The packaging of the product needs to be both eye-catching and secure.

Do you know which type of packaging material helps you to achieve this? Do you have any idea about plastic packaging?

Plastic packaging is known as the king in packaging industries.

According to the market report of Fredonia Group, plastic packaging represents almost 65% of the plastic packaging market. In 2019, it is expected that this market will reach to the next level and grow nearly 20%.

We know it is not a simple task to create attractive plastic packaging.

We have created thousands of therefrom packaging designs for different industries, and we know it is not the game of unprofessional people.

It is difficult to understand which type of design and packaging material will increase the sale value of your product.

Various considerations help you to understand the needs of your business and packaging design for your product.

This is the article in which you can get the answer to your every question that you can face while selecting the packaging design for your product and the questions that you should face as a small business owner.

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For which type of materials, plastic packaging is suitable?

According to the standards and requirements of the market, different points should be fulfilled by the small business owner.

Below, there are different categories of packaging and the packaging design all depend on your own choice. The categories of small businesses are

  • Cosmetics: as compared to other marketing products, cosmetics packaging needs more creative designs that can successfully attract consumers. Packaging suppliers should not ignore tamper resistance while creating packaging of cosmetic items.
  • Food: no matter if it is the packaging for stock or retailing products. if you are running the business of easy-to-eat food items then the product packaging of food items must meet the needs of sanitation and strict protection requirements.
  • Mobile phones: not every cell phone has the same body, and every mobile requires one type of packaging that resembles the design. Custom packaging designs in clamshell or plastic material can provide 100% shield for the product. Plastic packaging designs require less effort for an opening while blister or clamshell packaging designs reduce the overall value of the product.
  • Medical products: for storing surgical instruments and other medical devices, the importance of medical packaging is increasing day-by-day. select plastic packaging for your pharmaceutical products that are strictly sterilized and protective, and it can keep germs away from your medical products.
  • Electronic products: packaging of electronic products is different as compared to other types of small businesses. The packaging of electric products must need to meet various requirements such as packaging design for electric must reduce static charges effectively.
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How to Select Plastic Packaging for Small Business?

Packaging design communicates everything about the product and your business.

There are different fundamental values that you should keep in mind while choosing the packaging design for your company, industry, or brand. These elements are

  1. Text
  2. Graphics
  3. Shape
  4. Size
  5. Color combination of the design
  6. Material

What is the purpose of these elements?

Each element of product packaging defines something about your business in both ways. It helps your product to stand it on its own. The things that these elements represent your brand are

  • What is the purpose of your product?
  • To whom your product is marketed to?
  • Values of your brand
  • What is the mantra of your brand?

What points should you keep in mind while choosing a plastic packaging supplier for your business?

As a small business owner, it becomes difficult to approach an acceptable and highly professional packaging supplier.

How to Select Plastic Packaging for Small Business?

There are different points that you should keep it in your mind while selecting a packaging supplier for your small business. The list of those points is

  • Competitive range of price: as a small business owner, you cannot afford expensive packaging. Go for that plastic packaging supplier that is easily affordable for you in your future. Go with the supplier who is offering a competitive price range
  • Packaging design must meet the needs or regulation of compliances
  • Ability to serve you at the initial stages of your business: no one knows if your business is going to beat the standards of other businesses or it just sinks at its initial stages. Get all the information about your packaging supplier before making a contract. Does your packaging supplier supply plastic packaging to large firms? It’s best to go with someone who doesn’t have to grow themselves for meeting the list of your requirements
  • Go with someone that offers the services of inventory management and warehousing
  • The sales team of your packaging supplier must be active and responsive
  • Go with the supplier who is dedicated to the growth of your business
  • The technical proficiency of the supplier’s team: a good packaging supplier knows everything about your product, and he can offer you the best description of your product. After all, the packaging of your product is not lie in the area of your expertise
  • Fast and on-time delivery: when you place an order for the packaging material of the product, its clear meaning is that you need it shortly for the sale of your product. So carefully select the supplier and go for one who is always on time and provide fast deliveries
  • Consistency is considered as the main key to any successful business. Select the packaging supplier who offers a consistent quality of plastic packaging
  • Meeting with the specifications of different products is not easy, and the best supplier knows how to meet the line of specifications of your product
  • A supplier must offer accurate and understandable documents of invoices
  • A packaging supplier must know how to give you the reports of shipping documents
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Questionnaires that you should answer to your supplier

How to Select Plastic Packaging for Small Business?

There are also some questions that your supplier can ask you about your business such as

  1. When will your product be sold in the market?
  2. What is different in your product?
  3. How your product is superior as compared to your competitors?
  4. How do you want to sign a contract?
  5. What is the expertise of your business?
  6. What is the selling margin of your product?
  7. In which season, your product is highly demanded?
  8. Are you facing any priority issues right now?
  9. Do you need texts or labels?
  10. How do you want to purchase plastic packaging? Do you need it in the bulky form or convenient form?
  11. What should be the size of your product packaging?
  12. Do you need stock packaging that is always available in predetermined sizes?

Last Step

After answering every question, your final step is consulting your packaging specialist.

if you have started a new business then it is a little bit challenging to meet the demands of the market.

A packaging specialist team has complete knowledge about the industry, and they will help you in better ways of designing the packaging of your product.


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