The use of plastic trays had become common in the subcontinents of Asia & Europe since the 18th century.

In the U.S, plastic trays took over the place of boxes and shoppers in 1960.

Plastic is the most durable material.

Plastic trays are pretty popular nowadays.

From school canteens to office cafes, the uses of plastic trays are becoming common.

No matter, if you want to serve the food or pack the lunch boxes at hostels, plastic trays are waterproof and don’t make the food cold.

In the market, there are different materials available that can make robust and durable trays such as acrylic, teak wood, bamboo, and rattan but the plastic is the most cost-effective and best to use.

In the past few years, health concerns regarding plastic products were increased.

Although the Food and Drug Authority FDA has given the special permit that food can be sold in plastic trays.

Do you need plastic trays for your business? Don’t have any idea which type and style of the plastic tray are more cost-effective.

Here, we have gathered information regarding different types of plastic trays and how much is their cost.

You can select the tray according to the boundaries of your budget.


Different Types of Plastic Trays and Their Costs

Seafood or Fast-food Serving Tray

Let’s learn the most common type of plastic tray that you will often see around you.

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No matter, if you are eating inside a café or a fast-food restaurant, you will get your food service on the highly durable plastic tray.

 How Much Do Plastic Trays Cost?

These trays don’t look the fancy, but their triple-layer will keep your food warm as compared to other materials.

Some fast-food trays are fairly large in sizes and hold portions of different meals.

These types of trays are also used for the packaging of seafood items.

With its triple-layer design base, these trays are more cost-effective and recyclable as compared to others.

In the retail market of plastic trays, you can get a simple and fairly large tray only in $2.49.


Plastic trays with compartments

There are plastic trays that come with different small compartments.

Many people use these trays in their homes also.

These trays are used for serving kids food items.

 How Much Do Plastic Trays Cost?

How funny, it is that kids find it cheerful to get different interesting items in one plate.

In schools, canteens, cafes, and hostels, these trays are most commonly used.

A standard serving tray has different small compartments and one large compartment for the main course.

Some serving trays have only two or three compartments, but a standard tray has almost 4 to 5 compartments.

Let’s say as compared to fast-food serving trays; these trays are a little bit expensive.

The price of these trays depends on the quality of plastic and the number of compartments.

If you want to purchase a standard tray with compartment, then it will cost $23.5 each.

The prices of these trays never remain the same and change according to the number of compartments and their colors.

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Tea Serving Plastic Trays

Not only in European countries but also in many Asian countries, these plastic trays are pretty popular.

Serving the tea in a tray is a traditional way, and it looks elegant.

Tea trays come up with two convenient handles that make it easy to serve teas.

The use of these trays is commonly used in restaurants and at tea shops.

 How Much Do Plastic Trays Cost?

Do you know these trays are durable and not easily available in markets? Rates are different, some are expensive, and some are cheap.


Cake Trays

You can get different sizes, heights, width and thickness in cake plastic trays.

These trays are commonly used in bakeries.

 How Much Do Plastic Trays Cost?

From square to the triangle and from even in rectangular shapes, you can get these trays in every shape.

These trays are common and inexpensive.


Disposable cookies tray

We have often seen that cookies come up in the disposable plastic trays.

Three layers of flowing polypropylene plastic make it durable and keep the all cookies fresh.

These plastic trays absorb the extra moisture and extend their life shelf.

 How Much Do Plastic Trays Cost?

Trays are available in different sizes and shapes.

You can get any plastic tray according to your needs, but what about the cost of these trays?

According to the quality of plastic, durability value, layer settings, these trays are available at different rates in the market.

From $2.05 to $9.51 is the average price range of these trays.


Other Type of Plastic Trays and their costs

Polycarbonate trays

Highly resistant again breakage, the polycarbonate material is common for plastic trays.

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Polycarbonate has a moderate tendency to bear in the case of staining.

Most commonly used in high-industrial scales.

As compared to other plastic materials, polycarbonate is offering a versatile range of trays.

In the case of pricing, the prices of polycarbonate or formic trays are different as compared to the regular shops.

The average price range of polycarbonate tray is $14.7 to $51.5.


Cardboard Plastic Trays

This is the top cheapest plastic tray that only cost $0.09 each.

These cardboard trays are most commonly used in school canteens and roadside food stalls.

Do you know a company can earn $9, 8750 yearly by only making cardboard trays?

Propylene Plastic Tray

This plastic material was introduced in the late 1950s.

It is the plastic form that is resistant against breakage and spoilage.

Plastic trays made up with propylene are highly resistant against stains and keep the food fresh long lastingly.

In markets, the average price ranges of propylene plastic trays are $4.5 to $12.5.

Due to the high coefficient of recyclability, a company can earn $7,987 yearly-profit.


A good and high-quality plastic tray is used in various serving ways.

Many bakers use these trays to display their iconic and delicious desserts.

Due to many uses of disposable and recycling uses, plastic trays are now considered as an eco-friendly item that can serve you in different ways.

A plastic tray can hold a different type of food items at one time, and it’s all depending on the rigidity of plastic.

So use it with your common sense and don’t put overweight on it.


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