In today’s world, the protective yet trendy packaging style is essential as much as inner Product.

An eye-catching presentation of your product will help you to gain more customers.

Not only a beautiful but the best packaging material will protect the inner product.

Inserts play an important role in the packaging of products.

The best packaging material will prevent your content from leakage and breakage.

A paper pack or plastic packaging will protect your food from germs and heat and doesn’t lose its moisture.

Packaging comes in a wide range of shape, color, and sizes; and provides the best way to ensure the security of your product during transportation.


Inserts for Product Packaging

Do you know what inserts are? What is the purpose of using inserts in product packaging? How can you use inserts in your packaging? An insert plays the role of a protective layer for your product, and it can make sure that your product stays in one place during its transportation.

The inserts for product packaging comes in different forms and shapes, and you can adjust them with any shape and size of the product.

These inserts work as security shield that can prevent not only the inner product but also the exterior of packaging from breakage.

Here, you can learn the different types, sizes, and materials of inserts packaging that is not only cost-effective but also prevents your product from damages.


Let’s have a brief on the various inserts styles for product packaging

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Film Inserts

Popular Types of Inserts for Product Packaging (You Should Know)

In the packaging line, various types of film inserts are used.

The film inserts commonly comes in the form of rolls that can be placed in the packaging boxes.

Film Inserts have the power to prevent the product from damage.

Wrapping and covering goods, protect boxes of large and expensive products and create other types of packaging such as bags, wrapping sheets, tubes and bubble wraps are the inexpensive forms of Filming inserts.

This type of insert packaging is also used for laminating the expensive items and home appliances, perforation or printing.

The most common insert films in the packaging industry are PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Polyethylene, Polyolefin, and polypropylene.

This film inserts materials are non-slippery, anticorrosive, non-shrinkable, and antistatic.


Textile Inserts

Popular Types of Inserts for Product Packaging (You Should Know)

The use of this type of inserts is common for the packaging of heavy-duty spare parts of cars.

Textile inserts have the power to prudently hold the expensive parts.

Although, textiles inserts more often comes in custom cut designs and most commonly made up of Nylon, PVC, and Microfiber.

With the properties of anticorrosion and no-shrinkable, this type of insert packaging style is ideal when the density and weight of the product is the priority.

The textile insert comes in the form of sheets that are placed on the metal frame and perfectly fits into the metal container.


Cardboard Carton Inserts

Popular Types of Inserts for Product Packaging (You Should Know)

As compared to other types of product packaging inserts, the cardboard or carton inserts is the most common form of insert packaging.

These inserts come in the form of precise shapes that you can place into the carton.

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It is the most cost-effective solution for the security of products.

These inserts are made up from the material same as the packaging carton but slightly lighter in weight.

The cardboard insert increases the power of carton or packaging box to hold heavy items properly.

These inserts are generally known as corrugated sheets that work too well and protect the interior product.

The major advantage of using corrugated sheets is that they are highly durable, and consumers can recycle them efficiently.

Cardboard inserts also work as the partition to hold different items in one package and prevent them from wear and tear.

Their sampling cost is low, and they are widely used in the packaging of electronic packaging boxes, utensils packaging boxes, and cosmetic paper packaging boxes.


Thermoformed Inserts

Popular Types of Inserts for Product Packaging (You Should Know)

The biggest advantage of using thermoformed inserts is that it can easily convert into the shape of the holding product.

This type of packaging inserts is commonly found in the forms of blister and vacuum formed trays.

These trays can smoothly slide under the packaging product and securely hold it.

Clamshells are the most common type of thermoformed inserts.

Clamshells are the plastic containers that are connected from one side and fold it to shut on the other container.

Thermoformed inserts are used for protecting the products that are elegantly and creatively packed in the boxes.

Cosmetic items, jewelry pieces, watches, ampules, toys, office supplies, and other expensive accessories are the most popular products that include thermoformed inserts in their packaging boxes.


Pulpy Inserts

Popular Types of Inserts for Product Packaging (You Should Know)

Molded pulpy inserts or molded fiber is the popular inserts for packaging that is made up from the recycling of paper boards and newspapers.

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These types of inserts are most commonly used in the food packaging trays, as a carrier for bulky product packaging, and in beverage carriers.

Clamshell containers, end caps, plates, bowls, and platters are other typical forms of pulpy or molded fiber inserts.

For the packaging of many products, these inserts are sturdier, eco-friendly and less expensive as compared to foam, plastic and cardboard inserts.

This insert packaging material is considered as the most sustainable packaging material, and there are different types of pulpy molded inserts such as transfer molded tray and thick wall inserts.


Plastic Packaging Inserts

Popular Types of Inserts for Product Packaging (You Should Know)

Packaging that is made up from plastic sheets can be used in the excursion process of different products and serves as a sturdy partition that separates the contents inside a package.

The use of plastic packaging inserts is increasing day-by-day globally.

The molded plastic inserts are used to hold different food items, clothes, and other hardware products.

The plastic inserts are not recyclable, and their life-cycle is not long lasting.

The thin, soft and light plastic caps are commonly used as the caps of beverages.

Due to the non-sturdy and rigid body, the plastic packaging inserts can easily break.

The reason for the increasing use of plastic bags is that they can be recycled if they are treated with care.

A Better Bottom Line

You have learned almost all the essential types of packaging inserts that are commonly found.

Even you can select different custom packaging inserts for your product.

I recommend you to do well research before choosing the insert packaging material for your product.



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