Aesthetically designed subscription box packages can carry your brand and products to a higher altitude.

This package should reflect that it carries something worthy for the recipients.

The size has to suit the products in a perfect manner. However, refrain from making it oversized that will make the products to float inside.

Likewise, the package should not be so small that it the seams seem to burst out.

The ideal approach to select the subscription box design

Ideally, the subscription box packages need to appear clean and well organized. It must reflect that adequate attention has been paid to the appearance and design of the box.

The appearance and the feel of these packages should serve as a preface to the item packed inside. Remember, it is going to serve as the first point of impression for your brand before the new subscribers.

Hence, you should use this resource as an instrument to create a positive and lasting impression.

Guidelines to get the most appealing designs for subscription box packages

The primary point of focus in this context is the use of materials.

This is determined by factors like the item packed inside the box, as well as the weight and dimensions of the product. While brainstorming about the subscription box package, the following options will be worthy of consideration:

  •    Mailer Box:  it is probably the best option as the package for subscription boxes. These boxes are more rigid and heavier, compared with the boxes made with paper boards. These boxes are sturdy enough to offer adequate protection to the stuff inside. This work across the steps like shipping and the receipt by the recipient. You will inevitably find the E-commerce providers using these boxes to deliver orders to their customers. The top packaging solution designers can assist you to get unique and customized mailer boxes. With these professionals, you can explore widespread options based on their sizes, design, as well as colors and quantity. Such customized packages will enable you to give the most impressive first impression on your subscribers.
  •    Shipping Boxes: if you emphasize protecting the items inside, this is the perfect solution. These boxes come with more heft than in the mailer boxes. In addition, these boxes are corrugated that makes it robust. It is possible to give unique and appealing styles and designs to the packages as per your branding style and policies. You can avail these boxes in various colors, shapes, and design.
  •    Paperboard Box: if you want to send general items to the recipients, paperboard boxes make the best choice. These boxes are suitable for lightweight materials. Typically, these boxes are used by beauty product brands, makeup item suppliers and, providers of similar products. However, in the opinion of some packaging design experts, paperboard boxes are not the ideal pick as subscription box packages, even if it gives a good display of the items inside.
  •    Padded Bubble Mailers: these packages are suitable to deliver items that are very small. Typically, these are heavy bags and envelops that comes with a layer of padded bubbles. When you are looking for the most economical subscription box packages, this is the best option to opt for. However, the recipient may not get a candid experience, opening these packages.

In addition to the options stated above, there can be various other alternatives for packaging subscription boxes. The choice will depend on the nature and specifications of the product to be sent.

Also, you need to consider, the profile of the recipients and the distance of shipping as well as the shipping charges.

Key points to consider before you determine the subscription box package design

Your recipient is more influenced by the style you present your products, rather than the item itself. So, while deciding the subscription box package design, you need to give good consideration to this point.

Even before exploring the items inside, it is the appearance of the package that the recipient will pursue. Hence, use this as a tool to develop a nice impression of your brand. It will make him/her more engaged with your brand.

Expert advice about subscription box’s appearance

  •    The design has to speak something relevant about your business, brand, and product. So, the design elements need to compliment these points. It should work in tandem with your branding policies.
  •    Use the patterns and design on the package that people likes and appreciates, irrespective of their profile, age, gender, and other factors.
  •    Decide the subscription package design in a manner that subscribers should never face issues in opening it. If they do so, it is possible that they would develop a negative first impression of your brand.
  •    The colors need to be sober and universally appealing. In addition, prioritize on such colors and shades that are anticipated to create the best impression on the recipients. For example, if the recipient is a female, the use of colors like Red and Pink is advised as women are fond of these colors. However, always play a balanced game in this regard.
  •    Inscribe some customized messages on the packages. This will act as a feel-good factor, as the recipient will open the packages. People always appreciate being treated in a special and caring manner.
  •    Don’t compromise on the safety of the items for the sake of design. You might impress the recipient with the unique and exclusive appearance of the package. However, if he/she gets a damaged item inside, it will take a moment for the positive impression to shatter.

You can certainly afford to try some options regarding the design and appearance of the subscription box packages before you standardize the specifications in this regard.

Most importantly, always maintain pace with the prevailing trends in this regard.

The right design and appearance for the subscription box package will surely consolidate the engagement of the subscriber with your brand. After all, engaged and loyal customers are the most important resource in a business.

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