The demand for gift boxes is growing due to increasing personal disposable income and evolving customer preferences. Gift boxes provide a rich and attractive feel to the packaged gifts.

Major products which are packaged in gift boxes are food items, jewelry, personal care products etc. The gift box market is also being firmly driven by the exponential expansion of e-commerce.  

Gift boxes which are minimalistic in design and offer a high degree of reusability and utility are in trend. Eco-friendly gift boxes which are 100% recyclable are also the norm these days.

Well-designed gift boxes which help to enhance the branding and visibility of the company are also becoming very popular.

Uses of Gift Boxes

Gift boxes generally get discarded after unboxing or they are lying in some corner of the house unused. These gift boxes can be put to good use in our daily lives. Some of the creative uses of gift boxes are discussed below:


Gift boxes can be used effectively for storage purpose. They can be used for storing different items based on their size. The larger gift boxes can be converted into storage compartments for bulkier items in the house.

The smaller gift boxes can be redesigned to make them into organizers for storing general utilities. Additional storage compartments can be added to the gift boxes by adding partitions to make it more convenient and user-friendly for storing utilities.

With a little bit of creativity, the users can turn their mundane gift boxes into innovative and good-looking storage spaces for organizing their daily lives.

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Home Decor

Home décor requires creativity and even old and unused gift boxes can be transformed into decorative items which can be used for home décor. Fancy gift boxes are also available in the market which is being widely used as decorative items in homes.

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Printed gift boxes are generally more commonly used as home décor. Parts of the printed gift boxes can be removed and used as wall hangings or in some other form of home adorations.

Simple boxes can also be creatively designed with the use of simple craft items and be used as home décor items which can add to the aesthetics of the house.


Gift boxes can be handy to be used for plantation. Simple cardboard boxes can be cut out and then dressed up using few embellishments. The gift boxes can be then lined with plastic bags and a few drainage lines can be created.

This will readily create a planting box for plants which is also eco-friendly and will consume much lesser space. The cardboard gift boxes can also be used for controlling weed in the garden.

It can be put flat on the ground and placed in the garden after scraping the soil for few inches. It can be watered next and covered with soil to start the biodegrading process.

Children Playing Needs

The gift boxes can be put to particularly good use if there are kids in the house. They can be used in different ways to create playing materials for the children.

How to Design Gift Packaging Boxes (Comprehensive Guide)

The cardboard gift boxes can be transformed to create a dollhouse for the children especially the girls. It can also be cut into different shapes and sizes and then embellished with colors and decorations to create other play materials for children.

Type of Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are made from different materials with each box having its own benefits. Some of the most common types of gift boxes are as follows:

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Cardboard Gift Boxes

Cardboard gift boxes are perhaps the most widely used and popular type of gift box. Their lightweight makes it easier to handle and transport them to different locations.

The cardboard boxes provide an ideal combination of rigidity and cushioning and offer good protection to the packaged gifts against impact. They are also one of the most cost-effective solutions for making gift boxes.

These cardboard gift boxes can be made in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They offer excellent printing and designing compatibility and support a wide variety of printing options like litho, digital, and screen printing.

The cardboard gift boxes thus are perfect for branding. They are also eco-friendly as they can be recycled and reused.

Plastic Gift Boxes

Clear plastic gift boxes are trending and is being increasingly used for gifting these days. The plastic gift boxes are more durable and provide better protection to the packaged gift when compared with the cardboard or paper gift boxes.

How to Design Gift Packaging Boxes (Comprehensive Guide)

The plastic gift boxes can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes in bulk quantities easily. Clear plastic boxes also reveal the gifts to the intended recipient thereby making the gift more engaging and grabbing their attention instantly.

These plastic gift boxes are also very cost-effective. Another advantage of these gift boxes is that they can be reused for multiple purposes after unboxing.

Paper Gift Boxes

The paper gift boxes are widely used across many industries. The paper gift boxes are lightweight and easily customizable. These gift boxes are also the eco-friendliest and promote a positive environment which helps the recipients to appreciate the same.

The paper gift boxes are very versatile and they offer excellent compatibility for printing and design graphics. They can be used to gift wrap different products and provide a minimalistic yet elegant finish which attracts the attention of the recipient.

These paper gift boxes are made mostly from recyclable material and hence have low environmental footprint.

Metal Gift Boxes

When it comes to packaging and gift boxes, metal boxes offer the most premium look and finish. They make an excellent impression on the recipient. Metal gift boxes give the perception of a high value and luxury gift option.

These boxes can be customized for the recipient and can include the brand name, logo etc. of the company. The metal gift boxes are durable and provide excellent protection of the packaged gift. The metal gift boxes are recyclable and thus eco-friendly.

They also have very high reusability and can be put to versatile uses by the recipient who will remember the gift box for a long time.

Wooden Gift Boxes

Wooden gift boxes make an instant impact in terms of uniqueness, style, and design. These wooden boxes are highly customizable. They can be made according to the required shape, size, and design.

Wooden gift boxes offer excellent branding options. Companies can get their logo and tagline printed on it. The logo can also be engraved on a wooden gift box which offers an even better feel.

These boxes are highly reusable and thus the company’s branding will be with the recipients for a long time which is a good advertisement in itself.

These gift boxes are completely eco-friendly and do not contain any harmful materials which may pose any threat to the environment.

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Considerations for Designing Attractive Gift Boxes

Gift boxes is the first point of contact between the person/company which is gifting and the intended recipient.

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It is important to design an attractive gift box for creating the desired impact on the recipient. Some of the important considerations for designing an attractive gift box are discussed below:

Deciding the Material

The first consideration for designing any good gift box is to decide on the material to be used for making the box. The box can be made from different materials like cardboard, paper, wood, metal etc.

Cardboard and paper gift boxes are cost-effective and provide limited protection to the packaged gift. Clear plastic gift boxes are economical also but provides good protection.

Wooden and metal gift boxes are costlier and are perceived as a more premium and luxury gift box option. The choice of material of the gift box depends on the requirements and budget of the person/company.

How to Design Gift Packaging Boxes (Comprehensive Guide)

Good Branding

Gift boxes these days are not only meant to package the gift but are rather meant as an extension of the branding of the company giving the gift.

The material of the decides the degree of branding which can be done. Wooden and metal gift boxes provide one of the best branding possibilities as the boxes can be reused by the client for a long time and they can recall the branding of the company till they use the gift box.

Good branding makes an excellent impact on the clients and differentiates the gift. It enhances the brand visibility of the company.

Judicious Use of Colors

Judicious use of colors is a critical element of designing any gift box. Color is one of the simplest and most effective strategies of branding.

Color schemes are the first visual cue of the gift box to the recipient and the first trigger to capture their attention. If the company has a particular brand color then it can skip the printed gift boxes and use a colored box instead.

The colors can be used which is in close coordination with the brand color of the company. The color should be consistent and should flow inside the gift box and the ribbon, tissue etc.

should also correspond to the use of consistent colors.

Branding Elements

There are many other branding elements which enhance the experience of the recipient. The gift boxes can make use of stickers which are inexpensive and seal the paper together.

Branded stickers provide a cost-effective tool for branding. A handwritten note can be attached with the gift box to enhance the personal feel of the gift.

It communicates to the recipients that they are valued and important. The tape on the gift box also offers the opportunity for enhancing the branding.

The company can create branded tapes with their logo and names on it which will help in creating instant brand recognition.

The utility of the Box

The gift boxes should offer utility to the recipients. A gift box which is reusable and can be put to multiple uses creates a better impact on the recipients than a simple gift box which has no utility after unboxing.

The companies can use this to take advantage and extend their branding initiatives. Gift boxes with impressive branding which can be reused after unboxing also reinforces the brand to the recipients for a long time.

Examples of Good Gift Box Design

Gift boxes can leave a lasting impression on the recipients. Some of the most impressive designs of good gift boxes are as follows:

WSDG Christmas Gift Box

WSDG came out with an innovative gift box for Christmas. The gift box consisted of denim laundry bags which were screen printed with the company branding elements.

The gift box is lightweight and highly reusable. Since it can be used for a long time, it will act as an effective extension of the company branding.

WickboxHow to Design Gift Packaging Boxes (Comprehensive Guide)

Wickbox gift boxes contains scented candles curated and customized to the personal preferences. The candles have a burn time of 30-60 hours.

The gift box has a minimalistic and elegant design which makes a good impression on the recipient. The gift box is lightweight and can be reused for different purposes.

Chocolate Six Ways

This delightful gift box comes with six different types of chocolates and is ideal for gifting to friends, families, business clients, and colleagues.

It contains handmade Paul & Pippa biscuits, raspberry & pistachio, milk chocolate bar, chocolate covered pretzels, dreamy smooth and rich fudge, and choc salted caramel mini melting moments. This is an ideal gift box for chocolate lovers.

Dollar Shave Club Gift Box

The gift box is ideal for men.

It comes with the basic shaving utilities and personal hygiene products like face cleanser, shave butter, shaving razor, blades, toothbrush, body cleanser, scalp shampoo etc.

It comes in an elegant cardboard box which can be reused for different purposes.

How to Design Gift Packaging Boxes (Comprehensive Guide)

Culture Carton

The culture carton gift box is ideal for people who prefer finer things in life.

The gift box includes hand-picked lifestyle items and accessories like body products, gourmet snacks, and a new book for the library. This will make an excellent impact on the recipient and make them appreciate the gift.

How to Design Gift Packaging Boxes (Comprehensive Guide)

Fine Foodie

The fine foodie gift box celebrates some of the finest produce of South Australia. It offers the best of wine and fine food which South Australia has to offer.

It consists of red wine, biscuits, chocolate, fruits, and smoked almonds. The gift box comes with a customized hand-written note.

A Little LXuxury

This is a perfect health and wellness gift box for people who like in indulge in beauty therapy.

The gift box has an assortment of beauty products which promote relaxation and peaceful indulgence.

The box contains the finest beauty products like coconut body scrub, lip butter, activated charcoal mask, handmade mini candle, herbal tea, etc.


How to Design Gift Packaging Boxes (Comprehensive Guide)

Baa Baa Baby Boy

The gift box is for welcoming a baby boy. It is packaged in a pastel blue suitcase which makes it even more attractive.

The gift box contains an ultra-soft and snuggly knitted baby blanket in a very soft shade of grey which is the highlight of this gift box.

It also includes a leaping lamb soft toy which will become the baby’s preferred companion for some time to come.


This gift box is perfect for people who love their health and workout supplements.

It also contains premium samples of products ranging from sports nutrition, sleeping aids, gym fit cards, fitness videos etc.

Cloth & Paper

How to Design Gift Packaging Boxes (Comprehensive Guide)

The Cloth & Paper gift box is an ideal gifting idea for office professionals.

It is a master organizer gift box which helps the professionals keep their workstations organized and aesthetically pleasing. Each gift box includes pens, stationery, planners, papers, etc.

which will greatly help busy professionals at their workplace.

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