Plastic package designs and pattern has a significant role to play in popularizing the product, packed inside the package. It is always said that the first impression is always a lasting impression.

This is probably the most stringent challenge that emerges in the path of any marketer while marketing their products.

How to create a compelling and appealing first impression that will push the prospective buyers to buy the products? Well, the solution lies with the package.

A unique and appealing package design will have a stronger appeal to the buyers about buying the products. This is what drives designers of packaging solutions to develop unique and exclusive packages.

How to constantly develop and nurture unique and exclusive plastic package patterns? There is always a limitation to the extent of imaginations. Trends in packaging designs keep changing at a drastic pace.

All these factors make the task for plastic packaging designers, all the more challenging. However, there are some simple solutions that will enable you to overcome these issues.

This way, you can keep developing the most appealing plastic packaging designs that will compel the prospective buyers to actually buy the products, wrapped inside the package.

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Plastic Package: How to Choose Best Patterns for Plastic Packaging Design?

Common sources of Inspiration for plastic package design

  •    Keep an eye on the packages for the products you are buying yourself. It is likely that the designs in such packages can give you some unique design ideas.
  •    Check the digital resource libraries that come integrated with various design software. You can either use the basic design or customize the basic designs, as per needs.
  •    Keep flipping through the offline and online newspapers as well as the magazines, checking the advertisements for various products. This will enable you to explore what your counterparts from all around the world, are thinking about plastic package designs. This is a simple yet effective way to keep pace with the trends in packaging designs.
  •    Join communities of designers and keep sharing your ideas and works with your counterparts. This is a wonderful way to learn new design techniques as well as to get better insights and inspiration about package designs.

Try some derivations of your earlier works, changing some of the attributes and features.

  •    Experiment with layout, design, color as well as themes to convince unique and appealing designs for plastic packaging solutions.
  •    Encourage your existing and prospective buyers to suggest some designs and styles for the packages of your products. This will not only fetch some unique ideas but comes effective in earning engagement with the customers. This is a simple yet effective way to retain the attention of the customers. You can even offer some rewards to drive more participation in the mass.

How to Choose Patterns for Plastic Packaging Design?

Key points to remember, while you brainstorm for the designs of the packages

You need to define the visual style of your brand

Conceiving the designs of the plastic packages for your products is never an act of fantasy. Though it is majorly about giving shape to your ideas, however, it is important that you aim to set a visual style that will represent your brand.

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This is conceptually right, as one of the key purposes of package design is to contribute to the task of branding. Thus, you need to develop some unique and exclusive traits that will help prospective buyers to relate to your brand.

This is to be done, keeping parity with your branding policies. Remember, the design you use should relate to your brand and should give some impression about your organizational value, vision and business approaches.

In this regard, it will be wise to try various designs and check the ones that appeal the most to the target customers. You can standardize the most popular options at a later stage.

However, the task to conceive and develop new designs for the packages should go on on an ongoing basis.

It is important that you know your customers

The most important point in this context is that you need to have a clear and precise understanding of the profiles and the behavior of your target customers.

For instance, you need to explore their profiles, age group, occupations, areas of interest, as well as choices for colors and the designs and styles that appeals to them the most.

You should opt for those designs and styles that relate most relevantly to the profiles and choices of your target audience.

You can certainly document the findings in this regard that will influence and inspire you more unique and exclusive designs for the forthcoming times.

Plastic Package: How to Choose Best Patterns for Plastic Packaging Design?

Pick and curate the patterns that match and compliments your brand style

After you have standardized your brand style, it is time for you to look for compatible design ideas. You should always pick those patterns, colors, and styles that complement your brand statement and style.

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A relevant point to state in this context is that, don’t just overdo things. Don’t make the product packages saturated with your creativity as it will look clumsy.

Remember, the safest approach is to play a balanced and minimal game. One thing that you must keep in mind is that you should not deviate out of your brand style.

It is expected that you stick to your branding policies for selecting the product package patterns and designs.

This holds true, irrespective of what enticing and appealing it appears. After all, the package design is an identity of your brand.

Simple ways to customize the product packages

  • Customize the textures, texts, and colors to match your Brand.
  • Opt for the colors that are closely related to your brand, business signs, and symbols.
  • It will be wonderful if you add some text to the preferred typeface for your brand.
  • You may try to include your business logo. You have the option to use the logo in the original version, or you may opt for its monogram or miniature forms.
  • Trying customized graphics and illustrations can significantly enhance the appeal of the product packages.

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