Hello, everyone. In today’s video, we’ll show you hard paperboard packaging for tea.

Hard paperboard packaging is a type of packaging made from paperboard, which is a strong, thick paper made from a mixture of wood pulp and other materials. Hard paperboard packaging is often used for products that need to be protected from damage, such as electronics, food, and beverages.

The cover is double-layer, my finger is pointing you in the direction of the connection part. You could see it’s seamless. Next, you can see the side of this box. On the corner, there are some characters printed by the bronzing process. It’s elegant and shiny. The upper and bottom part of this box is closed tightly meaning that the contents inside will not fall out. The green color decorated with these golden lines is very attractive. These characters are also printed using bronzing process. The color will not fade away and it gives you a very good touch.

Open the lid, you will see there is a cardboard paper tray with small compartments. The inner side is also decorated with golden crossing lines. You could put food or gifts in these compartments. The paperboard between these compartments are very strong.

The bottom is very smooth. You can put your design on it. The whole box is waterproof.

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