Seep verpakking is ontwikkel met 'n toenemende verwagtinge en voorkeure kliënt. Brands is uit te kom met 'n beter en innoverende verpakking vir seep om hulself te onderskei.

Aanpassing van etikette is 'n gewilde neiging in seep verpakking. Dit help om die kliënte meer sinvol met die merk.

Deursigtige verpakking wat die visuele aantrekkingskrag van die verpakte seep hoogtepunte is 'n opkomende tendens.

Dit laat die kliënte om die seep te sien sonder die opening van die verpakking.

Groen en eko-vriendelike verpakking is 'n ander tendens wat op groot skaal deur handelsmerke om hul verbintenis tot die omgewing behoud te vestig.

Eko-vriendelike verpakking hou die merk en die vervaardiger in 'n positiewe lig en help om die verkope te ry.

In hierdie artikel, sal ons praat oor:

  • Bekende seep handelsmerke
  • tipe seep
  • seep verpakkingsmateriaal
  • seep verpakking wenke
  • example of good soap packaging

Soap Market Share

The global soap market was estimated at $97.26 billion in 2016. With increasing incomes and changing customer preferences, the soap market is growing steadily.

Better hygiene practices and healthcare awareness are also key drivers of the soap industry.

Procter & Gamble was the leading soap manufacturer in the US in 2011 with a market share of 19.6%.

seep verpakking bokse

Johnson & Johnson took the second position with a market share of 9.8% and was followed by Ecolab Inc. with a total market share of 5.8%.

Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market for soaps due to a rapid increase in incomes and the fast pace of urbanization in countries like China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Famous Soap Brands

Soaps are personal hygiene products and come in different types and forms. Dove is one of the most popular and largest selling soap brands in more than 80 countries.

About 114 million people in the US used Dove in 2017. Olay from Procter & Gamble is another globally popular soap brand.

Olay is famous for its anti-aging properties. Ivory another iconic soap brand from Procter & Gamble is popular in the world for its purity.

Burt’s Bees is a leading brand of soap from the house of Clorox. Its buttermilk soap is made from buttermilk and is ideal for children.

Type of Soaps

Soaps have a different composition and use. The common categories into which the soaps can be classified are as follows:

Novelty Soaps

Novelty soaps are attractively designed in different shapes and sizes. They can be in the shape of a duck, soap-on-the-rope, or other playful shapes.


These soaps are not only used for cleaning dirt and germs but they are also meant for amusement.

Novelty soaps are generally designed for children to capture their attention and make bathing an enjoyable experience.

Perfumed Soaps

Perfumed soaps have a refreshing fragrance and aroma which is achieved by adding ingredients and perfume to the soap.

The soap still performs its basic function of cleaning dirt from the body while providing an excellent perfumed fragrance.

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Medicated Soaps

Medicated soaps are like normal soaps only but with the distinct difference of added medicinal ingredients.

Antiseptics and disinfectants are added to the soaps to give them medicinal value.

Medicated soaps are meant to treat certain medical disorders and infections and provide a useful alternative to the customers.

Glycerin Soaps

Glycerin soaps contain a high concentration of glycerin. During the manufacturing process, glycerin is added to the soap.

Glycerin is a component of oil or fat and adding it to the soaps enhances the nurturing features.

Glycerin soaps moisturize the skin and keep it soft and hydrated.

Laundry Soaps

Laundry soaps are formulated to wash clothes and clean dirt and stains. They are effective in removing solid particles and organic materials from clothes while washing.

Laundry soaps are available in the market in solid and powdered detergent form.

Kitchen Soaps

Kitchen soaps can be classified into two categories- cleansers and dish detergents.

Reinigingsmiddelen word gebruik om swaar olie en hard te verwyder vlekke te verwyder en bevat n ligte skuur. Gereg skoonmaakmiddel gemaak om moeilike vet en vuil veg.

Gereg skoonmaakmiddels kan geklassifiseer word in masjien skottelgoedwasser skoonmaakmiddel en hand skottelgoedwasser skoonmaakmiddel.

Materiaal wat gebruik word vir seep Packaging

Seep moet verpak word in materiaal wat dit kan beskerm teen weer elemente en skade voorkom.

Goeie verpakking ontwerp kan die waarde en premium gevoel van die seep te verbeter en kan 'n groot drywer vir verkope en sigbaarheid van die merk wees.

seep verpakking bokse

Sommige algemeen gebruikte verpakkingsmateriaal vir seep, word hieronder gegee:


Plastiek word gebruik vir verpakking van seep. Gebruik van plastiek skep deursigtige verpakking wat die kliënte in staat stel om die produk te sien sonder die opening van die verpakking.

This enables the customers to make informed purchase decision quickly. Packaging with plastics also offers the benefits of being lightweight and cost-effective.

Plastic packaging is simple and attractive and it saves resources on designing and is also cost-effective for transportation.

Branding and designing on plastic packaging are easier and impressive.

seep verpakking bokse


Paper is the most common material used for packaging of soaps. The paper packaging can be designed in a number of textures and patterns.

Paper packaging provides a sufficient barrier between the soap and the external elements and protects it from damage.

Paper packaging is very versatile and allows flexibility in branding and designing of the packaging elements.

seep verpakking bokse

It is also lightweight and cost-effective. These days brands are using eco-friendly and recyclable papers for soap packaging which does not pose any threat to the environment.


Cardboard packaging is more durable compared to plastic and paper packaging. It provides better protection to the packaged soap during transit and from external elements like moisture and oxygen.

Cardboard box packaging looks more premium than paper packaging and attracts the customer’s attention.

Cardboard packaging also provides more space and flexibility for displaying information and design elements which creates a better impression on the potential customers.

Cardboard boxes are also made from recyclable paper and are thus an eco-friendly form of soap packaging.

Soap Packaging Design Tips

Some of the important considerations for designing attractive and safe packaging for soaps are discussed below:

Durable and Protective Packaging

Soaps should be packaged to protect them from external elements. They can get easily damaged and contaminated when they come in contact with moisture, oxygen, sunlight, etc.

seep verpakking bokse

The packaging of the soaps should be done using materials which have high barrier properties and can protect the packaged soaps from external weather elements.

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Cardboard box and plastics provide packaging have good barrier properties and provide adequate protection from external elements.

In addition to protecting the soaps from weather elements, the packaging should also be durable enough to protect the soaps from impacts and abrasions during transit to the retail shelves.

Minimalistic and Elegant Packaging

Packaging for soaps is becoming important over time. There has been a trend towards more premium and modern packaging for attracting the customer’s attention.

Soap packaging should make use of minimalistic designs which are eye-catching and preferred by the customers.

The use of fonts and graphic illustrations should be minimal and only the relevant information should be displayed on the packaging.

Hot stamping and embossing of logo and the brand name on the packaging also enhances the feel of the packaging.

Minimalistic packaging is more elegant and it enhances the visual aesthetics of the packaging.

It gives a more premium and luxurious feel to the packaging and the packaged soap.

Clear and Honest Labeling

Soaps are manufactured using many ingredients. It is important for the manufacturers to clearly and honestly mention all the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the soap.

Some customers may be allergic to specific chemicals so they can check the ingredients before purchasing.

seep verpakking bokse

They can also check if the soap has any harmful chemicals or ingredients. The claims made on the label of packaging should be honest.

If the manufacturers claim their soap to be natural and organic then it should correspond with the ingredients used.

Clear and honest labeling projects a positive image of the soap and helps to build brand recognition and loyalty.

Convenience and Utility

The packaging for soaps should provide convenience and utility to potential customers.

The packaging can make use of transparent see-through die-cut windows which can help the customers to get a sneak peek into the soap without tearing the packaging open.

The packaging should also allow the customers ease and convenience in opening it and accessing the soap.

Packaging which is too cumbersome and difficult to remove the product from is generally not preferred by customers.

The packaging should make use of only necessary packaging elements as additional and unnecessary packaging is disposed of and does not add any value to the product.

Eko-vriendelike Packaging

Soap manufacturers are moving towards green packaging.

seep verpakking bokse

Green packaging is necessary due to the strict government regulations and also the conscious of the businesses towards conservation of the environment.

Soaps are fast moving consumer goods and thus they are frequently purchased. If they do not have eco-friendly packaging then they can produce a considerable amount of waste which is dangerous to the environment.

Soaps should make use of recyclable and eco-friendly packaging to address this concern.

Customers prefer products with eco-friendly packaging over products with harmful packaging materials.

Using green and sustainable packaging also boosts the image of the brand among the customers.

Examples of Good Soap Packaging

Some examples of good soap packaging are provided below:

opwaskamer seep

Scullery soap is a popular brand and is made from all-natural ingredients.

The packaging is retro and due to one-color labeling and old-fashioned typewriter text resembles the 19th-century graphics and product packaging.

Die verpakking ontwerp is minimalistische maar hoogs aantreklik. hierdie seep is gemerk met handgeskrewe getalle na die lotnommer identifiseer en kom toegedraai en verseël in 'n plakker.

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opwaskamer seep

Zador seep

Zador vervaardig sy handgemaakte seep wat heeltemal organiese en vel-vriendelike.

Die verpakking is ook met die hand gedoen en is 'n perfekte mengsel van tradisionele en luukse smaak.

Die verpakking van die seep is gedoen in 'n blink en helder kleure en voeg warmte en 'n premie voel om die produk.

Zador seep

apteker seep

Apteker is 'n handelsmerk van seep wat heeltemal organiese seep gemaak van die beste bestanddele vervaardig.

Die verpakking is gedoen in die vorm van 'n klein boek met hardeband bindend en 'n string verbonde aan die verpakking te beveilig.

apteker seep

Die verpakking van die seep is uniek en onmiddellik vang die aandag van die kliënt se behoefte.

float seep

Dryf seep kom in ronde vorm en in verskillende teksture, kleure en patrone wat dit anders as die kompetisie maak.

Verpakking is in vierkante vormige bokse en lyk soos die kleur van die seep. Daar is 'n deursigtige sirkel venster wat 'n sneak peek by die kliënte verskaf en hulle te help om 'n ingeligte besluit te koop.

Die verpakking ontvou heeltemal te bestanddele en inligting die seep se onthul.

float seepment seep

Verpakking vir Menta seep is skelm en maak gebruik van die hand geïllustreerde grafiese van vrugte, kruie en ander natuurlike bestanddele.

Dit is in lyn met die seep wat 100% organiese en gemaak van natuurlike bestanddele sonder toevoeging van enige skadelike chemikalieë.

Die verpakking lyk kuns- en bevorder die belangrikheid van organiese seep en skoonheidsmiddels.

ment seep


Celeste Velsorg

Celeste Skincare is a collection of soap bars with natural fruit enzymes. These soaps are 100% natural and are pH balanced.

The packaging is done in square-shaped boxes with the variant of the soap and its color clearly printed on the front. The packaging is simplistic but elegant.

Celeste Velsorg

Rawganique seep

Rawganique is a chemical free and organic brand of soaps.

The packaging features haphazard and geometrical strips which are on a yellow and off-white label that slides over the soap bar.

The packaging is eye-catching and helps to build brand awareness and brand recognition with the customers over time.

Rawganique seep

Delikate Horoscope Soaps

The beauty brand Fresh launched its limited edition Fresh Zodiac soap line. The soaps are organic and made from natural ingredients.

The soap collection features four fragrances, one for each element of the zodiac.

Die verpakking is gedoen in helder kleure en 'n string aangeheg oor die ovaalvormige verpakking om dit te beveilig.

Delikate Horoscope Soaps


Khulu seepkis ontwerpe is uniek en baie aantreklik. Die seep belowe om sterftes te genees deur belowende spel inkantasies.

Die seep verpakking ontwerp is geïnspireer deur die voodoo kultuur en beskik oor 'n kleurvolle Tiki beelde en pittige frases belowe om die verskillende kwale te spreek deur uitspel.



Rewined seep

Rewined seep is met die hand gemaak en vervaardig met behulp van natuurlike bestanddele soos klapper, olyfolie, en soja-olie.

Die verpakking is minimaal en elegant en maak mooi gebruik van letterpressed hout fineer, gekleurde was robbe, en handtekeninge op elke seep bar.

Die hout fineer voeg sjarme en elegansie aan die verpakking teen die agtergrond van grys en wit seep bars.

Rewined seep

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