Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Do you feel tired of searching for the desirable packaging for your food? We’re here to help you!

Today. We’re going to display 2 useful, lightweight, and quality paper packaging for you. They’re made from cardboard. They’re hard. The style is specially designed for salad restaurant owners.


Now, as you can see that the outer appearance is very colorful and harmonious. All parts of it could be designed based on your requirements. These paper walls can be folded easily meaning that it’s very convenient to open and close it. If you don’t need it, you can tear it apart like I do in this video.


After navigating through the outside, it’s time to dive into the inside of it. As you may notice, it’s extremely well-made and connections are perfectly seamless. Pour water into it, you could see nothing coming out from the inside. It’s waterproof and anti-leak.


If you want to close the box, please insert the paper pin into the opposite cardboard. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it will be nice to keep in your stores or restaurants.


Closing easily means that it will be easier for you to pack your food when you have takeout orders. 3 seconds pack then the delivery man can take it to your customers.


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