Hello, everyone. In this video, I’ll show you a kraft paper box for food. Here are 2 different sizes. The bigger one and the smaller one. They’re eco-friendly, biodegradable, and anti-leak.

Firstly, let’s look at the outside, you can see colorful graphics here. It’s all vegetables and food, showing this box is designed for food packaging. Then, please look at it here. You can replace this logo with your own design. We have lots of designers for you to choose from. It’s easy and hassle-free.

You could also add images or information you want to convey to your customers at the bottom part of this box. Follow my finger, you could see the recyclable logo printed at the bottom.

Secondly, let’s look at the connections part. It’s very strong. I pull it so hard and it doesn’t tear apart. Your customers will definitely love it. Using such a good quality box will also improve your customer retention.

Finally, let’s look at the inside. It’s wide and deep enough to hold a large amount of food.

When you want to close the box, simply follow the steps in this video.

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