Hello, everyone! Today, we’ll display 2 paper packaging. One is for popcorn and the other is for fried chicken.

Cardboard fried chicken packaging is a type of cardboard packaging used to store and transport fried chicken. Cardboard is an environmentally beneficial alternative to plastic packaging.

It’s easy to assemble this packaging, just simply by tapping the flaps together on the bottom.

There are numerous advantages to adopting cardboard fried chicken packing.

First and foremost, cardboard is a renewable substance derived from trees. Trees are a renewable resource, and the manufacturing of cardboard produces no negative emissions.

Second, because cardboard is recyclable, it may be reused and recycled into new items.

This contributes to waste reduction and environmental protection.

Third, because cardboard is robust and resilient, it can bear the heat of fried chicken. This keeps the fried chicken from becoming soggy and losing flavor.

Many restaurants prefer to use cardboard packing. Cardboard packaging comes in a range of sizes and forms, making it an adaptable alternative for restaurant owners.

Let me show you how to close the top of it. Follow my steps then you can close it.

The whole packaging is customizable. You can see the bright color and cute images here. It’s a part of your branding strategy. Your customers would love it and remember your store name by this cover.

If you want a sustainable, recyclable, and long-lasting option for food packing, cardboard is a perfect choice.

Next, we have popcorn paper packaging. The surface is smooth and healthy. It’s also very easy to close the bottom. All colors and logos can be designed. It’s very lightweight.

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