In the industrial line of packaging and printing, a Dieline serves as a graphic template.

Dieline ensures that you will get a proper and final layout design for your printed product. Dieline is a diagram that displays all the possible folds and cut lines of the packaging design in its flattened form.

Dieline is usually stored in the computer of the graphic designer in the form of separate layers for the orientation and sizing of the packaging product.

Known as the origami of supermarket, the design of Dieline has properties such as functionality, sturdiness, perfection of angles and does a great job of attracting consumers in every possible way.

In actual words, Dieline is usually considered to determine the layout design for the packaging, and it is not printed on the final piece of the product.

Traditionally, Dieline is using in the designs of

  • Packaging
  • Folders
  • Envelopes

For creating special boxes, the steps of Dieline are different for creating straight & proper die lines.

What is Dieline in Packaging Box Design?

The designing of Dieline depends on the selection of the client.

Sometimes a client sends special designs of a printing company, for example, how they want the final look of the packaging and how the cut line and folds lie in the package.

In this type of situation, you have to take part the packaging for a product that the company has sent it to you and take proper measurement along see where the tucks and sophisticated graphics lie.

If the company only sends you the package reference of the product, then you have to take the proper measurements of the product by yourself.

For estimating the correct size, you can also use wrapping paper.

With different designing standards, the die lines are created in Adobe Illustrator II.

Afterward, with the hard copy of your design die lines, you can test the packaging of the product. If the hard copy of the die lines fit best with your product, you can create prototypes by using the heavyweight paper material.

What are the requirements for creating Die lines?

There are different steps that one should follow for creating the perfect Dieline for product package. Dieline making is not as simple as you think; it includes complex steps.

Let’s learn the steps that you should follow for creating the perfect die lines for your product.

  • While creating a Dieline, you should be very careful with the specifications of the product’s cut lines and folders. Before placing an order of the document of the same size in an InDesign, you should create die lines in Artioscad and Illustrator for knowing the exact size.
  • Before finalizing the design of the packaging, it is important to create a prototype of the design. This step is the most important step in creating the Dieline. In this way, you can catch the faults in the measurement of the final production of your package.
  • In computers, mathematical lines are required. Die lines have to be made in the form of vector arts on the computer.
  • For compete for the design of the element, you must create perfect pixel and tight layout balancing act.

Where Are Dielines commonly used?

Dielines are used in the manufacturing process of different products such as beverages, broachers, food packages, and in any production that requires custom packaging.

What is Dieline in Packaging Box Design?

Importance of the Dieline

In the die cutting process, the Dieline is highly essential because it will perform the duty of the main template in the artwork.

Graphic designers specially design the blueprint for a layout, die cutters and painters who are highly professional in their working.

Below you can see the details of the packaging of the cereal box

What is Dieline in Packaging Box Design?

If you take a cereal box and flatten out the whole package, then you will be able to see the core of the Dieline.

The edge line of the box is known as the cut line, and all the creases and the seams are overlaps & folds of the package.

How do you create a Dieline for your product?

Without the aid of designing tool (such as Artioscad, Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator), you are not able to create a customizable Dieline that attract the consumer’s interest.

What is Dieline in Packaging Box Design?

Selection of tool for designing depends on personal preference. Not every tool has everything and not every tool is superior to over another.

Pro Tips for creating the Dieline

Now it’s time to learn some Pro tips that will help you to get the perfect Dieline.

For the boxes, the Dieline is very simple, and you only have to write down the perfect measurements of the Label and the other two dimensions on the paper.

Let’s have a brief look on some pro tips

Cutter Guidelines

One common mistake that all designers make while making a package design is that they don’t follow the cutter guidelines.

What is Dieline in Packaging Box Design?

Make sure you are doing all the work according to the guidelines and make sure if these are visible to you on your template.

According to your requirements, you can change their color and size that will help your package design to stand out more.

Select the Label first

Are you new to the field of packaging designing? If yes, then do simple steps and learn the basics of Dielines first. Learn how you can make perfect labels for your product that can hit the interest button of your consumer.

So contrast

Contrasting is the king, and it can enhance the overall look of the package. It is crucial that all the design on your product is visible and prominent.

What is Dieline in Packaging Box Design?

You can create a high-demanding Dieline with the use of intensity contrast with lightness or very bright colors and dark shades.

Use of Typographic pairing

Font pairing or typographic pair is referred to as the art of combination.

It is the most important t point in the Dieline projects because sometimes the design is compact, but you have to include a lot of information about that product in your design.

From establishing a visual hierarchy to divide different areas in the design of close-knit, you can do anything with the help of font pairing.

All the above tips help you to hit the complex, efficient, handy and robust designs of Dielines with perfection.

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