Hello, everyone. It’s a short video of Luckin coffee unboxing.

Now, I’m going to unbox this Luckin coffee packaging and show you what’s inside.

As you can see now. It’s kraft paper packaging. It’s waterproof. The brand logo is on one side and the blue background decorated with brown dots is on the other side. It’s a very noticeable design that uses contrast in color to attract customer’s attention. It’s also plain and simple.

I’m gonna tear this tape to open the bag. You can see a coffee cup standing in the middle of it. My hands reach for it, and take it out. Luckin pays attention to branding. Do you see the tray here? It’s used to keep the paper cup in place

and prevent it from spilling and tilting.

Paper straws and paper covers are included in this paper bag as well. They’re eco-friendly and biodegradable. You could see they are well-designed and very beautiful. You could see the hollow ventilation parts in this kraft paper coaster, it’s really nice.

Look at the graphics and texts on this paper cover. They’re really cute. This paper cover is not only a protection but also a branding strategy for your products.

Put the coffee into the hole. It will protect your hands from heat when you order a cup of hot coffee. If you want to take a sip of coffee, just take the blue tape away or you can lift the blue plastic plate up.

Finally, let me open the lid to show you the inside of it. You can smell the scent of coffee in the air, it has a refreshing odor.

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