Hello, everyone. In today’s video. We’ll walk you through kraft paper trays of 3 sizes. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

On the inside, connections at 4 corners are seamless as you can see when the camera zooms in. These seamless connections can keep liquid in without spilling. It’s safe for any food served with liquid. You can choose to add a thin plastic film on the inside walls to make it smoother.


Now, it’s time to switch to the outside. it’s smooth and solid. Punching and piercing will not easily damage it. Let’s test what would happen when i pour water into it. Mild shake won’t spill water out and no leaking ever happens!


Covers come in a pair with this box. The logos on this cover means they’re food-grade packaging and recyclable. The cover is easy to close and open.


You can put the small one into the big one to make a combination. You could put food in this area and put sauce in this area. We have covers for this long box as well. Convenient, right?


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