Plastic is the most common and widely used packaging material. It is used for packaging different types of products. It is lightweight and cost-effective which adds to its popularity in the packaging industry.

The plastic packaging industry globally is expected to be valued at $269.60 billion by the year 2025. Plastic packaging is flexible packaging and offers many benefits to businesses.

It is durable and provides good protection for the packaged product. Plastic has excellent barrier properties and is chemically inert which prevents contamination of the product.

Plastic packaging boxes are lightweight and thus they help to reduce transportation costs. They are also eco-friendly and sustainable and can be easily recycled, thus eliminating the chances of the creation of non-biodegradable packaging waste which is harmful to the environment.

There are different shapes and sizes of plastic packaging boxes which are used for packaging different products depending on their suitability. Some of the most commonly used types of plastic packaging boxes are discussed below:

Which Shape Should I Use for Plastic Packaging Boxes (Pros & Cons)

Square Plastic Packaging Boxes

Square plastic packaging boxes are one of the most popular and commonly used for packaging different products. They are symmetrical and look pleasing to the eye.

Due to their symmetrical shape, they can stand out from the competition on the retail shelves and capture the attention of the customers. Another advantage of using square plastic packaging boxes is that they consume at least 25% lesser space than round packaging boxes.

This helps to ensure that a greater volume of products can be displayed on the retail shelves which can contribute towards increased sales.

Using square plastic packaging boxes also makes it convenient for retail stores to forklift them for storage. Packaging boxes of other shapes will be comparatively difficult to forklift.

Square-shaped plastic packaging boxes can be neatly stacked on top of one another which saves storage space in the warehouse.

Which Shape Should I Use for Plastic Packaging Boxes (Pros & Cons)

This stackable nature of square packaging boxes comes in very handy during transportation also, as they occupy lesser space and a hence greater volume of products can be shipped with the same fuel.

This also reduces the transportation costs and carbon footprints of the product.

Manufacturing square plastic packaging boxes is very convenient. It does not involve any complex shapes and consists of only straight folds and creases.

The production of these boxes can thus be done quicker compared to packaging boxes of more complex shapes. Wastage of materials is also minimal in manufacturing square packaging boxes.

As these boxes involve only straightforward cuts due to symmetrical design, setting up machines for manufacturing is also relatively easier. The structure of square boxes gives them more strength and durability than other shaped plastic boxes.

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They can handle a higher amount of stress and tension due to the inherent geometry of their shapes. Square-shaped is one of the most efficient and popular options in the packaging industry.

Rectangular Plastic Packaging Boxes

Which Shape Should I Use for Plastic Packaging Boxes (Pros & Cons)

Rectangular plastic packaging boxes are also widely used in the packaging industry. These boxes offer many benefits which are as follows:

  • Due to their simple and non-complex shape, the rectangular packaging boxes are easy to design and manufacture. The die-lines are easy to design and due to their convenient shape, rectangular packaging boxes can be manufactured quickly in bulk. This also makes them more cost-effective compared to complex-shaped packaging boxes.
  • Packing the product in rectangular-shaped plastic packaging boxes is also convenient.
  • These packaging boxes are easy to open and access the products from. They generally use flaps to secure the product, which can be conveniently opened for unboxing.
  • These boxes are spacious and can be easily subdivided into different sections for packaging different parts of a product. Different components of a product can be organized easily using rectangular plastic packaging boxes.
  • Rectangular plastic packaging boxes are great for gift packaging. Due to their simple shape, they are very convenient to gift wraps, which provides an elegant and premium feel to the packaged product.
  • These packaging boxes take lesser space compared to a circular or other complex-shaped box. They can be stacked easily and are thus very convenient to transport.
  • Due to their solid and basic shape, rectangular plastic packaging boxes provide excellent branding compatibility. Graphics and branding elements can be printed on plain rectangular surfaces for making the maximum impact on the customers.

Oval and Pillow Plastic Packaging Boxes

Oval and pillow plastic packaging boxes are a basic yet effective type of packaging. They provide many benefits to businesses and customers which are as follows:Which Shape Should I Use for Plastic Packaging Boxes (Pros & Cons)


Plastic pillow packaging boxes are easy to manufacture and are also cost-effective. It uses lesser raw materials for production and cuts down the manufacturing cost.

This results in plastic pillow boxes being cost-effective. It also helps businesses to keep their cost of packaging lower by using pillow-plastic boxes as they do not have to use many layers of packaging.

They can pass on the reduced cost benefits to their customers.

Highly Versatile

Another highlight of the oval and pillow plastic packaging box is its versatility. They can be used for packaging different types of products.

It is also easy to manufacture and customize based on the client’s requirements.

The clients can use different types of inks and graphics to create a strong branding statement. Pillow boxes can also be turned into festive packaging boxes. Customers can access the product easily without having to unwrap multiple layers of packaging.

Transparent and Gives Easy Access

Plastic pillow boxes are transparent and provide a clear view of the packaged product to the customers.

They can check the packaged product and assess its quality from the outside without having to open the packaging box. This helps them to make informed buying decisions.

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The transparent pillow packaging box makes the entire packaging more elegant and visually appealing to the customers. It also makes the product look more premium and sophisticated.

Easy Customization Options

Oval and pillow packaging boxes can be customized in different ways. They can be designed in different shapes, sizes, colors, etc.

They can also consist of die cuts on the front face which allows the customers to see the packaged product from outside. They also offer excellent compatibility for designing and branding on them.

Suitable for a Variety of Products

Pillow boxes can be used for packaging a wide range of products. They can be manufactured in different sizes ideal for packaging multiple products.

They can be used to package products ranging from gift items, food products, stationery, jewelry, etc. Plastic pillow packaging boxes are compact and take minimal space on the retail shelves. They can be designed to stand upright on their base or sides which helps to capture customer’s attention.

They also provide a good degree of protection to the packaged product and protect them during transportation and also from external weather elements.

Sleeves Plastic Packaging Boxes

Sleeved plastic packaging boxes are a basic form of packaging. They are used to package clothes, stationery, gift products, etc.

Clear View of the Product

One of the biggest advantages of using sleeves plastic packaging boxes is that they provide a clear view of the product to the customers.

The sleeve is transparent which allows the customers to see through it and check the product.

This not only provides a premium feel to the product; it also helps the customers to check the packaged product without having to open the packaging.

These packaging boxes are ideal for packaging gift items, cosmetics, personal care products, clothes, etc.

Easy to Unbox

Sleeved plastic packaging boxes are easy to assemble and are equally convenient to unbox for the end users. These packaging boxes have a stable base upon which plastic sleeves are locked into.

The sleeve can be slid over the base or it can be locked to the vacuum-formed tray in a tamper-proof manner. The end users can simply slide the plastic sleeve over the base, to unbox the packaged product.

This is a good example of minimal packaging, avoiding unnecessary layers which not only add to the cost of packaging but also add to unwanted packaging waste.

Tamper Proof Packaging

Printed plastic sleeve packaging is tamper-proof and provides excellent protection for the packaged product. The plastic sleeve and the vacuum-formed tray are locked together for making it tamper-proof packaging.

There is no additional glue or taping needed to hold the packaging together.

The assembly of a plastic sleeve on the vacuum-formed tray is quick and efficient. Such packaging is ideal when the packaged product needs higher protection during transit or in retail stores.

Plastic being chemically inert, does not react with the packaged product, eliminating the risk of any form of contamination. Hence, sleeve plastic packaging is not only tampered-proof, but it is also contamination-proof.

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Plastic Packaging Boxes with Pop-n-Lock

Plastic packaging boxes with the pop-n-lock feature are simple but very effective packaging boxes. Some of the key benefits of using these plastic packaging boxes are discussed below:

Easy and Efficient Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing plastic packaging boxes with pop-n-lock is easy and also energy efficient. The manufacturing process requires lesser raw materials to manufacture and also consumes lower energy which makes it energy efficient.Which Shape Should I Use for Plastic Packaging Boxes (Pros & Cons)

This helps you to save money on both raw material costs and energy bills. In addition to being energy efficient, pop-n-lock plastic packaging boxes are also eco-friendly. It is estimated that per 10,000 pallets utilized, the net release of CO2 for stretch wrap packaging is 6,364Kgs, while it is only 18Kgs for lock-n-pop plastic packaging.

For 10,000 pallets used, stretch wrap packaging produces 5 cubic meters of solid waste compared to only 0.03 cubic meters for lock-n-pop packaging.

Durable and Appealing Packaging

Plastic packaging boxes with pop-n-lock features are not only durable but they are also visually appealing.

These are crystal clear plastic boxes that allow manufacturers to showcase their products in an attractive manner.

It makes it ideal for packaging gift products and other premium items like jewelry and cosmetics for capturing customer’s attention. Most of these boxes are made from high-impact resistant formulations, which provide good protection to the packaged products.

They also do not crack or break easily. Generally, these plastic packaging boxes are made using anti-static plastic, which reduces or eliminates any charge build-up.

Easy Assembly and Opening

Plastic packaging boxes with the pop-n-lock feature are easy to assemble. They come with clear fold lines and automatically form and lock into place which makes their assembly very convenient.

The pop-n-lock feature securely locks the bottom of the packaging box.

These types of plastic packaging boxes can be easily opened by the end user by removing the locking flaps on the top. The customers do not have to deal with heavy and multiple layers of packaging which enhances the utility of the packaging box.

Plastic Packaging Boxes with Hang Hole

Plastic packaging boxes with hang holes provide utility to the end user. It offers many different types of advantages over other packaging forms. Some of the major benefits of using plastic packaging boxes with hang holes are as follows:

Increased Visibility

These packaging boxes come with a hang hole on top of the packaging box which is used for hanging it from a wall mount. This feature helps to increase the visibility of products drastically as they can be placed in strategic locations other than the regular retail shelves.Which Shape Should I Use for Plastic Packaging Boxes (Pros & Cons)

They can be hung in different locations like the aisles, behind the billing counter, etc. To catch customers’ attention, they allow you high versatility for using different types of graphics and design elements.

The packaging box can be fully customized according to your needs.

Clear Packaging

Plastic packaging boxes with hang holes are transparent and provide a good look at the packaged product to the customers.

This lets your customers easily verify and inspect the product without the hassle of opening the packaging.

This guarantees a positive experience to the potential customers and they can make informed buying decisions.

In addition to this, these types of packaging boxes are durable and provide tamper-proof packaging for products to provide them better protection during transportation and external weather elements.

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