inside. Water won’t leak from the inside and grease won’t stay on its surface.


After you close it, it looks like this.


The shape of this window is customizable. If you want to have your own design, please send us your graphic.


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