There can be no doubt regarding the fact that e-commerce is depending on aesthetic packaging.

The sale of physical products not only depends upon how good the product is but also on how good the packaging of the respective item is.

Therefore, it is just to state that e-commerce success is dependent on ideal packaging, whether it is plastic, cardboard or glass.

The best thing about plastic packaging is that it provides a lot of options. Moreover, plastics are energy efficient. They are lighter in weight and easy to manufacture.

By using just 2 pounds of plastics, is able to deliver 10 gallons of a beverage. However, if you are manufacturing the same content with steel, aluminium or glass, more material and energy will be required.

Plastic Packaging Materials

There are many types of plastics that are used efficiently in plastic packaging.  HDPE, LDPE, PET and PETE are among the common types that are used in plastic packaging. Every type has its own respective property.

The widest type of plastic used in plastic packaging is HDPE. High-Density Polyethylene HDPE can be moulded into different types of shapes.

They have a certain type of stiffness along with good barrier properties that make it chemical resistance. Numerous industrial bottles and containers are made with HDPE along with packaging items for e-commerce purposes.

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Low-Density Polyethylene LDPE is another common plastic packaging material that has a flexible nature, relatively transparent. It is tough and flexible, commonly wrapped around items to ensure their safety. LDPE is used as bottle lids to seal items.

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Polyethene Terephthalate (PET, PETE) serves as a good moisture barrier. They are clear and tough which makes them suitable for plastic packaging. These plastic pallets are reused and recycled in order to fit all the needs required for suitable plastic packaging.

Along with these types of plastics, other common types include, Polystyrene, Polyvinyl Chloride, etc, are common types that help to produce ideal plastic packages.

Plastic packaging ensures that there is no risk of product damage while its transit. The adequate plastic package adds value to your good by making sure it arrives at its destination perfectly and on time.

Different kinds of plastics available can be moulded into different shapes and sizes.

How to Design E-Commerce Plastic Packaging Boxes

They also have no restrictions on the colour and what kind of print goes on it. E-commerce is made easier and more productive with plastic packaging. In fact, e-commerce packaging is an effective marketing tool.

Questions to answer before designing plastic packaging

Companies need to realize the significance of packaging regarding their sales.

An ideation session is important where the designers need to sit together to highlight how they can improve their e-commerce plastic packaging.

Here are some key questions that companies should ask themselves to produce a healthy design.

What is the goal that they are trying to achieve?

This is the first thing comes in mind when designing the ideal e-commerce packing. However, the sole purpose is the protection of the item, but designers need to realize on which level.

Know the fragility of the item to ensure the amount of impact resistance you must encounter.

Also, keep in track the distance the product must cover and how will it cover that. Whether it is going to travel by road or through the air.

Highlight all the ideas you have in store for packaging functionality and narrow them down to what suits your company best.

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How do you expect your consumers to use the packaging? This is the next big question that will you design better.

Does your product require blister packaging, or you must carry out an extensive level of security to tamper resistance? Is your product for storage purposes?

How to Design E-Commerce Plastic Packaging Boxes

Keep in track of all these factors when designing the ideal packaging.

Where and how will your item be displayed?

Packaging designs are dependent on their display. The frozen food item that must be kept in the freezer does not require a lot of attention as the dry fruit packaged box that will be displayed beside the cash counter.

Food items that are displayed on the shelf, utilizing clamshell products can be designed to with cut-outs to be hanged on the shelf.

Most of the times when we purchase an item the odds are that we bought it because it was interesting.

The impulse that makes us want to buy something right away is because of the physical attraction that lures us in.

Most of the times the product is the same but because it is available in a different much more appealing packing, we want to buy it.

This is packing, and its purpose is not only to keep the item inside the face but also to make the product appealing enough to attract customers right away.

If designed the right way, packaging helps in selling your product more.

The task of knowing how to make your product stand out is critical.

You need to make sure that your item will grab maximum attention among its competitors from the shelf. So, how are you going to design your e-commerce plastic packaging?

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What are the tips and tricks that would help you appeal to your target audience?

Here are some key design tools that can help up your packing game.


Add some interesting stripping in the background which would help your product stand out.

The colours used in the background can define your brand. The colours can contrast with the item to help them item gain maximum attention.

Use every inch of the package

When designing a plastic packing, make sure you use every inch of it.

How to Design E-Commerce Plastic Packaging Boxes

Using instructions, expiry and manufacturing date, etc are all the important things that should do on the package.

This helps create a bond of trust between the consumer and the manufacturer.

You can have different colours in the interior. Use a pattern that would make the product inside more valuable.

Less is more

As much as you want to apply every single design element in your packaging, know that complicating things will only discourage your consumer.

Do not clutter things.

By using simplicity as the main tool, you can draw attention towards your items which is the purpose.

Keep the base colour dull and use a little pop of colour to say what you want.

This will automatically grab the attention of the user where you want it.

What experience do you want to give?

Designing for e-commerce means people are going to look at the item and packaging first before they buy it. Therefore, aesthetics matters a lot.

Go through the steps that the consumer will carry out while opening your package. Decide what kind of feel do you want them to have.

If the item is a luxury item, there will be ruffle inside, the item will have several layers, etc. The simple task of adding layers contributes to how luxurious the item will feel.

Let your packaging compliment the item inside

It is a good thing to design your package in such a way that it complements the product. If the item is organic and simple, the packaging can be made simpler too.

How to Design E-Commerce Plastic Packaging Boxes
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This would build a relation. To satisfy the consumers regarding their purchase, you can use transparent material on some parts so that consumers can peek.

Let the creative juices flow

When designing the packaging for a kid’s product, we love to play around.

Being playful should not be limited to just kids’ products.

By making use of easy and fun illustrations, you can make the packaging much more interactive and fun.

Be bold

Talk more about your product by going a little overboard with the packaging.

Make use of interesting patterns, shapes and colours.

The packaging of tequila aims to keep things interesting, this is communicated through its packaging design which is composed of vibrant colours.

Step out of the box

There are many traditional packaging designs that are in use in the same way for a long time. Honey always comes in a jar.

How about you break the mould and try to do something different by putting honey in a box?

That would be interesting, and consumers would pay to know how this new style of container is used. If you want to be better than your competitors, you must take the risk.


It is okay to make use of whatever graphical illustration that comes on your mind for your packaging.

Stylize your imagery. You can also use it as a textural element.

It is okay to experiment and make the consumer think of what is happening on the box.


As mentioned above, less is more. Today, people prefer things that are modern and sleek.

Go for something that uses a simple font, clean lines with basic colours that work together to produce a simple yet modern look.

How to Design E-Commerce Plastic Packaging Boxes
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Choose the right kind of colours that make it look gender equal.


Since people will be physically interacting with the packaging, you can use textures to enhance their experience. It would create a feeling that they would always compare with your packaging every time they touch something similar.

Instead of just wrapping the product, there are numerous companies who are now looking forward to enhancing the packaging of their respective item.

It not only ensures safety but also helps the product stand out and catch the attention of several people, resulting in better sales.


Why Packaging Is Important for E-commerce Business

Reduction in the company’s cost

The first major reason why designing plastic packaging will help increase sales in e-commerce business is that it contributes to the reduction of the company’s losses.

Proper plastic packaging will ensure that the product is safe to be shipped.

Good plastic packaging makes sure that the item inside will remain safe and sounds regardless of the distance that it will cover. There will be no negative reviews or a need for exchanging items.

All the times when consumers return the product, the company is entitled to reimburse the cost and make additional adjustments.

How to Design E-Commerce Plastic Packaging Boxes
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This puts the company on a negative stage.

You can avoid this issue in the early stage by ensuring your product undergoes adequate plastic packaging. You can also explore new materials such as wood or glass.

Positive relations with the customers

Packaging plays a major in building strong relations with the consumers.

With the help of packaging, companies can communicate to their consumers smartly to leave an impression.

If your item has been adequality packaged with good design and layout the consumers would want to keep it safe just the way, they will keep the item inside.

How the brand is perceived every single time is controlled by decent packaging.

Consumers interact with the packaging before the item which highlights that packaging holds major significance.

To pay special attention to user experience the first thing to pay attention to is the packaging of the item. Good customer experience results in gaining the loyalty of the consumer.

Helps create a brand identity

The first impression is the last impression.

How your product appears on the outside will say a lot about the brand.

To gain the attention of your target audience know that the best way is through building a strong brand identity which is done by adequate plastic packaging.

The opinion of your customer and the impression of your brand is dependent on its packaging.

The packaging will help you print valuable information that your customers want to know. The expiry date, manufacturing date, etc are all the things you should mention.

A distinctive design together with your brand identity will work together to create a good impression of your product.

Increase in Brand Value

If you think the packaging is just what surrounds your product, you are wrong. It is not as simple.

The packaging is there to ensure that your item reaches its respective location the way it was dispatched.

Good plastic packaging will keep your product safe from any kind of tear and wear which is why companies should pay special attention to it.

Food items need proper packaging since their temperature must be controlled.

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It is important to note that if the packaging is too complex, consumers will be demotivated.

They need something that is easy and interactive which keeps their product safe. All this creates a positive impression of your brand which in turn enhances the brand value.

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