Hey, what’s up, guys? Welcome to our channel! Today, I’m gonna demonstrate 2 paper bowls for food packaging. The left one is blank, which means you can put your design on it. It’s fully custom-made.

But, we gonna introduce the right one to you in a comprehensive way instead.


Let’s look at the outside of it first. What I’m pointing to now is the front graphic which shows what kinds of food containing in this box. You can easily change these texts and graphics simply by talking to us. Our designers will help you. You may notice the color is yellow. You could change the color to match your graphic and text on the front. The material is thicker than the common ones.


On the inside, food can directly touch the paper. The material is food-grade. It’s anti-grease, waterproof, and anti-leak. It doesn’t become soft when it’s wet, meaning it’s safe to keep food with liquid in it. It’s elastic. When you squeeze or push it hard, it will bounce back to its normal shape.


Last but not least, let’s look at the bottom of it. There is a distance between the corrugated part and the bottom surface. Your customers can grab it to prevent it from falling from their hands. The bottom is also solid. I poke it in such a hard way, but it seems nothing happens to it.


This cover is 100% recyclable and it’s food-grade.


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