With increasing customer income and changing preferences, packaging for shampoo has become important.

The packaging is a major driving force which compels the users to purchase the shampoo brand.

The packaging of the shampoos is becoming more premium and sophisticated to draw customer attention.

Most of the brands opt for minimalistic packaging which gives a luxurious feel to the brand.

The utility of opening the packaging and accessing the shampoo regularly is also influencing packaging.

More shampoo brands are designing their packaging to provide convenience to the customers in using the product.

In this article, we will talk about

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  • famous shampoo brands
  • shampoo types
  • shampoo packaging materials
  • shampoo packaging design tips
  • example of good shampoo packaging

There has been a shift towards using less plastic and more of eco-friendly materials for shampoo packaging.

Customers are also preferring such green and eco-friendly shampoo packaging.

Shampoo Market Share

The global market for shampoo is expected to reach $36.07 billion by the year 2023.

Europe is the largest consumer market for shampoos accounting for a total global market share of 44%.

Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% during the period 2018-2023.

South America is the largest growing shampoo market globally with an expected CAGR of 9.2% during 2019-2023.

As of July 2018, OGX was the largest shampoo brand in the US with a market share of 4.99%.

Suave Professionals was ranked second on this list with a market share of 2.58%.

Garnier Whole Blends was the third largest brand in the US cornering a market share of 2.52%.

Famous Shampoo Brands

L’Oreal- the French shampoo brand- is the largest shampoo brand globally.

It manufactures all kind of shampoos and covers different hair problems like oily hair, dry hair, dandruff, colored hair, etc.

Sunsilk- the hair care brand of Unilever- is the second largest global shampoo brand.

It was founded in the UK in 1957. It is the largest selling brands in countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Brazil, and Thailand.

Neutrogena takes the third spot in the largest global shampoo brands.

It is now a part of Johnson & Johnson and is the number one dermatologist recommended shampoo.

It is a popular brand in more than 70 countries globally.

Type of Shampoos

Shampoos serve different purposes. They are meant for specific hair types. Some of the most common classifications of shampoos are provided below:

Clarifying Shampoo

Due to the use of many hair care products, the hair gets weighed down.

Clarifying shampoos are meant to remove dirt and product build-up from the hair to leave the hair clean.

Clarifying shampoos help to remove the product remains.

These shampoos can be a little harsh so it is recommended to be used along with a mild conditioner.

Neutralizing Shampoo

Neutralizing shampoos help balance and neutralize the pH of the hair.

If one has used a lot of hair care and cosmetic products, then the hair pH is likely to be unbalanced.

Neutralizing shampoos restore the pH balance and keep the hair healthy.

Chelating Shampoo

Chelating shampoo serves a similar role to the clarifying shampoos.

However, chelating shampoos also help to remove the metals, minerals, chlorine deposits, etc.

from the hair which gets deposited due to the use of hard water.

Chelating shampoos are frequently used by swimmers. Chelating shampoos should not be used too frequently as they will dry the hair out.

Keratin Shampoo

Keratin is a protein found in the hair which is responsible for the overall health of the hair.

When Keratin level reduces, the hair becomes brittle and shows signs of damage.

Keratin shampoos restore it in the hair and help repair the damage. It reduces fizziness and dryness of the hair.

Color-Protecting Shampoo

As the name suggests, color-protecting shampoos are designed to preserve hair colors for longer.

It helps to lock in the hair color and let the user enjoy the colored hair or highlighted streaks.

Volumizing Shampoo

Volumizing shampoos stimulate hair growth and add volume to the hair.

It works by opening up the hair cuticles which fosters hair growth.

Volumizing shampoos add volume to the hair and provides the much-desired bounce for the users.

Materials Used for Shampoo Packaging

Shampoo packaging should be durable and also provide excellent protection against external elements.

Due to the presence of different chemicals in shampoos, the packaging should also be chemically stable.

Some of the most commonly used materials for packaging of shampoos are as follows:


Plastics are most widely used for packaging of shampoos. Plastic polymers like PET and polypropylene are mostly used.

These plastic polymers are durable and have good impact resistance.

They provide protection to the packaged shampoo during transit.

They are also chemically neutral and thus do not react with the chemicals in the shampoo which may otherwise contaminate it.

Plastics also have good barrier properties and protect the shampoo from damage due to exposure to external elements.


Paper packaging is becoming popular for eco-friendly shampoo packaging.

Manufacturers are realizing the importance of green packaging and the need to reduce plastic packaging waste.

Some brands are using recyclable paper for packaging of shampoos. These paper packagings are totally eco-friendly and compostable.

After use, they can be dumped in the compost pit and there will no signs of the original packaging at all.


Some shampoo manufacturers use metal packaging as an eco-friendlier alternative to plastic.

The metal packaging has very high durability and it provides excellent protection to the packaged shampoo from impact and abrasions during transit.

Metals are impermeable and have very good barrier properties.

This feature of metal packaging ensures that the shampoo is protected from external elements.

Metals are also recyclable and do not affect the environment adversely by creating non-degradable packaging waste.

Shampoo Packaging Design Tips

Some of the important considerations for designing attractive and safe packaging for shampoo are discussed below:

Durable and Protective Packaging

Shampoos are a liquid product which needs to be packaged securely.

The packaging for shampoo should be done using durable and impact-resistant products.

Use of such packaging materials provide strength and durability to the packaging and protects the shampoo from damage and contamination during transit.

Since the shampoos also contain chemicals it is important to select a chemical resistant material.

Such materials will not react with the chemicals in the shampoo thereby preventing any contamination of the product.

Shampoo like other cosmetic products is vulnerable to spoilage when exposed to external elements.

The packaging should be done using materials which have excellent barrier properties and protect the shampoo from contamination from moisture, oxygen, UV light, etc.

Minimalistic and Elegant Packaging

There is stiff competition in the shampoo market. Many brands are vying for a pie in the market share.

The packaging of the shampoo makes a considerable impact on differentiating the product from the competition and grabbing the customer’s attention.

The trend in shampoo packaging is of using minimalistic and simple packaging which are elegant.

The choice of colors, the use of monotones in fonts and illustrations, the use of minimal graphics, etc.

are being used by most of the brands. The minimalistic packaging enhances the look and feel of the product and gives it a more premium finish.

The customers can identify the shampoo from its packaging among other competitors and this helps to build brand awareness and recognition.

Clear Labeling

There is a different kind of shampoos in the market. Each variant is meant to be used for a specific hair type.

There are some shampoos with medicinal properties which are used as per prescription.

It is very important that the labeling of the shampoos clearly mention the ingredients used and the type of hair it is meant for.

Some customers may be allergic to specific chemicals. On reading the labels, they can make informed purchase decisions.

The date of manufacturing and the best before date should also be clearly mentioned to avoid any unpleasant experience by the customers.

Clear and honest labeling also helps the customers to purchase the product which is ideally suited for their hair type and get the most from the product.

Convenience for Customers

Shampoos should be packaged such that they offer convenience to the customers to open the packaging and use it.

Shampoo bottles will be used for a long time by the user and the packaging has to be designed ergonomically which provides ease to them while using it daily.

The dispensing mechanism should be simple and effective which makes it convenient for the customers to use it regularly without any unnecessary wastage.

The packaging can also be made transparent which helps the users to see the product from outside during purchasing it.

The transparent packaging helps them to check the usage and see how much of the shampoo is remaining based on which they can plan their purchases better.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is the new trend in shampoo packaging.

The brands are trying to differentiate from the competition and a green packaging which is conscious of the environment helps them get ahead from the competitors.

Many government regulations are also leading to brands adopting more green and eco-friendly packaging.

Most of the brands use plastic polymers like PET, polypropylene, etc.

which are completely recyclable and do not cause any damage to the environment.

Some manufacturers are also using packaging made from recycled paper which is totally compostable and leaves no sign of the original packaging.

Use of eco-friendly packaging creates a positive impact on the customers and influences them to purchase the product.

Examples of Good Shampoo Packaging

Some examples of good shampoo packaging are provided below:


Timotei shampoos come packaged in a soft fluid and feminine curved plastic packaging.

The shape makes the packaging attractive and also emphasizes the naturalness of the product.

The main ingredients of each shampoo variant are depicted on the front by photographs which makes it easier to understand. The curvy shape also makes the packaging ergonomic.

How to Design Packaging for Shampoo

Lange Shampoo

Lange shampoo’s packaging is very unique and highly innovative.

The packaging is done to avoid any unnecessary waste by adjusting the amount of shampoo to be used by the user’s hair length.

The bolt rotates which can be adjusted by the users to the ideal hair length they have.

The bolt height changes for each hair length and the amount of shampoo also changes according to the height of the bolt.

How to Design Packaging for Shampoo

Seed Shampoo

Seed shampoos have gone the extra mile to ensure green and eco-friendly packaging.

They make the bottles for the shampoo from recycled paper. The paper bottles can be put into the compost bin as they are compostable.

They can also be used to grow plants after use.

How to Design Packaging for Shampoo

Toni & Guy

Toni & Guy shampoos are packaged in attractive and alluring packaging.

These are dry shampoos and can be used instantly on the go to nourish and protect the hair.

The color of the containers are bold and vibrant and the use of customized typography adds to the uniqueness and brand building.

How to Design Packaging for Shampoo


Trichologist is professional hair care and scalp care shampoo.

The packaging is very innovative as it consists of a replaceable tube, portioning release, scalp massager, and a base meant for easy location.

The users can get a deep thorough massage and stimulation in blood flow by using the product.

How to Design Packaging for Shampoo

Blok Shampoo

Blok is a men’s shampoo range which makes use of quirky designs to attract customer’s attention.

Each fragrance of the shampoo resembles a different shape which is revealed after removing the label.

With its attractive packaging color and unique art, the bottle will be used long after the product is finished.

How to Design Packaging for Shampoo

Percy and Reed Dry Shampoo

Percy and Reed dry shampoo packaging speak of style and elegance.

The packaging tube resembles an artist’s sketchbook with hand-made illustrations in pencil.

The focus is on the hair of the feminine illustrations on the packaging highlighting the impact the product is likely to have on user’s hair.

How to Design Packaging for Shampoo

Oribe Shampoo

The Oribe shampoo comes packaged in a beautiful pink bottle with jewel-like faceting to add to the visual aesthetics.

The packaging is minimalistic and elegant. The design of the packaging bottle is attractive and ergonomic to use.

How to Design Packaging for Shampoo

NO HBO Shampoo

HBO’s product packaging is completely eco-friendly.

The shampoo instead of being packaged in a container comes packaged in shampoo balls which are completely compostable and biodegradable.

The packaging is made from sugarcane-derived plant plastic.

The packaging is water-soluble and the users have to place it under water for 2-4 seconds and then lather it on their hair.

The packaging dissolves and there is no product wastage and no unnecessary packaging waste for the environment too.

How to Design Packaging for Shampoo

Organic & Mineral

Organic & Mineral shampoo is packaged in the form of retro milk bottles shape.

The design in itself emphasizes what the product stands for- clean, natural, and nourishing.

The product packaging is simplistic but very elegant and attractive.

The customers can associate with and identify the product packaging amidst other product due to its uniqueness and shape.

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