Stationery packaging boxes are becoming a very important element in marketing. The stationery packaging trend is moving towards minimalistic and elegant designs.

Minimalistic packaging gives a more premium and sophisticated feel to the stationery products and attracts the attention of the customers.

The transparent packaging with the die-cut transparent see-through window is also popular in stationery packaging.

It creates an interest in the consumers to see the product and purchase it if the product meets their requirements.

Eco-friendly packaging is also an important trend in the stationery industry.

In this article, we will talk about:

  • stationery market share
  • popular stationery brands
  • stationery types
  • stationery packaging box materials
  • stationery packaging box design tips
  • stationery packaging example

Customers prefer purchasing stationery products with green and sustainable packaging over traditional non-recyclable packaging.

Market Share of Stationery

The global stationery market is expected to exceed $234 billion by the year 2024. The growth in the stationery product segment is fueled by growing literacy, strong demand for a skilled workforce, an expanding number of educational institutions, etc.

Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 6.1% during the period of 2016-2024. The demand for the premium stationery product is also increasing rapidly.

The companies holding the largest market share in the retail market for stationery products are Staples Inc. and Office Depot Inc.

Popular Brands of Stationery

There are a number of brands in the stationery market. The German stationery manufacturer Staedtler is one of the most popular and premium brands in the stationery industry.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

The company has been in the stationery business for more than 180 years. It is the largest European manufacturer of a wide range of stationery items.

Another German stationery brand-Faber Castell- is an important player in the stationery market. It has 14 factories and 20 sales unit globally and is a quality manufacturer of stationery products.

The French family-run company-Mapped- is a globally renowned stationery brand. It has subsidiaries in 9 countries and does business in more than 125 countries worldwide.

Type of Stationery

Stationery products can be classified into different categories based on their usage and applications. The important types of stationery products are discussed below:

Paper and Pad

Paper and pads are important stationery items used in our daily lives. Notepads, wire-bound notebooks, ruled papers, etc.

are used for taking notes.  Papers like dot-matrix papers, A4 papers, etc. are used for taking printouts and also for photocopying.

Filing and Storage Stationery

Filing and storage stationery items are used for storing different types of documents, records, etc.

These stationery products are important for organizing and sorting documents in an efficient and professional manner.

Examples of filing and storage stationery items include expandable files, file folder, index cards, hanging file folders, etc.

Ink and Toners

Ink and toners are used for refilling cartridges in printers. Different types of inks and toners are available for different categories of printers and copiers.

Some of the most common types of inks and toners are dot matrix’s printer’s ink ribbon, inkjet cartridges, laser printer toner, photocopier toner, etc. The inks and toners can be color or black and white also.

Desktop Instruments

Desktop instruments are durable stationery items which can be stored and they last for a long time.


Due to their durability, they are also known as durable stationery products. Most common examples of desktop instruments are staplers, punching machines, paperweights, tapes, dispensers, etc.

Drawing Instruments

Drawing instruments are generally used by students and artists. These stationery items are used for drawing and artistic purposes.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Some of the common drawing instruments are brushes, color pencils, crayons, watercolors, etc.


Adhesives are used to glue and paste items together. They are very commonly used in both offices and residences.

Some examples of adhesive stationery products are glue, adhesive tapes, quick-fix, etc.

Materials Used for Stationery Packaging

There are different materials used for the packaging of stationery items. The packaging material should be versatile and offer good print compatibility and graphics designing capabilities.

Some of the most common materials used for the packaging of stationery products are as follows:


Plastics are widely used for packaging of stationery products. Plastic polymers are used for making plastic boxes and containers which are used as outer packaging for stationery items.


The plastic packaging is more impact resistant and durable and provides excellent protection to the products during transit and prevents them from getting damaged.

The plastic boxes can also be reused later which is another advantage of such packaging.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are another commonly used material for packaging of stationery products. Cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes are used for packaging.

These boxes are lightweight and also cost-effective material for packaging. They save cost on the packaging and also on distribution.

Cardboard boxes provide good protection to the stationery products at reasonable rates. These cardboard boxes are eco-friendly as they can be totally recycled.



Different types of paper are used for manufacturing packaging cases for stationery products. These paper packagings are highly cost-effective and lightweight.

The paper packaging is 100% recyclable and is eco-friendly. Paper packaging can be customized in different shapes and sizes.

They also provide good printing compatibility which makes the packaging look attractive and sophisticated.

They can also be combined with plastic to make a transparent die-cut see-through window which increases the aesthetic appeal of packaging.


Designing Attractive Stationery Packaging Boxes

The packaging is very important for the marketing of stationery products. Most of the stationery products are standardized and offer limited scope for innovation.

It is the packaging which differentiates them from the competition and influences the customers into buying them.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

there are many important elements and considerations which go into designing of attractive stationery packaging. Some of the most important considerations are as follows:

Colors and Graphics of Stationery Packaging Boxes

The stationery packaging boxes should make use of colors and graphics to make the product stand out.

there are many brands of stationery in the market and the product has to capture and retain the customer’s attention for it to stand out and influence the customers into making the purchase decision. It is better to make use of bold yet clean colors and graphics for the packaging.

The current trend is of minimalistic and elegant packaging which provides a premium and sophisticated feel to the customers.

The different shades, hues, and the graphics should be coordinated on the packaging to make a lasting impression on the customer.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Secure Packaging

It is very important that the packaging for stationery items is done in securely. Stationery products can get damaged very easily during transit and transportation to the retail shelves.

The packaging material should be impact resistant and durable to ensure that the packaged stationery products are provided proper protection during transit and they remain damage free.

In addition to the damage by impact and wear and tear, the stationery products also need to be protected against moisture, oxidation, and other elements.

Hence, the packaging materials used for the stationery packaging boxes should have excellent barrier properties to protect the products from damage.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Transparent Packaging

Transparent packaging is an emerging and popular trend in the stationery packaging boxes. It provides a more premium and luxurious feel to the product and attracts the customer’s attention.

Transparent packaging incorporates a transparent window generally made of thin plastic sheet in the outer packaging.

The customers get a sneak peek of the product from the transparent packaging which tells them more about the product. They can see the product from outside without having to open the packaging.

Such type of stationery packaging boxes help the customers to check if the product meets their requirement by simply looking at the packaging and makes their purchase decision easier.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Sustainable Packaging

Most of the industries are moving towards green packaging and the stationery business is no different in this respect. The packaging of the stationery product should be recyclable and eco-friendly.

Customers worldwide have also come to realize the importance of green packaging and how it contributes to the conservation of the environment. More customers are moving towards products using sustainable packaging.

A recent study established this and claimed that about 70% of the customers said that they will prefer products using eco-friendly packaging over the traditional non-ecofriendly packaging which poses threats to the environment.

Using green packaging builds a positive image of the brand and the product which helps to increase sales and impact the long-term brand building.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Utility Packaging

More and more industries are moving towards utility-based packaging. The packaging should offer value to the customers.

The packaging of stationery items should be convenient to open and access the product.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Packaging can be designed which can allow the flexibility of storing the stationery back into the packaging after opening the packaging. The packaging should also be reasonable and not overdone.

Excessive packaging elements are frustrating to open and also end up creating more waste which is dangerous for the environment and not desirable.

The packaging can also be designed in a manner which can be reused for other purposes by the customers which enhances the value and utility of the packaging for the customers.

Examples of Good Stationery Packaging Boxes

Packaging has a very important role in the marketing of products. The packaging becomes even more important for stationery products. Some of the examples of good toy packaging are provided below:

Minibar Stationery Kit

The Minibar stationery kit is being used by the Morgans Hotel Group. The stationery kit includes conversation starter cards, a compilation of The School of Life’s writings, a writer’s block pencil set etc.

The stationery kit provides a more meaningful experience to the guests. The packaging is done in an elegant cardboard box and which is completely recyclable.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Field Notes Archival Box

Field Notes notebooks are quite popular as one of the best pocket notebooks. The notebooks are made from durable material and are meant for robust use.

The packaging box is made of American cabinet-grade birch timber. The packaging is made from eco-friendly material and is recyclable which does not pose environmental threats.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Staedtler Stationery Kit

The Staedtler stationery kit comes in a well-designed cardboard box. The packaging box contains pencils, ruler, sharpener, notebook, and eraser.

The cardboard box packaging opens sideways up to use the contents. The stationery items are placed in an organized manner inside the packaging.

The packaging is eco-friendly and looks very elegant.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Staedtler Graphite Pencils

The Staedtler graphite pencils come in an elegant and classy vertical cardboard box. The top of the cardboard box flips open to use the packaged pencils.

The packaging helps to keep the pencils safe and from getting misplaced. The cardboard box is completely recyclable and can be reused later for different purposes.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Ecologies Students Supplies

Ecologies is a brand of eco-friendly school supplies for children. The school supplies and the packaging are made from recycled and post-consumer materials.

The packaging is done in a recyclable cardboard box. The packaging makes use of colorful illustrations which make it look playful and appeal to the children.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Sliced Bread Notebooks

Sliced Bread notebooks come in totally unique and innovative packaging. The packaging resembles a sliced bread packet.

There are 12 notebooks in the package numbered from 1 to 12. Each notebook is meant for one month.

The packaging is very fresh and attracts the attention of the customers for making the purchase.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Suck UK Push Pins

Push pins are used for pinning important documents on the notice/display board. The Suck UK push pins come in different colors which are a welcome change from the regular dull push pins.

The packaging is colorful and has lively graphic illustrations. The font is in lowercase and large size font is used which makes it easier for the consumers to see.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

My Mojo Stationery

My Mojo stationery products and packaging are totally eco-friendly. The stationery products come packaged in a cardboard box which provides a premium and sophisticated feel to the product.

The packaging uses graphic illustrations which resemble hand-drawn illustrations. The packaging colors are bright and will be noticed by the customers on the shelves.

Restaurant Packaging

Wholesale Bulk Reli. Paper Grocery Bags w/Handles (100 Pcs, Bulk)(12"x7"x14") Large Paper Grocery Bags, Shopping Bags w/Handles – Heavy Duty 57 Lbs Basis – Takeout/To Go Bags, Retail Bags, Brown Kraft Paper Bags Supplier

Luckies Sardines Paperclips

Luckies Sardines paperclips are colorful and come packaged in a lovely tin box. The tin box packaging looks very premium and influences the customers towards making the purchase.

The tin box can be reused later. The silver colored tin packaging box comes with a green and blue color palette along with playful graphics illustrations.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

Brilliant Bee Beeswax Crayons

The Brilliant Bee Beeswax crayons come in colorful packaging. The packaging is done in a yellow box with a honeycomb pattern.

The packaging has a die-cut see-through window on the front which helps the customers to see the product and make the purchase if the product matches their needs. The packaging box is recyclable and reusable.

How to Design Stationery Packaging Boxes (That Students Like)

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