Hello, everybody! Paper coffee cups have been used for more than a century.

Today, we gonna show you 2 paper cups. They’re suitable for containing different kinds of beverages or drinks. Let me open the lid first.

These paper cups are popular in coffee shops, restaurants, and enterprises, as well as at home.

You can put your own logos and design on the surface of this cup.

Paper coffee cups are created from various materials such as kraft paper, recycled paper, and paperboard. To keep the coffee from spilling, they are usually lined with a small coating of wax or plastic.

Paper coffee cups are an easy and inexpensive method to consume coffee. They are also recyclable, making them a green option.

Let me put the lid back. The lid is also recyclable and it’s telling people hot contents’ inside. You can customize the fonts and texts. You can pull this part back to take a sip of your drink. It’s very convenient.

The second one is the same as the white one. You could see it’s solid with beautiful graphics and text on it. The bottom is corrugated, so it’s anti-slippery.

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