If cookies are to be made more enticing, you don’t have alternatives than to make the packages more appealing.

These days, plastic packages dominate over all other packaging materials.

The food industry is not an exception in that regard.

However, with all the providers using a similar kind of packaging, you must think something out of the box that will compel the buyers to buy your products.

How should you approach this task? Paragraphs underneath have the answers to this question.

The plastic package has to ensure adequate food safety standards

While brainstorming about the plastic package for cookies, remember, you are dealing with food items. So, you must comply with the prescribed food safety standards.

Usually, HDPE material is endorsed for such packages.

It is because such material will never trigger some adverse effects on the food packed inside.

In this regard, you must comply with the standards prescribed by the competent regulatory bodies in your area.

This is regulatory compliance that you must comply, as per the license issued in your company’s name to deal with food products.

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Mismatch in this regard can trigger the most unwanted outcomes.


How to Design Plastic Cookies Packaging Box

The plastic package needs to offer adequate protection to the cookies

Assume yourself in a position that you open a box of cookies and you discover shattered and broken pieces. It requires no knowledge of rocket science to state that you will feel furious.

For sure, you will develop the worst impression of the brand. You will feel, the provider is not that careful to ensure that the buyers get the delivery of the products in the right state.

So, how do you expect a different reaction from your customers, in an identical situation?

Therefore, it is important that you take adequate measures in this regard.

The package should be robust enough to offer adequate protection to the cookies so that customers never unbox to find some broken pieces. Usually, providers cover the cookies with an additional layer, inside the outside package.

The additional layer will not only offer added protection to the item but, acts in triggering more excitement, as the buyer opens the package.

How to Design Plastic Cookies Packaging Box


Plastic packages of cookies should state information regarding the ingredients of the product

Again, a statutory enactment about packages for all types of food items is that it must read out information regarding the major ingredients involved in the manufacturing.

People are likely to have allergies towards certain items.

The information about major ingredients will help the buyer to determine, he/she should consume such items or not. This is not a matter of choice, but, a compulsory point that you must comply with these points.

On the other hand, it has to play some mind games on the buyers as well.

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If you are transparent and honest in this regard, it will earn you the reliance and faith of the prospective buyers.

This is likely to speed up sales, as people will feel confident about your products.


Use pictures of the actual products on the package

The effect of cookies is so intense on your taste buds that even its picture set you for a mouth-watering feeling.

So, the cooky package must include the picture of it that will set a stronger effect on the buyers.

This is a simple yet effective measure to present your product in a much appealing way before the prospective buyers.

This will give the buyers a complete understanding of the product inside and it will set them for an exciting unboxing experience.

You will inevitably find packages for similar products to comply with this point. 

The shape and size of the package should be adequate with the volume of the cookies

Though you can opt for plastic pet jars or usual plastic sachets, the size and shape of the package should be adequate with the volume of the cookies inside.

In this regard, the package should seem like overly stuffed or excessively large, in compassion with the volume of the content inside.

This is one of the key points to consider before you decide on the package. After all, it is the package itself that makes the product to sell. 

How to Design Plastic Cookies Packaging Box

Decide the package look as per the profile of the target customers

Though, cookies appeal universally to all consumers, irrespective of their ages and profiles, however, the fact is, not all the items in the range will be meant for all buyers.

For example, if the target customers for some of the varieties are the young and young adults, you should opt for a design that would appeal to these profiles of buyers.

Likewise, the varieties meant for elderly people should ideally reflect some classic aspects.

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This will surely entice the buyers to buy your products, over other alternatives.

Have some information regarding the product, on the package

Delicacy is that much a mind game as it is on the taste buds. So, you need to make the package that appealing that will provoke the thought process of the buyers.

One simple thing to try is to print something relevant regarding the product. For instance, what made you develop that range? How your products are different from those of the competitors?

This small information can go a long way to call for more attraction of the prospective buyers.

Likewise, you can even serve other information regarding your business and brand that will make the packages to appear all the more appealing.

Most importantly, ensure that your customers are making a fine unboxing experience.

To make things happen that way, you must deliver inside the package that you preach. Rather, the customers should get something extra than what you canvas for your products.

You can even include a business card inside the package, stating a note of thanks to the customer for buying your product.

All these gestures perform a solid task to make your product more appealing as well as boost the engagement with the customers.

How to Design Plastic Cookies Packaging Box


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