Packaging for cosmetics has always been an integral element of the product. Lipstick Packaging is no different and helps to differentiate the product and establish brand awareness.

Packaging of lipsticks in smaller sizes is the new trend and is in high demand from working women who are constantly on the go.

The smaller size packaging fits conveniently in their bags and is handy for them to carry around.

Design elements that create modern and minimalistic packaging for lipstick are the global norm.

such packaging gives a premium and sophisticated feel to the product and creates a lasting impression on the customers.

The use of green packaging which is eco-friendly and does not threaten the environment is very popular and is being increasingly preferred by the customers.

Lipstick Market Share

The global market for lipstick was worth $7.15 billion in 2014 and is estimated to reach $8.6 billion by 2023.

Lipsticks accounted for 46% of the total lip-care cosmetic products market in 2014. The US was the largest market for lipsticks in 2014 with a total market share of 32.82%.

The Asia-Pacific region accounted for 30.53% of the global market share. L’Oreal and Hindustan Unilever are the largest players in the Asia-Pacific region.

Europe was the third largest market for lipsticks in 2014 garnering a market share of 29.02%.

L’Oreal and Estee Lauder were the biggest lipstick brands in Europe.

Famous Brands of Lipsticks

MAC is the most widely recognized and popular lipstick brand globally. It comes in more than 100 shades and is targeted at high-end customers.

Chanel one of the most popular luxury fashion brands globally is renowned for its high-quality lipsticks.

Estee Lauder is another key player in the lipstick market. It has a large market share and popular for different shades of its quality lipsticks.

Dior another luxury fashion brand creates matte lipsticks which provide long-lasting finishes up to 16 hours after application.

Its lipsticks are enriched with hydrating mango butter that helps to moisturize and revitalize the lips and creates a lasting impression.

Type of Lipsticks

Some of the most common categories into which the lipsticks can be classified are as follows:

Moisturizing Lipsticks

Moisturizing lipsticks are ideal for people with dry lips. Moisturizing lipsticks contain ingredients like Vitamin E, glycerin, and aloe which moisturize and nourishes the lips on application.

It keeps the lips smooth and soft. Moisturizing lipsticks provide a wet and glossy finish to the lips after application.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)

Satin and Sheer Lipsticks

Satin and sheer lipsticks are also meant for people with dry lips.

These lipsticks have high oil ingredients and they generally appear darker in the packaging than they are on the lips after application.

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These lipsticks not only moisturize the lips, but also provides a glossy and glamorous look. This type of lipstick should be applied frequently during the day.

Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks provide a non-glossy and matte finish after application.

These are ideal for women looking for colorful and nice shades but who do not prefer the glossy look.

Matte lipsticks enhance the overall look of the lips and give the effect of smoother and younger lips.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)

Cream Lipsticks

Cream lipsticks are made from the cream formula. It does not provide a high gloss finish to the lips but it has a soothing effect on them.

Lip gloss can be applied after using cream lipsticks to enhance the gloss. Cream lipsticks are recommended for women with small lips.

Cream lipsticks have more wax to protect the lips, but they can also cause dry lips.

Pearl and Frosted Lipsticks

Pearl and frosted lipsticks take the gloss to another level by making the lips sparkle and glisten.

This type of lipsticks reflect light and provides a highly glossy and shiny effect to the lips. There is a downside of these lipsticks that it can make the lips feel heavy, dry, and cracked.

Hence it is recommended to use a moisturizer before using pearl and frosted lipsticks.

Gloss Lipsticks

Gloss lipsticks provide a glossy and shiny finish to the lips on application. Gloss lipsticks are perfect for women with thin and small lips as it makes the lips shine and enhance the dimension of depth.

Gloss lipsticks are popular with women and can be combined with traditional lipsticks.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)

Materials Used for Lipstick Packaging

The packaging of lipsticks should be done considering the durability and protective abilities of the packaging material to prevent any spoilage and damage.

Some commonly used packaging materials for lipsticks are provided below:


Plastics are most widely used for lipstick packaging. The tube and the barrel of the lipstick are generally manufactured using plastic.

Plastics are lightweight and provide excellent printing compatibility. The packaging can be designed using different printing techniques where plastic is used.

Another advantage of using plastic is its cost-effectiveness compared to other packaging materials.

Plastic is also a chemically resistant and inert material that does not react with the lipstick and eliminates any possibility of spoiling it.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)


Glass is used for manufacturing tubes for lipsticks. Glass provides a better finish and looks compared to plastic tubes.

The packaging is more transparent and clearer when using glass. Glass also has better barrier properties compared to plastic and provides greater protection against external elements.

As glass packaging is impermeable to moisture, oxygen, etc. it protects the lipsticks from getting spoiled.



Metal is also increasingly being used for lipstick packaging. The barrel of the lipstick is made from metal by premium brands.

Use of metal provides a luxurious and premium finish to the packaging. Metal packaging differentiates the product from the competition.

Metals also offer versatility for designing the packaging. Hot stamping and embossing of the design elements on metal packaging look classy and modern and attracts customer attention.

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How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)


Lipstick Packaging Design Tips

Some of the important considerations for designing attractive and safe packaging for lipsticks are discussed below:

Protective Packaging

Lipsticks are highly sensitive to external elements like oxygen, moisture, UV light, etc. Once they are subjected to such elements, they are prone to spoilage and damage.

This necessitates the need for designing the packaging for lipsticks to protect them from external elements.

Packaging materials like metal, glass, selected plastic polymers, etc. can be used which have excellent barrier properties and protect the lipstick against oxidation, moisture, etc.

The packaging of lipsticks should also protect it from impacts, abrasions, and wear and tear during transit.

Packaging should be durable and secure to protect lipsticks from damage and contamination.

Minimalistic and Elegant Lipstick Packaging Box

Packaging for lipstick should add value to the product. The packaging should enhance product value and give it a more premium feel.

Most of the leading brands are adopting minimalistic packaging with clean and bold packaging lines.

The use of the logo on the packaging with minimal or no graphics is the current trend and it gives a clean and sophisticated look to the packaging.

Customers are attracted to such elegant packaging designs instead of packaging cluttered with information which creates confusion.

The use of monotone and solid colors like black, gold, etc. are popular in designing the packaging of lipsticks.

Attractive and Appealing Packaging

Lipsticks like other cosmetic products need beautiful packaging which will make it stand out on the retail shelves and appeal to potential customers.

The packaging can be done using different printing techniques to get the desired effect.

Digital printing is becoming popular among brands as it offers high versatility and lesser minimum order quantities which make it ideal for designing limited edition packaging.

Inkjet 3D printing and lacquering processes are also widely used to provide a decorative finish to the lipstick packaging.

Lipstick packaging can be done in unique shapes and designs to attract greater customer attention, for example, the packaging of Christian Louboutin lipsticks is designed in the shape of a bullet which makes it different from the competition.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)


Convenience and Utility

With changing customer lifestyles and on the go working women, the convenience and utility which lipstick packaging offers are important for influencing them.

Working women want smaller-size lipstick packaging that can fit into their handbags. Traveling women also demand smaller-size lipsticks which can fit in their luggage.

Airplane-friendly sizes are also in demand. This size is bigger than the mini size and is ideal for traveling women.

The packaging for lipstick should also be leakproof and air-tight which will prevent leakage and spoilage.

The packaging should also allow the customers to access and use the lipstick conveniently.

Consistent Branding

The branding elements of the packaging like colors, fonts, illustrations, etc. should be consistent with the brand.

If the brand has a specific color, then the primary and secondary packaging for the lipsticks should be in conformity with the same.

This helps to differentiate the product from the competition by building visible brand loyalty and association.

The customers can identify the brand by only looking at the packaging which creates a brand association.

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Such packaging makes it easier for customers to identify the brand from competing brands on the retail shelves easily. This leads to brand loyalty and increased sales.

Examples of Good Lipstick Packaging

Some examples of good lipstick packaging are provided below:


Givenchy lipstick comes with premium and iconic packaging. The black grosgrain ribbon is used to remove the barrel from the sleeve.

The outer carton box for the lipsticks references the ribbon texture by making use of multi-layered embossing.

Each season Givenchy creates a limited edition of lipstick by changing the ribbon.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)



Kosas Cosmetics is known to create bold and attention-seeking lipstick shades. Its packaging is also on the same lines.

The product is packaged in modern and clean packaging. The use of the vertical logo on the black packaging creates an elegant and premium feel to the packaging which seeks the customer’s attention.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)


Rodin Olio Lipstick

Rodin Olio lipstick comes packaged in chic and all-clear transparent packaging.

The transparent lipstick packaging makes the bold colors of the lipstick stand out also enabling the customers to see the colors from the outside without opening the packaging.

It differentiates the product from the severe competition.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice lipsticks are packaged in beautiful barrels with a gunmetal finish.

The barrel is made from gunmetal and the metallic finish and the added gloss give it a premium finishing.

The base of the lipstick is gold which compliments the gunmetal barrel. The embossed logo on the barrel creates elegant packaging.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)

Christian Louboutin Lipstick

Christian Louboutin has created a range of luxurious lipstick. The lipstick comes in 38 varied shades and its packaging makes it unique.

The topper of the lipstick is cleverly designed to serve as a ring as well as a necklace. The packaging is in the shape of a bullet.

The red-colored lipsticks are housed in black cases and the other colors come packaged in gold-colored cases.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)

Estee Lauder Pure Love Lipstick

The packaging for the Estee Lauder Pure Love lipstick is done in a luxurious and beautiful gold mirrored case.

The logo is etched on one side of the case and the lipstick color is labeled on the bottom.

The packaging is the highlight of the offering. It is very attractive and provides a premium and classy feel to the customers.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Lipstick

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Lipstick is packaged in a unique blue case with swirls of white.

This pattern gives a soothing and refreshing feel to the packaging. The bright color of the packaging differentiates the product from the regular lipstick packaging.

The lipstick comes in 24 shades and stays on for a long time.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)

Tatcha 23-Karat Gold Illuminated Lipstick

The lipstick comes in a golden-colored metal tube which is sleek and eye-catching. The design of the packaging is modern and premium.

The gold details on the cap and the base provide a special touch to the packaging.

The gold and white colors have been elegantly combined to give a luxurious and chic packaging to the product.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)


Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Rouge G lipstick packaging provides a perfect blend of glamor and utility to the customers.

The two parts of the lipstick packaging are held together by a magnet. Opening the packaging reveals a mirror on the inside which helps to apply the lipstick by looking into it.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)

Paponk Poet Soothing Lipstick

The product- Paponk Poet Soothing lipstick- is packaged in a luxurious case.

The logo- POET- is represented on an emblem on the front with a Rococo art style.

The choice of two colors- dark blue and dark turquoise- provides a rich and classy look to the packaging.

The gold hot stamping technique gives a premium packaging finish.

How to Design Lipstick Packaging Box? (2000+ Words)


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