Welcome to ALPPM! In today’s video, we display this PP plastic box for food packaging.

PP plastic packaging boxes are a type of rigid plastic container that is made from polypropylene (PP). PP is a strong and durable material that is also recyclable.

The surface is very smooth with bold and attractive colors. This area can be custom-made based on your requirements. The color and text will not be washed away by water.

The logo and text could be printed by machine, it will save a lot of time and money using hands to stick them onto the surface!

Let’s see the bottom first, you could see there are logos, representing this packaging is recyclable and food-grade. It would be safe and eco-friendly for packing food.

Open the lid, you could see the inside of it. The volume of this box is 600ml. It’s very solid. The color fits the exterior so well. It’s a good way to improve your branding by using a specific color because your customers will remember it.

The lid is very elastic. It bounces back to its original shape even though I bent and stretch it so hard.

The water inside will not fall out from inside even though you shake it hard and take it upside down. Food will not fall out of this box when the box fell from your hands or is being made upside down.

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