PVC is used for manufacturing pipes, cables, flooring, coated fabrics, food containers, used as packaging box material, etc. Due to it being a strong and shatterproof material, it is widely used in the packaging industry. It has excellent barrier properties which help to preserve food.

We will discuss why PVC is a great choice for product packaging, the trend of PVC packaging boxes, the advantage and disadvantages of clear PVC boxes, usages of PVC boxes as well as how to choose a clear PVC box supplier.

What is PVC

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is one of the most widely used plastics in the world. Global annual use of PVC exceeds 40 million tons and its global usage is increasing by an average of 3% per year.

PVC is also an environmentally friendly product as it has a low carbon footprint and it consumes less energy than many other materials.

PVC is also a highly economical product and is fire resistant which adds to its popularity and uses in different industries.


Trends in PVC Box Packaging

The PVC packaging market is showing promising growth fueled mainly by the demand from the industries and the end consumer.

The fastest growth is expected in the Asia-Pacific region led by countries like China and India and followed by Japan, Australia, and South Korea.

China and India are the major PVC packaging producers globally and are leading the way for greater prevalence and penetration in the region.

The rise in popularity of PVC packaging is due to many factors like the increasing use of modified atmosphere packaging which provides the optimal amount of aeration required for a product.

We have another about the trend of cosmetic packaging style.

It can also be used for vacuum skin packing technology in which the excess air in the packaging is removed to create aseptic packaging. This increases the shelf life and freshness of the products.

Clear PVC box: Best Option for Product Packaging?

PVC packaging also allows the flexibility of manufacturing customized packaging which can be customized based on the customer’s requirement.

The rising sales of convenience and packaged food has also driven the demand for clear box PVC packaging significantly.

PVC box packaging protects the food item for longer and ensures that the customers get the products fresh and intact. The packaging of non-food items also like electronics, cosmetics, medicines etc. are also expected to grow in the future.


Use of PCV Box Packing in Different Industries

PVC box packaging is widely used in many industries. Some of the industries which use PVC box packaging are as follows:

Food Items

PVC is widely used for the packaging of food items.  Since it is biologically and chemically non-degradable, the PVC box packaging keeps the food intact.

The PVC boxes do not react with the food and hence the food remains fresher for longer. It is also used for shrink wrapping different food items like fruits, vegetables, meat, salads, sandwiches etc. which keep the food fresh and healthy for long.

Using PVC box packaging increases the shelf life of food items and reduces the loss of perishable items during transit. The shatter-resistant nature of the PVC packaging also helps to further prevent transit damages.

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There has been a shift towards using PVC for the packaging of cosmetic products. It maintains the look and feel of glass and is much more durable and shatter resistant as compared to glass packaging.

Clear PVC box: Best Option for Product Packaging?

PVC has stable properties. It is excellent chemical resistance and does not react with the chemicals used in cosmetic products.

It is durable and protects the products from damage during transit. It offers greater flexibility in designing, process techniques, color, weight variations etc.

The PVC is fire resistant and resistant to reaction with the alcohol component present in the cosmetics which ensures the longevity of the products.


Personal Care Products

PVC is intensively used in packaging of the personal care products. Majority of the personal care products are in the form of liquid and they need packaging which is break-resistant, lightweight, and portable.

PVC meets these requirements and is used for the packaging of personal care products. Its usage in packaging ensures that the products are transported safely to the end consumer without any damage during transit.

In addition to providing safety and ease of transportation, the PVC packaging also makes using personal care products more user-friendly.

The packaging also helps to reduce wastage during use and maintains the visibility of the product in transparent packaging.


PVC is used for packaging medicines. It is commonly used in blister packs for packaging medicines. Blister packs are popular with 85% of solid unit doses packed in it in Europe.

These blister packs are made from PVC. As PVC is non-reactive to the active ingredients of the drugs, it is preferred for the packaging of medicines.

It also helps to protect the drugs from external factors like humidity and contamination for a long time.

In addition to the blister packs, PVC is also used for the packaging of disposable syringes and medical devices as the rigid PVC allows for radiation sterilization.



Clear PVC boxes are used for the packaging of clothes. These boxes are lightweight and easy to transport.

They take up less space and make the storage of the products easier.

PVC is an easier material to print on and this makes it ideal for use in the packaging of clothes.


The graphics and important information pertaining to the clothes can be effectively printed on the clear PVC box customized to the need of the clients.

The clear PVC box also lets the customers see the clothes from the outside without opening the box. These clear boxes are recyclable and thus they do not pose any threat to the environment.


Clear PVC box: Best Option for Product Packaging?Electronics

Due to its high level of chemical resistance, durability, and flow properties, PVC is a stable material for packaging. It is used in clamshell packaging for the packaging of electronic products.


The clamshell packaging is made of PVC and gives a neat and crisp packing to the electronic merchandise. It is used for packing electronic products like memory cards, mobile phone accessories, computer accessories, etc.

It adds to the aesthetic packaging of the product and also provides protection against damage during transit and protection from fire as well.

The clamshell packaging can be customized to fit the different electronic products perfectly with different sealing options.

Advantages of Using PVC Box Packaging

PVC box packaging is widely used in many industries. There are many advantages of using PVC box packaging which is discussed below:


Chemical Stability

PVC is a chemically stable material. It is mostly inert and does not mix or react with the contents it is used to pack. The PVC packaging is able to hold different products

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Due to this, the packaged products retain their originality and have higher longevity.

This feature of PVC is very useful particularly for the packaging of food items and medical items as they need to be protected from any form of contamination to retain their utility and usefulness.

They are also ideal for the packaging of cosmetics, personal care products, etc. which contain alcohol-based and other chemicals as the PVC packaging will not react with those chemicals and the products will retain their original characteristics.



PVC is a very durable material and it can last up to many years without damage. PVC box packaging can reduce the chances of damage to the product while in transit and cut down damage expenses.

PVC packaging protects the product from abrasions and shocks and protects the product so that it is delivered to the customers intact.

The inertness of the material also makes it a popular packaging choice as it does not react with the product contents and influences the original characteristics of the product.

The durability of PVC box packaging is particularly helpful in preserving perishable food items and getting them delivered fresh and intact.



PVC is a cost-effective material. It uses less oil as raw material for production and hence its prices do not fluctuate sharply based on a change in oil prices. It has a relatively stable priced material.

Due to its cost-effectiveness, it is a popular packaging material as it helps reduce the packaging cost and pass on the benefits to the end consumers.

This packaging is more economical and is popular among all industries irrespective of their scale of operations.

Clear PVC box: Best Option for Product Packaging?

The cost-effectiveness of PVC box packaging is particularly more helpful for small enterprises which can use it to achieve standardized and durable packaging on a low budget.


PVC is an eco-friendly packaging option. It is made up of 57% chlorine and does not use much oil or natural gas for its production.

PVC has a low carbon footprint and has much lower CO2 emission when compared to metal or glass.  PVC also leads to achieving energy efficiency as it has low thermal conductivity.

PVC is easily recyclable and has the longest history of recycling plastics.

Thus, products made of PVC can be recycled and reused many times over, thereby creating less CO2, consuming less energy, and producing much lesser waste.

Due to being lightweight PVC, packaging enables more efficient transportation of the products, hence resulting in the transportation of more products with the same fuel consumption.


Resistance to Chemical Stress Cracking

Stress cracking is one of the major reasons for polymer damage. It causes the breaking of linkages between the polymers which leads to fracturing of the polymer.

When a polymer is placed under stress the polymer chains start to orient themselves in the direction of the pull force and it will lead to deformation of the shape of the polymer.

PVC is resistant to chemical stress cracking and is a highly resilient material. This property makes it ideal for being used as a packaging material.

It protects the product from any damage and spoilage due to its resilience and resistance to chemical stress cracking.


Disadvantages of Using PVC Box Packaging

There are a few disadvantages of using PVC box packaging which is as follows:


The PVC packaging boxes are non-biodegradable. It means that they cannot be decomposed either chemically or biologically.

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This may pose serious threats to the environment as the PVC boxes can be deposited as waste for many years in landfills or oceans without being degraded.

PVC is easily recyclable, however, not all the consumers have access to recycling or they do not recycle the PVC products and box packages.

In the US, the majority of the population has access to recycling but many people do not recycle plastic packaging and products.


This means that most of such items end up in landfills or even worse in the ocean bed, causing severe pollution as PVC is non-biodegradable.


Lower Heat Distortion Temperature

PVC has a lower heat distortion temperature. The heat distortion temperature is also known as the softening temperature. It is the temperature at which PVC starts to deform and become soft.

PVC has the lowest heat distortion temperature of 92 degrees Celsius among all the plastics. Hence, using PVC box packaging has a disadvantage of being less heat resistant.

If the packaging is subject to temperatures more than the softening temperature, then the packaging will be softened and it will not be able to protect the packed contents. This can result in damage to the packed products inside the PVC box packaging.

Clear PVC box: Best Option for Product Packaging?

Health and Environment Concerns

The complete impact of PVC on health and the environment is yet to be understood. It is widely believed that PVC is a hazardous material and it poses a grave threat to human health and to the environment. It is being advocated to ban PVC packaging in many countries.

Proponents of this say that PVC contains phthalates and heavy materials which are harmful to human health. PVC is believed to cause endocrine disorders and disruptions.

It is also argued that vinyl chloride is used for manufacturing PVC which is a known carcinogen.

Though the complete documented evidence of the harmful impact of PVC and PVC packaging is yet to be established, such claims can still be considered a potential disadvantage of PVC box packaging.


Considerations for Finding a PVC Box Factory

There are many considerations for finding a good PVC box factory. Some of the key considerations are as follows:



Pricing of the PVC packaging boxes is important. While finding a PVC box packaging supplier factory, the clients should find out about the pricing and work out the best deals for themselves.

Working out a reasonable price can reduce the cost of packaging and the overall cost of the product and help in increasing profits.

Clear PVC box: Best Option for Product Packaging?

Production capability

The production capability of the supplier is an important consideration for identifying a PVC packaging box factory. The supplier should be able to provide the required quantity ordered by the client and should have the latest and most efficient production systems and capabilities to meet the same.



The quality of the PVC packaging boxes should be the most important consideration for the clients for finding a supplier.

They should ensure that the packaging boxes being supplied are durable, waterproof, lightweight, etc. and should be able to provide good protection to the packaged products.



The clients can check if the PVC box factory manufacturers have the relevant certification and licenses.

The certification will ensure that the supplier has minimum standards of expertise and competencies for manufacturing PVC packaging boxes and can be relied upon. Manufacturers with the relevant certification should always be preferred.


Preview works

The clients can ask for previewing the work of the supplier. They can examine the sample of the PVC box packaging materials and see if it meets their requirements.

Previewing the works of the supplier helps to understand their capabilities and competencies in supplying quality packaging materials for the long term.

Clear PVC box: Best Option for Product Packaging?

After-sales services

The supplier should provide good after-sales service to their vendors.

The clients should inquire about the after-sales service offered by the supplier. The supplier should be customer-centric and be accessible round the clock and should be able to respond to the queries of the clients as per requirement.

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