As evident with any other lines of industries, these days, the packaging industry also adopts the use of design software to a large extent.

The appeals in package play a major role in popularizing any product. Hence, providers of various products aspire unique designs for product packages.

It is expected to make a compelling call to prospective buyers. Using design software, it is possible to get the widest options in that regard.

In addition, the software enables one to enhance product packaging quality.

Similarly, the packaging solution provider has achieved higher operational efficiency. As such, the rising demand for packaging design applications is obvious and justified.

You should always opt for the most efficient Product package design software

Today, the market is stuffed with an inexhaustible collection for these applications. All these software comes with their respective features, pros, and cons. Hence, before opting for one, you should give good consideration to these points.

You need to opt for the one that perfectly suits your intended use. In addition, the software should have something really significant values to offer.

Hence, it makes sense to review some of the most common software that is used in the packaging industry. This will make it easier for you to pick the one that best fits your needs.

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Review of the best software for packaging box designs

Manage Artworks

This Manage Artworks software for packaging box by Karomi Technology is one of the most popular and sought-after applications in its category. The starting price for this application is 550 USD.

Software for Packaging Box Design (2021 Review)

  • this is basically a cloud-based product package design software for product packages. It can handle the entire scope of works between the conception to the product package launching.
  • In the opinion of the designers, this software is capable to streamline the process to develop unique artworks. It also enhances their efficiency by a significant extent.
  • A gallant feature of the application is that It allows the users to share the files between cross-functional departments.

With tons of unique features and functions, it really makes sense to invest in these applications. It is for sure that the return will be the most fascinating one.


  •    Facilitates collaboration between cross-functional teams.
  •    Facilitates efficient proofread the label prior to production.
  •    The software features precise performance.


The user interface is confusing. It is because there are multiple ways to move between different functions. This makes it difficult for the starters to adapt to its use and features.

Strata Design 3D CX

Strata Design 3D CX is a professional-level software, compatible with 3D modeling features. This application is capable to import and work upon designs from 3rd parties.

The software is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and features palletization properties. Additional features include specification and inventory management functions.

Software for Packaging Box Design (2021 Review)

With its precise control functions, the application enables the users to give a more realistic look to the design. This software is suitable for starters and pro-level users alike.

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The starting price for this software is 595 USD.


  •    Features 3D modeling functions.
  •    Aids in manipulating the basic design to various deviations. Thus, with this application, you are never short of alternatives.
  •    Offers the highest customization options on  the designs
  •    The developer has a reputation for offering extensive and delightful support services.


  •    Some users found minor issues in comprehending the way for the arrangements of the layers.
  •    It is likely to render a longer time, to develop high-resolution images.


Box It Now

The discussion about the best packaging design software will be incomplete if no mention is given to this application. Box It Now comes loaded with various features.

There are functions that enhance operational efficiency. It is suitable to produce the most unique and appealing designs for packaging solutions.

Software for Packaging Box Design (2021 Review)

Used across various lines of industries, this application features compatibility with Web, Cloud as well as SaaS technologies.

The software enjoys the designer’s confidence and trust, as It is simple to use. The minimum price to pay for this application is 60 USD.


  •    Can visualize designs in 3D, subsequently, export and share the designs.
  •    Comes with various pre-set design in its library.


No significant downside was explored in the course of the review.

EngView Suite

This packaging design software is intended for the display and package designers. EngView Suite is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

Software for Packaging Box Design (2021 Review)

The software comes very effective in designing displays as well as packages from rigid boards, paper boards as well as plastic boards. The application works based on its Parametric components.

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This 3D modeling application is very effective for drafting and developing designs. It comes with an integrated Resource library.

An ideal application that streamlines the estimation and preparation of quotes. You should a minimum budget of 100 USD for this application.


  •    Suitable for use for users with all ranges of skills and expertise
  •    Fascinating Support services.


Don’t feature specification and inventory management functions


This is a robust and comprehensive packaging design software. Packly offers the most effective assistance across all the steps to design and develop packaging solutions.

Using this application, you can develop the best quality packages with unique design, in lesser than 48 hours.

Software for Packaging Box Design (2021 Review)

Thus, adopting this application, you can significantly enhance the productivity and efficiency.

This application is widely used by design agencies, designers, as well as providers of branded products. In addition, cutting plotter producers also use this application.

The software can be deployed on Web, SaasS as well as cloud platforms. You require to pay 16.9 USD one time per user to avail this robust software.


  •    Compatible with multiple operating systems
  •    The provider is offering a free trial for the initial users. After the free trial period, you can opt for monthly or yearly billing plans.


Missing common features like in-store visualization that are available in other applications of the same category.

These applications enjoy the faith and trust of millions of users from all around the globe. Hence, picking these options assures that you are going to get the best values in return for your money.


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