In past years, packaging of products didn’t matter a lot but nowadays, product packaging plays an integral part in the marketing of your brand.

What type of products you are offering to your customers? What is the motto of your company or brand? With the help of an appropriate packaging style, you can convey the story of your brand to your customers.

People say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and yes it is true.

This same goes with packaging.

In today’s world, the outer covering of product matters a lot as much as what is inside the packaging.

Packaging designs are diverse because they can cover all types of aspects.

Due to the increasing demand for plastic, it has also taken the world of packaging to another level.

From jars to containers and from sleek and compact shampoo bottles to fluffy and airy packaging of our favorite chips, hence plastic packaging is not coming slowly in this field.

You can get plastic packaging for your brand in every size, cut, shape and color.

From simple ones to dramatically complex ones, you can choose the plastic packaging style that can portray an amazing picture of your product.

The packaging is the first impression and defines almost everything, not only about your product but also about the brand.

As compared to other packaging materials, plastic packaging designs are something tangible.

It is like you hold it, carry it and share it with your consumers.

For example, a product can spend a few weeks on the shelves of your customers, but it can spend months due to the unique packaging design.

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People always look for new artworks, ideas, and concepts about plastic packaging that are not only exciting but offers inspirations.

When you have done the packaging of your product creatively and ultimately, it can ultimately increase the sale of your product.

The meaning of packaging is different from just putting your brand’s logo on the outer side of your product.

A perfect and creative product packaging draws the attention of customers; send a clear message about your product, and pursue your consumers to feel in the same way.

It is difficult to know which type of packaging design will make your product to stand out in the market.

Thousands of brands are available in the market, and it is not easy to compete for all of them.

Here, we have gathered the 33 amazing designs of plastic packaging that offers great artwork, convincing look of your product and helps to make an appropriate space in the market.

Let’s learn these unique and amazing packaging styles that help you to draw the attention of masses in no time.

Don’t stop here because below you can get convincing, full of art and conceptual packaging styles for your product.

Go with double wall jar

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Let’s get a remarkable finish with plastic double wall jar.

This type of jars and containers usually are used for lotions and shampoos.

The lining and structure of double wall jars keep the product clean and fresh inside the packaging.

These jars come up with a lid that you can tighten according to your needs.

The classic, simplicity, and overlook of these jars offer the timeless sale of your product.


Be dramatic with fast food packaging

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Are you the owner of a fast food restaurant? Let’s show your creativity and offers packaging designs that are impressive as much as your food is.

The best example of this packaging style is Burger King fast-food company and how they are changing their timeless dramatic and cartoon style packaging.

This type of packaging not only attracts kids, but it can also attract adults.


Create patterns

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Don’t have any idea for your product packaging? Do you want to give a clear image of your product to your customers? Don’t like intricate designs? If all these are your problems, then it’s better to go with patterns.

You can draw different types of patterns on your product packaging such as lining circles, curves, waves, etc.

With transparent outer covering, your consumers can see what is inside the product.


Bottles with soft pumps

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Simplicity is everything.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to deliver the message of your brand or purpose of your product with elaborate designs.

You can solve this problem by using soft, light and artless packaging styles.

You can take the side of your customers with the logo of your brands.

For example, for your lotions, hand sanitizers, and shampoos, you can go with soft white bottles with the hand pump.

This type of packaging style helps consumers to read label instructions easily.


Choose bubbly or curvy balloon packaging

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

It is not possible to always stay excessive in the case of packaging.

Are you an owner of the textile mill? Are you offering different clothing items? If yes, then the layers of the combination of paper, plastic, and cardboard will work as a rocking boat for your brand.

This type of packaging design is known as hangerpak boxes that are used to sell t-shirts and other clothe item.

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Use all available space

Let’s utilize every inch with this packaging style.

If you are looking to create ample space for your product, then a box is the best option for you.

You can leave the inside of the pull-push box untouched and create floral or any pattern on the outer side of the packet.

This type of patterns makes your product’s package more upscale, which in result; also create upscale space in the inside of the packaging.

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Go with simple boxing

Nothing is impossible.

Don’t have any idea for the packaging of your product? No worries, even with doing nothing, you can create amazing packaging for your product.

Everything gets fit in the plastic box, and yes, it can also work for your products.

Moreover, you can create patterns of your choice according to your product on the outer layer of the box.


Nothing to be afraid of minimalism

Today people are scared to go with simple and minimalist packaging styles, but the truth is the opposite.

There is nothing to be frightened off because simplicity is the key to success, and it can also work for your brand if you can utilize it in a different style.

Minimalism gives an earthy feeling, and you can also bring the touch of modernism by using pop up colors for printing labels.


Create a cosmetic statement

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Don’t have enough budgets to create complex and excessive packaging for your cosmetic products? Don’t know which type of packaging will help your product to stand out in the market?

If yes then you can choose simple pushing caps of the lotion bottles for your cosmetic products.


Give your perfumes a touch of creativity

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Are you selling perfumes? In markets, a different type of product packaging styles is available for perfumes.

Some come in curvy packaging, or some are available in rectangular shape packaging.

It is your time to create something different and something creative for your perfumes and spread the awesome fragrance of your perfumes everywhere.


Give Complement to your Product

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Let’s give your product a complement with the help of your packaging style.

You can go with simple and neutral color packaging.

This type of packaging style offers you the opportunity to see what are you going to buy and what is inside the box.


Play around Words

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Sometimes it becomes difficult to select a style or an image according to the functionality of your products.

The simple solution for your problem is to play with words.

Sometimes images are failed to describe your products.

You can use your words to convey the message of your brand.


Colors are good

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Colors are good.

They can change your mood.

Why don’t you use them in your packaging style? You can use multiple colors and make a junction.

This will help your product to make a prominent space in the market.

The product packaging of Behance/Futura is the perfect example of this.


Food is fun

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Yes, it is right food is fun.

People are attracted towards those products that come up with trendy and eye-catching packaging style.

The packaging of famous snacks “VitaMeal” is offering the grand spectrum of products that are aimed to provide healthy edible items to kids.


Break the rules

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Are your products similar to many other manufacturers of products?

What can you do to bring an innovative and stylish element in your packaging that makes your product to stand out in the market? Let’s break the rules and creatively use your mind.

A honey packaging box from Maude Paquette-Boulva is the perfect example of this trendy style.


Use Different Shapes

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations
TOP transparent plastic gift boxes | customized PET packaging containers

It is not necessary that you can use the custom box, rectangular or circle shapes type of packaging for your product.

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People get bored to see the same things all the times.

You can do something different.

Go with a different type of shapes that gives your product a different yet attractive look.


Packaging for the gift


Do you believe that your product packaging should be good worthy so that you can offer it in the form of gift?

And I think this is the best idea; you can display your product in the form of a gift.

Wrapped in special clothes or paper material and place your product in the safety case such as boxes are the best way of presentation.


The graphic is the name of limitless boundaries

Using graphic designs in your product packaging doesn’t mean you can only use realistic looking images.

The actual meaning of graphic design is you can go beyond your limits.

There are no boundaries in the field of creating visual effects, so don’t stop your inner artist and design whatever you want to design.


Be your hero

If your product is offering functionality level more than why are you using the old and traditional packaging styles? A box is always not the best option.

Instead of boxes, you can also go with open an end folding packaging.

The folding process in this trendy style makes your product much more interesting.


Go with compact styles


It is not necessary that you can use bulky packaging designs that increase the weight of your already heavy products.

People don’t like to buy products that are heavy and can cover most of the space on their shelves.

That’s why it is better to go with compact ones.

For example, if you are offering perfumes to your consumers, then you can use a sleek design, small and compact bottle.



Do whatever you want to sketch on your product package.

Sketching is something that not only attract kids but also adults as well.

Sketching is the best way to transfer your message to your customers.

You can find anything you want, anything that can make your labels more interesting.


Is photography your passion?


Do you love photography? If yes, then don’t waste your talent and utilize it to create eye-catching plastic packaging styles for your products.

You can click crazy yet meaningful photographs and allow it to increase the selling value of your product.


Harsh colors are not in trend


People are tired to see clashing colors, the colors that don’t have a good impact on your product.

Harsh or dark colors not always work.

In 2019, you are going to see many nude and neutral colors on the packaging of products.


Old is gold

Old is always gold.

This is the time to mix modernism with the colors of old.

The vintage packaging style is increasing day-by-day.

On many drink bottles, you can see this packaging style.

it can give an aura of history and increase the demanding value of your products.


Movies are fun

No matter what is your age? No matter if you are a kid of age 9 or an adult with age 25, everyone loves to watch movies.

The taste of everyone in movies is not the same.

Some want to see a thrilling movie and some loves fiction base.

You can use the theme of different movies in the packaging of your products.


Use textures

Don’t use textures visually; use them physically in your product packaging.

Let’s appeal the sense of touch of people with real textures on your product.

You can use different color combinations for enhancing the overall look of the textures.


Let’s make your product bright on the list of thousands of products.

Some of the manufacturers think it is not possible to give your product a polished look? But it is not true with the help of different bright tone colors; you can give a bright look to your product.

A candy packet from Mitina Anastasia is the perfect example of this packaging style.

Define your story

Let’s tell your brand story with the help of your product packaging.

People are always .curious to learn about your passion, so tell them with the help of your packaging style.


Change the interior of the packaging


Sometimes instead of the outer side, the inner interior of the product attract more consumers.

Normally manufacturers only give attention to the outer part of the product and forget the inner side.

But what is about inside? Changing the interior side of the product allow you to present your product in a better way.


Be eco-friendly


It is another great way to attract people towards your product.

Being eco-friendly means, you can reuse the product packaging after finishing the inner product.

So choose those packaging materials that are eco-friendly and easily recycle-able

Simple and transparent packaging


It is not worthy to always go with luxury or heavy styling packaging.

Sometimes it is good to do nothing at all.

No matter what is the range and type of your product? Is it food items or gaming toys? You can use simple, transparent packaging boxes so that your consumers will know what they are buying.


Use limited resources


It is not necessary that you should tie your products under the layers of packaging.

After all, you cannot use any sturdy packaging material.

Tie your product with the logo of your brand and stay cool.


Go brown

33 Amazing Product Packaging Ideas & Inspirations

Instead of using any neutral or bold color, you can use brown color plastic packaging, the color that is similar to paper packaging.

With a small window on it allow your product to sneak out of the packet and help consumers to see what is inside the package.


Bottom Line

All the above mentioned plastic packaging ideas are the best ones.

Now it’s all up to you to use the one according to your needs and requirements.

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