The best plastic package of underwear will stimulate buyers to buy the product.

It is for this reason, intimate apparel providers thrive for the most enticing and appealing designs for their product package.

This requires you to do things that will fit with the nature of the product and speak some significant information about the product.

Likewise, you need to customize the package, based on the profile of the buyers.

For example, what works fine with the package of ladies underwear, don’t suit the undergarments for men.

So, you need to consider the prospective profile of the buyers to take the final call in this regard.

The package needs to be robust to offer adequate protection to the item

While dealing with undergarments, take special care about the “insider stories”.

Put in simple words, the package needs to be sturdy enough to offer adequate and robust protection for the item packed inside the package.

You will end up making the worst impression, if your buyer receives something damaged, after opening the package.

So, it is very important that you get the basic right, which is to ensure that delivery of the product in the perfect state. Anything that contradicts this, will surely hamper your impression.

Try to eliminate all the unnecessary components of the package

While designing the package, remember, all the package components should be there with specific functions to perform. It has to perform either a protective or an aesthetic function.

This will enable you to make the designed streamlined so that buyers can be given the best unboxing experience. Inclusion of unwanted components will make the package complicated that buyers will not appreciate.

In addition, such approaches will make the package heavier that will enhance the packaging expenses and attract more shipping expenses.

On the other hand, when you keep the packaging streamlined and minimal, you can reduce the overheads that will enable you to market superior grade products at a mass level price.

Once such a thing happens, you will never need to look back as a brand.

How to Design Plastic Underwear Packaging Box

Keep the package dimensions sleek and trim

One very crucial point about designing the plastic package for undergarments is that you should give it a sleek and trim appearance.

This will make it easier for the buyers to store it.How to Design Plastic Underwear Packaging Box

This will surely give a nice impression about your brand to the buyers and will boost the engagement of the buyers to your brand.

In addition, irrespective of the nature of the item inside, sleek and trim packages trigger better visual effects to appeal stronger to the customers about buying the product.

Another advantage of taking this approach is that you can reduce the packaging expenses and boost your book profits, even charging a reasonable price for your products.

This is a simple measure that can go a long way at the end. 

Printing an image on the product package is absolutely a must

As undergarments have something in relation to fashion, the use of pictures on the plastic packages is certainly endorsed.

This will display an impression of the actual shape and design of the undergarments.

Remember, buyers are not ready to make the slightest compromises with the comfort of the undergarments.

The shape and design of the undergarments are the major determinants of comfort it offers.

So, when the picture of the actual products is printed on the package, it will strongly convince the buyers about buying the product.

All the undergarment brands are playing this trick, and hence, you cannot afford to do something exceptional, at least in this regard.

How to Design Plastic Underwear Packaging Box

Men’s range, or for ladies?

Another factor that will determine the design and the color of the package is if the undergarment packed inside is for men, or for women.

If it is for men use solid colors that are is anticipated to appeal more to them.

On the other hand, the package for ladies intimate apparel should make use of more striking colors.

Make it a bit revealing

While packing undergarments, try, if you can give the package a revealing look.

This is to imply, buyers should be able to see some parts of the item, even without opening the package completely.

As people are very skeptical about the design and the look of the undergarments, this revealing story can convince them a lot, as they get real-time exposure to the product.

This is one of the reasons for which, plastic packaging ideally suits the undergarments.

Use the package to convey some relevant information

You must use the package to deliver relevant information to the buyers.

For example, you can print the ideal washing instructions. Likewise, if the same range comes in various colors and designs, you can even print the pictures for the various designs and shades.

This will promote the entire portfolio of the product before the buyers.

Likewise, you can even mention something about the development of the product, the manufacturing excerpts, information about your upcoming products and similar other facts.

This will make the package all the more appealing to the buyers and they will value the culture of your brand.

How to Design Plastic Underwear Packaging Box

Thrive to give the best unboxing experience to the buyers

Your focus should be on offering the best unboxing experience to the buyers.

You can try some very basic, but effective measures that will give a feel-good factor to the buyers.

For example, you may try to wrap it inside another thin inside package. The few more seconds that the buyer will take in eliminating the inside layer, will trigger more excitements.

Be very sure about the profile of your target customers. The design and appearance of the plastic package should perfectly suit their likings, choices, and aspirations.

Most importantly, the package design should comply with your branding style and branding policies and should always uphold the culture that your organization promotes.

It is for sure, these simple steps can go a long way in designing the most suitable plastic packages for your undergarments brand.

How to Design Plastic Underwear Packaging Box

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